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C745 see through his purpose

The cup light at the dinner was touching. Without knowing it, Ji Xiaohan was drunk. When the dinner was over, Ji Xiaohan reached out and pressed his brow and ordered Lu Qing to drive back. Today's dinner didn't talk about work, but after everyone had a good time, they all understood a deeper meaning. Ji Shangqing's two young masters entertained them at the same time, which was very obvious. Ji Shangqing's foundation was abroad, and the water depth was unpredictable, which always made people feel

risk, but Ji Xiaohan was not the same, his empire state building was towering in the city The central position, the symbol of power and potential, can not be ignored. Every time you look up, you look up.

So, on whose side, it seems that there is no need to say clearly. Ji Xiaohan closed his eyes and didn't look out the window. After a busy day, his beautiful face was stained with tiredness. Light and shadow came in and depicted his sculptural features. In the coldness, he had his own deterrent force. The aura emanated from his hands and feet. It was full of the deep Charm of men. No wonder that several people came to the party with their daughters, The girls' eyes, almost all glued to him, could not be moved.

Lu Qing from the rear-view mirror, occasionally looked at the closed eyes of the season owl cold, can not help shaking his head and laughing. Young master's aura and high beauty really steal women's hearts wherever he goes. The obsession in the eyes of those girls at the dinner party just now can't be hidden. It's so blatantly written that Ji Xiaohan, I love you and you are so handsome. I want to have a baby with you. Such a perfect incarnation of a man is a kind of infatuation. Lu qingjue's, Tang youyou is really lucky. Once she accidentally intruded into the man's life, she tied his heart. From then on, there is no other woman in the young master's eyes, who is single-minded and changes his fancy.


It's already 12 o'clock in the evening. The lights are dim. Only a few small lights are left in the hall.

"Master, home!" Lu Qing reminded him softly.

"Well, you go back to rest!" Season owl cold opened eyes, eyes bottom still dye drunk color, but, did not affect his action, he pushed door to get off, straight to stairs.

Lu Qing stood outside the hall and watched Ji Xiaohan go upstairs safely. Then he got back and drove away.

After shaking his head, Ji Xiaohan still felt that the road ahead was a little shaky. He pushed the door into the bedroom and saw a small bag on the bed. Then, the bulging bag suddenly climbed up.

Tang youyou sleeps a bit confused. Hearing the sound of the door opening, she instinctively wakes up.

"You're back! It's late! " Tang youyou said softly, with a little tired and tender voice, it seems that you can clean your tiredness.

Ji Xiaohan went directly to her side and sat down with a tall body.

Under the soft light, the beautiful little white face, with long hair hanging disorderly on both sides of her face, showed a pair of clear water like eyes, dark and bright, with attractive luster.

"Long time!" Season owl cold looks at this small face like infatuation, the finger already can't help caressing her tender skin, the voice is mute, full of affection.

"Well!" Tang youyou likes to hear him call his name like this, as if she becomes the treasure in his palm, and will be cherished by him carefully and tenderly.

Season owl cold thin lips attached down, accurately covered her tiny open mouth.

The man's lips are still full of alcohol. Tang youyou's whole body quivers, and he feels the gentle kiss of the man, burning her reason little by little.

Season owl cold is drunk with this, bath also don't want to wash, just want to press this woman down.

When Tang youyou woke up from his love, it was more than two o'clock in the morning. She looked at the way the man on her side fell asleep, with a touch of tenderness flowing from the bottom of her eyes.

She leaned against his arm, slowly closed her eyes and went to sleep with him.

Early in the morning, the hangover, let the season owl cold wake up on time, he pressed his head, made a low sad sound.

Tang youyou opened his eyes and saw that the handsome face of the man was wrinkled because of his dizziness.

"If you have a headache, go to sleep." Tang youyou said painfully.

Ji Xiaohan found out that he woke her up, stretched out her fingers and pulled out her hair at her long hair: "it's OK, you can sleep a little longer."

"I don't sleep, either. I'll dress the children!" With that, Tang youyou got up with him.

Ji Xiaohan sees her eyes are clear. It seems that she slept well last night and didn't stop her.

"By the way, Ji Shangqing came home for dinner last night." Tang youyou thought of something and said.

"He's very good at picking the time." Season owl cold sneers.

Tang youyou is stupefied for a moment. He can't understand the meaning of this sentence.

Ji Xiaohan came around, stood in front of her, reached out and touched her long hair gently: "don't talk to him when you see him later!"

"I don't want to say it, but he always likes to ask me questions. It's not good that I don't answer him in front of the elder brother." Tang youyou thought that last night, Ji Shangqing asked herself a lot of things at the dinner table. She was very depressed. She had never seen such a self-made person.

"He's a cunning man. You have to guard against him." After hearing this, Ji Xiaohan's eyes are also black. Ji Shangqing is really looking for a chance to get close to him. Hum, don't let him get hold of him. If he knows what he's up to, he won't let him go.

Tang youyou nodded: "I've been guarding against him all the time. When he asked me anything, I replied coldly. I thought I was a little bit cold, he didn't ask. Unexpectedly, he asked more!"

"He may like you a little!" Season owl cold highlights the problem.

Tang youyou's face was white. She blinked hard: "how can this be? He doesn't know my relationship with you, how can he still like me? " "It's because he knows that he's interested and curious about you." Although Ji Xiaohan hasn't met his cousin for a long time and doesn't know how his sexual changes are, he still remembers that when he was a child, Ji Shangqing would do a good job of studying all the people and things he was interested in, and finally,

to find another chance to compete with him.

"Why are you curious about me? I'm not a beautiful woman. " Tang youyou still can't accept the result. "He wants to know why I like you, and he must be thinking about how I would feel if I robbed you from me one day. He wants to torture me!" With a sneer, Ji Xiao felt that this cousin's mind was really insidious and vicious.