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Ji Xiao Han was a little drunk. When he returned, the entire villa was quiet, it looked like the two little fellows had fallen asleep.

Uncle Yuan was waiting in the living room. When he saw him enter, he quickly stepped forward and expressed his concern. "Young Master, you're back.

Ji Xiao Han raised his hand towards Uncle Yuan: "Uncle Yuan, it's so late, you should go to sleep!"

Seeing that Ji Xiao Han seemed to have something on his mind, the Uncle Yuan could only nod his head and return back to his room in the backyard.

Every time Ji Xiao Han got drunk, he did not like people disturbing him, so the Uncle Yuan tactfully did not ask any further questions.

Ji Xiao Han sat on the sofa in the living room. After getting drunk, he felt a little dizzy.

It was only when Tang You You heard the sound of the carriage that he walked down the stairs.

There were a few small lights on in the living room. It was dimly lit, and he could vaguely see the slender body lying on the sofa.

"Ji Xiao Han?" Tang You You walked closer to him and could smell the faint smell of alcohol on his body. He frowned: "Are you drunk?"

Ji Xiao Han looked at Tang You You, and forcefully sat up: "Why aren't you asleep yet?"

"I'm waiting for you …" Tang You You accidentally spoke the truth.

"Wait for me?" Ji Xiao Han laughed meaningfully, taking care of his, he pulled her into his embrace and placed his delicate body into his embrace, his lips pressing against her shoulder, smelling the fragrance in her hair, his voice low and deep: "You Long, having you and your child at home really makes me at ease!"

Tang You You didn't know why he suddenly said such emotional words. He immediately asked worriedly, "What's wrong? Is there something on your mind? " Ji Xiao Han's thin lips had already stopped on her tender and tender face, and were kissing from time to time: "No, I just wanted to hug you!"

Tang You You chuckled lightly, and said shyly: "If you want to hug me, then hug me. After you've hugged enough, you can go take a shower and sleep!"

"No matter how much you hug, it's still not enough!" Ji Xiao Han's lips suddenly touched hers, feeling that the man's scent was filled with the fragrance of alcohol, she couldn't help but reach out to push him: "You're drunk, go rest!"

"Wandering, accompany me!" Ji Xiao Han still managed to kiss her lips, causing his entire body to tremble, and very quickly, he fell into her embrace.

When the kiss was over, the two of them were already lying on the sofa, their thin lips resting on her collarbone.

"Don't stay here …" Tang You You had already clearly felt the need of a man, so she spoke in a soft voice to Ken Qiu Ta.

Ji Xiao Han also stood up in a somewhat sorry state, but his hand was still on her waist, gently stroking it: "Go to my study room!"

Tang You You simply could not reject him, because it was as if he had set a fire in her body, burning her to the point that her entire body was blazing hot.

Heavens, how could she have such a feeling?

"Alright!" Tang You You nodded.

The two of them walked towards the study room.

Tang You You knew that he was thinking for his son, so he did not say anything more, but his heart felt warm.

On the other side!

Luo He Ning sent Mu Shi Ye back to the Luo Family. In the Luo Family's living room, the lights were still bright, and Lan Re Nuo had not rested yet.

Because the matter of Pei An Xin today had also caused her to be extremely vexed.

Hearing the sound of the car, she thought that her son had returned. She quickly went out to take a look and saw Luo He Ning and the driver carrying the drunk Mu Shi Ye in.

"What's wrong with the night?" When Lan Re Nuo saw it, she immediately became anxious.

Luo He Ning quickly explained: "Auntie, he's just drunk, let's send him to his room to rest!"

"Why are you drinking like this?" Lan Re Nuo asked, but after that, she seemed to have understood the reason, and immediately did not continue asking.

Luo He Ning and Driver brother escorted Mu Shi Ye to his room and then closed the door.

When Luo He Ning went downstairs, he saw Lan Re Nuo standing in the living room. He immediately went up and greeted her: "Aunt, she's too drunk at night, and might throw up at night. You should take care of him."

"Don't worry, I know Young Master Luo, Pei An Xin is your cousin, right?"

Luo He Ning nodded his head: "Yes, Aunt. Regarding this matter, I have already heard about it from time to time.

"I... I didn't despise her, I just felt her … My son should marry the right girl, and that would help his career! " Lan Re Nuo answered somewhat guiltily.

Luo He Ning nodded his head, he did not continue persuading him, and only politely said: "I'll be leaving first!"

Lan Re Nuo wanted to stop him, but hesitated and didn't say anything. She just raised her head and looked at the stairs, sighed, and walked upstairs.

When she pushed open the door and entered, she saw Mu Shi Ye lying on the bed, with alcohol spewing all over the floor!

"How did this happen? It's just a woman! " Lan Re Nuo was still a little angry.

"Cheng Cheng... My Cheng Cheng … " Just as Lan Re Nuo was about to call a servant to clean up, she heard her son mumbling a name.

Cheng Cheng?

Who is Cheng Cheng?

It sounded like the name of a girl. Did his son know another girl?

This information could also be considered a pleasant surprise to Lan Re Nuo.

Thus, she walked to the side with light steps, extended her hand to push her son, and whispered into his ear: "Son, who is Cheng Cheng? Do you like her? "

Mu Shi Ye's current consciousness was completely muddled. He did not hear his mother's words, and instead, subconsciously mumbled to himself the person he wanted to see the most.

"Cheng Cheng...!"

Lan Re Nuo frowned. It looked like it was impossible for her to get any useful information from her son's mouth at this time.

So, Lan Re Nuo took her phone and called Mu Shi Ye's assistant.

Although it was already late, Mu Shi Ye's assistant still enthusiastically answered the phone call.

"Ma'am, what's the matter?"

"Let me ask you, has my son met a girl called Cheng Cheng recently? Do you know who she is? "

The assistant had a dazed expression on her face, because Mu Shi Ye had never told him about her daughter's existence.

Thus, he didn't know either.

"Madam, I'm not too sure about this. Why don't you ask Mubai!"

Lan Re Nuo said angrily: If I want to get useful information out of him, do I even need to ask you? Look out for such a woman. "

"Yes, ma'am!" The assistant wiped off his cold sweat and hung up.

Lan Re Nuo was still very interested in this new name. As long as it was not Pei An Xin, she believed that her son would definitely know of a woman who was very outstanding.

Actually, Lan Re Nuo did not really hate Pei An Xin that much, but because she had completely offended this woman, and she was no longer fit to be a family member.