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The man's tight handsome face relaxed. Just when he saw her trying to run over in the snow, Ling Mo Feng had a rhythm to be angry. He prepared a lot of important words in his heart to teach her a lesson. But at the moment, he watched her cry, and tears kept falling. He was so upset and pitiful that he was at a loss.

"Ling Mo Feng, I know you are very angry. If you want to scold me, you can scold me. I have to go with others anyway. You don't want to leave me!" LAN Yanxi lowered his head, buried his face on his arm, and said in a muffled voice.

"Can I still scold you? I haven't even scolded you. You cry first. I can't help you! " Ling Mo Feng smiled helplessly.

After hearing this, LAN Yanxi raised her beautiful eyes. In the shining eyes, she was still stained with water mist, but she had the color of joy.

"You don't blame me?" The speed of face changing is also a lever.

Ling Mo Feng stretched out his hand and pulled a paper towel. He wiped the tears on her cheek gently and sighed: "why do you use it? It's useless for me to scold you for being so disobedient! "

"Then score things, some things, I will listen, but some things, I can't listen!" LAN Yanxi pulls his paper towel and cleans up his tears and snivels.

Ling Mo Feng stared at her wordlessly: "do you know why I want you to go first? Because I'm afraid that I'm not peaceful all the way. I'm afraid that you will be hurt. How can I explain to your grandfather? He trusts me so much that I don't want to disappoint him! "

"You protect me so well, just to be able to explain to my grandfather?" LAN Yanxi grasped the key point of his words and frowned, "I thought you really loved me, so I wanted to protect you."

Ling Mo Feng was forced to deal with her again, and Jun's face was red. For a while, he said in a sullen way: "of course, I really like you, otherwise, how could I worry about you so much?"

"Well, I see!" LAN Yanxi immediately became silly and happy. It was not easy to hear Ling Mo Feng's confession. She was satisfied.

Ling Mo Feng was heartless to see that she even smiled, but he began to worry.

The man reached out and hugged her directly. Lanyanxi sat on his strong leg. He hugged her tightly like a child. Lanyanxi was shy.

At the moment, there was a knock outside the door. After a while, Chu lie bent over and said, "Sir, here is a bullet proof vest. Let Miss LAN put it on quickly!"

Ling Mo Feng reached for it, and the door closed again.

LAN Yanxi finally calmed down. When he saw the bulletproof vest, he started a wave of shock.

"Do you want to wear this? Is it really so dangerous? " LAN Yanxi grew up in a peaceful age. She didn't even encounter a robber. Now, she is facing a real barrage of bullets. She immediately counsels and makes a horror.

Ling Mo Feng has reached out to remove the zipper of her coat, and Jun's face is calm: "I'm going to be obedient this time!" Lanyanxi was still afraid of death. She took off her coat and a sweater inside. Ling put on a bullet proof vest for her.

After LAN Yanxi put on his clothes, he felt that the car was moving forward slowly.

Ling Mo Feng's drivers are all carefully selected, absolutely loyal, absolutely safe and reliable.

There are six or seven vehicles following him. They are large-scale military vehicles in front of and behind them. There are nearly 300 soldiers escorting them. They are equipped with heavy-duty firearms. This return trip, Ling Mo Feng is more prepared, because the other side may attack him more like a tiger, afraid that he can go back alive.

Ling Mo Feng thought of the danger of this road, so he couldn't help looking down at the woman who was huddled in his arms and kept her eyes closed. She had a wide mind. Maybe she had just walked a long way and was not well. Now she was lying in his arms and was going to sleep.

LAN Yanxi is really tired. With the warmth in the man's arms, she naturally wants to take a nap.

Ling Mo Feng looks at her quiet sleeping face, breathes lightly, looks lovely and can't help but attach to her body. She kisses gently at the corner of her mouth. Her lips are very beautiful. Even when she doesn't smile, the corner of her mouth is slightly rising. A sip of her lips makes people feel extremely sweet.

