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C1023. This is the end of betrayal

In the detention center, Ji Yueze came to see Bai Zhenzhen after returning home. Surprisingly, she looked better than before when she escaped, and the whole person was not so thin.

Bai Zhenzhen looks calm and sits opposite him. His hands are on the table. He looks honest and peaceful. It's too far away from Ji Yueze's imagination of the fox spirit.

Although Bai Zhenzhen has explained the truth to him seriously before, Ji Yueze will still feel that Bai Zhenzhen's nature is bad, otherwise, how can he be willing to be used? Moreover, he really let his father have real feelings for her. "

Bai Yiyan has escaped! Do you know where she will go? " Ji Yueze's first words shocked Bai Zhen. Her fingers on the table were pinched in a moment because of shock.

"When did it happen? Why does Xiaoyan want to escape? " It's about his daughter. Bai really can't calm down.

Ji Yueze sneered: "I also want to know why she wants to escape, maybe because I don't want to see your end."

Bai Zhen's expression was very painful in an instant. She suddenly gave her face a slap, which was heavy and loud.

Ji Yueze's handsome eyes are slightly stagnant. Obviously, she didn't expect that she would blame herself to the point of self mutilation. "

enough!" Bai Zhenzhen feels as if he can't forgive himself and wants to shake his hand again. Ji Yueze whispers, "what's the point of doing this now? I don't want to ask you about your sin. I just want to know that you know her so well, and do you know where she might go? " White

it's true that this stop self mutilation behavior, look full of pain: "I used to take her abroad to play, have been to several places, I don't know if she will go there." "Write me the address!" Ji Yueze gave her paper and pen. White

really think about it carefully, and write down several addresses on the paper: "are you going to find her back?" "

I just want to know if she is still alive!" After Ji Yueze finished, he took the paper, got up and left with a cold face. Bai almost fell off the chair in fright. Later, she wanted to catch up with Ji Yueze and say a few more words, but she was held down by the policewoman on both sides: "Bai Zhenzhen, you can't go out."

"I just want to say a few words to him, I won't escape!" White really can't explain. "

I can't. Season 2 has left!" The two policewomen didn't look well. Season

Yueze comes out and takes a look at the address above. Some are famous scenic spots and some are nameless places. However, season Yueze will send people to look for them one by one. It is calculated that he will not go abroad to find her in person, but as long as he finds her whereabouts and makes sure that she lives safely, how about waiting for a while? Season

yunning drives her car and starts from the residential area. She asks some friends out for dinner. Her life is not as rich as before. Although she was not forced to meet Wang Kun, her nightmares still come to her every night, gripping her soul and making her feel sick and miserable. So every day when she wakes up, she will go to the bathroom to take a bath, and then she will feel that this day is new and will not be polluted by the past. Ji

while driving, yunning is contacting friends, wearing Bluetooth headset, and is earnestly answering the phone. Suddenly

however, she felt that a car on the left side was colliding with her rapidly, which made her hands tremble with fear, and she stepped on the accelerator to run away. I don't know if the off-road vehicle after I was

deliberately aimed at her. Seeing that she accelerated the accelerator, I naturally ran after her crazily.

Ji yunning's heart tightened, and she kept thinking about what the situation was.

Just after she raised the speed of the car, she saw that there were a lot of pedestrians in front of her.

Her heart shrank with fright and she wanted to step on the brake to slow down. But at this time, she was horrified to find that the foot she stepped on was loose and the brake failed.

"No No, no, no, get out of the way, get out of the way Ji yunning screams in terror, but the green light is ahead. The pedestrian is crossing the road. Ji yunning's car suddenly loses control. She hits the steering wheel hard, bumps into one of the cars, wipes it, and then turns to the side of the guardrail. The heavy body presses the transformed guardrail and rolls down.

Ji yunning closed her eyes in despair at the moment when the car was flying. Death came so fast that she didn't have the time to read out her loved one. She felt that her body had been distorted violently for a while. Then, she fell into endless darkness. This car accident stunned all the passers-by at the scene. Looking at the altered sports car that rolled down outside the guardrail, I couldn't wait to see it. There was a traffic policeman standing guard at the side of the road. Seeing the accident, he rushed over and made an emergency call with his mobile phone.

Ji yunning feels that her soul has been thrown into the sky. With only a little consciousness left, she can still hear someone calling her name. Who is calling her?

Ji yunning wants to hear the voice clearly, but he feels very difficult, tired and dead. Ji

Shang Qing was the first to be informed. When he rushed to the hospital, just at the moment when Ji yunning was carried down from the ambulance, he rushed to the hospital and looked at Ji yunning, who was covered with blood. He was stunned and shouted her name loudly, trying to wake her up. Unfortunately, she just raised her eyelids tremblingly, and there was no response. "

No, why?" Ji Shangqing was blocked at the door of the rescue room. He mumbled in a daze, unable to accept such cruel facts.

Half an hour later, Ji Lin also came. He could not say whether it was sadness or pain. He stood beside Ji Shangqing and stared at the light on the surgical door. "

who hit her, you know?" Ji Lin asked Ji Shangqing.

"The traffic police said that she was driving too fast. In order to avoid pedestrians, she turned over after colliding with other people's cars!" Just now, Ji Shangqing received a call from the traffic police department, because there was a traffic police on the scene, and witnessed this scene. What he believed was that Ji yunning's car was driving too fast to stop, which led to the traffic accident. "

this girl, I have told her for a long time. Even if the car is good, I can't be too proud." Ji Lin laughs sadly, but his words are far more simple than they seem.

Ji Shangqing looks over at him. "Yunning is dying. Can you stop talking about this kind of wind and understanding?"