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When Tang You You heard her say that she would throw away the piece of jade, all the blood in her body immediately froze.

"Give me back the jade, it belongs to my mother!" Tang You You's voice carried a trace of pleading.

"If I tell you to break up with Ji Xiao Han, would you be able to do it?" Tang Xue Rou took the chance and showed her the conditions. A pair of clever eyes stared deadly at Tang You You, wanting to see the changes in her expression.

Therefore, she must make this piece of jade's value to her satisfaction.

A man that she could not get, Tang You You could not even dream of getting.

Tang You You did not expect Tang Xue Rou to reject her money and fame, and insisted on forcing her to break up with him.

"I won't break up with him. Just like you said, as long as I'm together with him, I'll be able to get whatever I want. Although the jade in your hand is also very important to me, it's only a memory of my motherly love from the old days. Compared to real wealth, I'm more snobbish, so I value the latter more." Tang You You took the counter attack tactic as she pretended to laugh coldly.

Tang Xue Rou's expression changed greatly, she stared straight at Tang You You's face, and seeing her smiling face, a change occurred in her heart.

"It looks like you are indeed a snobbish girl who covets glory. I really don't know what Quarterly has set his eyes on you, could it be that your kung fu on the bed is more outstanding? Tang You You, you are too shameless. " Tang Xue Rou did not see through her weakness and felt that she was just a superficial woman who only cared about money.

Tang You You let out a slow snort of laughter, "Whatever you think, he's willing to reveal that I'm his girlfriend. That's enough, isn't it?"

"Don't get cocky too early, Quarterly only has this momentary interest in you. Once I'm tired of you, he'll definitely kick you to death. When that time comes, I'll see how you'll shine then." Tang Xue Rou gnashed her teeth in anger, as if she had already predicted that Tang You You would be in such a sorry state the day she was dumped.

Tang You You said indifferently: "Just taking advantage of these words of yours, I will use all of the power I have in my body to seal his heart, I will not let you see that day, I'm afraid I will let you down."

When Tang Xue Rou saw that no matter what she said or did, Tang You You did not seem to be affected by it at all. She immediately became extremely angry, and was unable to release all her anger.

Tang You You turned around and returned to the carriage.

Seeing that there was nothing Tang Xue Rou could do about it, she could only open the car door angrily and sit inside. In the next moment, her car drove away like it was crazy.

Seeing that he had finally sent her away, Tang You You could not help but secretly sigh in relief.

Tang Xue Rou said that she found the jade her mother left her, and she really wanted to take it back.

Regardless of the value of the jade, she wanted to find her true identity. She looked through the items her mother had left her. There were no clues. She only hoped that the jade could give her a path to find her real parents.

Now that Tang Xue Rou knew how important that jade was to her, she used it to threaten him.

Tang You You was truly furious. It was originally his, but she actually occupied it so shamelessly and used it to threaten him. She was simply shameless.

But just now, Tang You You had angered Tang Xue Rou to the point that she left, so she was probably extremely furious, and would not be able to talk about the piece of jade anymore.

But she believed that Tang Xue Rou wouldn't really smash that jade, because that jade was a guarantee that she could make conditions for her.

Tang You You drove back home.

Inside the living room, the lights were brightly on. When he opened the car door, he could vaguely hear the silly laughter of his daughter.

He felt an indescribable sense of relaxation, as if the tiredness of the day had been dispelled by that foolish laughter.

Tang You You stepped into the living room and saw two little fellows happily sitting on the sofa, holding an IPAD in their hands. It was unknown as to what they were looking at.

"Mummy is back?" Tang Xiao Nai turned her head and saw Mummy standing at the door. She immediately bent her crescent-like eyes and rushed towards him, "Mummy, Mummy, are you with Father? Is that true? "

Tang You You was stunned, her entire body tensed up.

How would the children know?

Tang Xiao Rui was already holding onto the IPAD, his small body swaying, he walked to her front and lit up the IPAD in his hands: "Mummy, congratulations on successfully capturing Daddy."

Tang You You snatched away the IPAD in his hands, and saw that they were actually watching Ji Yue Ze's video live.

"Ugh …" About that, don't think too much into it. Your uncle is just spouting nonsense. Actually, your father and I … " Tang You You looked at the children's eyes that were as clear as water, and suddenly felt that he did not know how to lie to them.

She really did not want the children to know that she had that kind of relationship with Ji Xiao Han.

"Uncle won't lie!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately blinked her large eyes, and said with a face full of trust.

Tang Xiao Rui also fiercely nodded his head: "Although uncle's fighting ability is weak, he definitely wouldn't dare to lie to me. If he were to speak carelessly, daddy will definitely cut him in half."

Tang You You looked at the two little fellows' innocent faces, and seemed to have nothing to say. He let out a light sigh.

"Mummy, when did you fall for Father's land?" Tang Xiao Nai Shun Jian blinked her eyes and became a curious baby.

"Mummy, you started to feel that father is handsome, is he rich again?" Tang Xiao Nai threw over her second question.

Tang You You sighed powerlessly, "Yes, I admit it. He's handsome, rich, and very likeable."