LAN Yanxi didn't fall asleep. She felt that the man was kissing her. She mischievously opened an eye to see him. Seeing the man's uncomfortable face and lips, she pretended that nothing had happened. She immediately sniggered.

Ling Mo Feng is a little shy because of her smile. She reaches out and twists her cheek with some strength.

This kind of warm time is very beautiful. Lanyanxi does not regret it at all. He has gone so long just to come back and go with him.

Cheng Yuan and Chu lie are sitting in the back of a car. Cheng Yuan is driving. Chu lie is sitting next to him. The wound on his arm is better, but he can't do drastic action. After all, the wound is sewn up.

"I don't know if my husband has scolded me!" Cheng Yuan is still holding a handful of sweat for her. I saw the expression of vice president just now. It's really gloomy and disturbing.

"Don't worry, sir. He is a cold-faced and warm-hearted person. This is true of foreigners, especially miss LAN." Chu lie comforts her, does not want her to have the psychological pressure.

Cheng Yuan smiled and nodded, "I hope they are all right, but I believe that Yanxi will have a way to ease his temper!"

"Men can't find a strategy to deal with the women they love." Chulie replied with a smile.

Cheng Yuan glanced at him sideways: "for example, are you?"

Chu lie's smile froze for a while, and then shrugged his shoulders.

Cheng Yuan burst into a warm smile.

The vehicle has been driving for more than two hours. The closer it is to the urban area, the smoother the road is, and the snow has stopped. However, the road is wet and slippery, so you need to be very careful when driving.

Ling Mo Feng is tightening his nerves. A bad feeling has been twining around his heart. He subconsciously holds the woman in his arms tightly.

Lanyanxi has really fallen asleep, like a child who has no worries, sleeping very safely.

All of a sudden, there is a bend in front of us. There are mountains on both sides. The road in the middle is very narrow, so we can avoid two cars.

All of a sudden, the first car in front of us braked suddenly. It was the tire that broke.

Chu lie hurriedly took the walkie talkie and said, "be careful, there may be ambush here, and all of you will come to your senses!"

Ling Mo Feng's car also tilted forward and slammed the brakes.

LAN Yanxi felt the car was unstable, opened his eyes in surprise, and immediately sat up from the man's arms: "what's the matter?"

"Yanxi, will you shoot?" Ling Mo Feng suddenly asked her in a low and gentle voice.

"I won't!" Lanyanxi immediately shook his head.

Ling Mo Feng suddenly reached for a small exquisite pistol under the seat: "this one is for you. There are bullets in it. If there are bad people in a moment, you can turn on the switch to protect yourself."

LAN Yanxi just looked out of the window. The car stopped and there was a dead silence.

Ling Mo Feng took out two pistols from below, one of which was for use, and the other was tightly held between his hands.

Suddenly, there was a gunshot coming down from the nearby mountain.

The sound of bullets shooting on the roof of Ling Mo Feng's car is harsh, sharp and makes people feel numb.

"Ah!" LAN Yanxi put out his hand to cover his ears in fear, and the whole man plunged into the man's arms.

"Don't be afraid, this car is bulletproof!" Ling Mo Feng used a hand to press her hard in her arms and comforted her in a low voice in her ear.

At this time, outside the window, there was a lot of gunfire. This was Ling Mo Feng's counterattack.

Although the opponent has enough bullets, he is definitely not the opponent of a group of professional military elites who have trained for many years. Soon, many criminals were shot down from the mountain, rolled beside the car, and one hit the front cover of Ling Mo Feng's car. LAN Yanxi wanted to look up, but Ling Mo Feng held her small head tightly, so she could not see it.

This time, the attack was not enough to fear. Under the cover of the vehicles in front, new tires had been put on. The motorcade quickly passed the dangerous road and drove forward.

LAN Yanxi is the first time to experience such a terrible thing. She suddenly feels that Ling Mo Feng's situation is more dangerous than she thinks.

She really didn't know where his psychological quality came from. In the face of this kind of dangerous situation, she still looked calm and calm. What kind of man did she fall in love with?

Did she become a drag on him?