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C1596 don'st let her escape

It's more than eleven o'clock when Ling and LAN Yanxi return home. Although they are tired, their time alone is really good, which makes them reluctant to go to bed too early.

LAN Yanxi took a bath and saw the man take off his coat. The white shirt, black trousers and extreme color conflict make the man look elegant and gentle.

LAN Yanxi's heart suddenly stopped, a feeling that she couldn't speak, spread from the deepest part of her body to the outside. It was a very strange feeling of numbness, and her whole person shivered.

God, what's the matter? Seeing Ling Mo Feng, she could have such a light tremor.

Ling Mo Feng is reaching out to untie his buttons, and you Mou looks at her with a smile.

Lanyan Xili walked towards him, but he couldn't help it. He just had a kind of magic to make people want to get close to him.

"Let me see the cut on your arm." LAN Yanxi made a direct request.

Ling Mo Feng's face was slightly shocked, but he still took off his shirt and showed his injured arm.

Ling Mo Feng's body proportion is very good. The muscles on his arms are in good coordination with his whole body, which is not too strong for people to feel. It belongs to a very delicate and healthy body.

"The wound is over." LAN Yanxi didn't expect his body's recovery ability to be so fast. Her beautiful eyes rolled around: "can you exert yourself?"

Ling Mo Feng saw her evil eyes and knew what she was up to. He stretched out his right arm and took her whole body to his bosom. His thin lips were on her forehead. He gently printed a kiss. The voice line was deep and dumb: "what do you think?"

LAN Yanxi took a breath, and her little face was pasted on his hot chest. Her two little hands were pasted together because they were bent on his chest.

"I think You have to go to the bath quickly, because someone might do something bad tonight. " Lanyanxi is not afraid at all. On the contrary, she is bold and reckless. Her lips are pink and moist, and she still has a mark on his skin.

"Hiss!" Ling didn't expect that she would kiss her. He seemed to be scalded by the electric current. He took a breath and looked down at her eyes, which was more dark: "Yan Xi, aren't you tired?"

"No, I'm in a state of mind. Go to the bath and hurry up." Lanyanxi came out of his arms. Next second, she pushed his back and asked him to take a bath immediately.

Ling Mo Feng couldn't help laughing. This girl is so lawless. He has to discipline her well in the future.

When Ling Mo Feng went in to take a bath, LAN Yanxi's two little hands couldn't help wringing together. Ling Mo Feng's injury was cured, and she decided not to wait any longer. Anyway, sooner or later, she would have to hurt again, and she didn't want to waste any more time.

Ling Mo Feng put his hands on the wall and let the water fall from the top of his head. His closed eyes opened slowly. In fact, his body had been shouting for a long time, but he could not bear it any more. He felt that he should not go to ask her so quickly and wanted to give her more time to prepare for her.

When the man finished his bath, he only tied a towel around his body. His slender and healthy body was full of the oppression of men. LAN Yanxi sat on the bed and looked at her mobile phone for a while, but she couldn't see anything. She was nervous and listened to the movement in the bathroom. When she heard the sound of the water, her heart felt sharp. Sure enough, she could hear it for a few seconds Later, I saw the man come out. Before, he was wearing a gray Nightgown, but today, he only wears a bath towel. So, he won't have only one bath towel all over his body.

LAN Yanxi thought so, and her eyes couldn't help looking at the man. This look was so amazing that she immediately covered her eyes with shame.

Ling Mo Feng was wiping his short black hair with a towel. When he raised his eyes, he saw that she covered her eyes. He couldn't help laughing: "what's the matter? Is there anything you can't see? "

Blue Yan Xili reached out and pointed at him: "you You rascal. "

Ling found out what she was referring to. His handsome face was embarrassed for a moment. Next second, he turned around and dimmed the light in the room. In this way, the woman's eyes could not see clearly.

LAN Yanxi only felt that his eyes were dim and his beautiful eyes were smiling at him: "who told you to turn off the light? I can't see anything in such a dark place."

Ling Mo Feng was almost stunned by her. He said he didn't want to see it just now, but now he can't see it clearly.

"I won't show it to you." The man was really angry, and his voice showed some dissatisfaction.

"That's not good. I have to see it." LAN Yanxi said that he would get out of bed and turn on the light.

However, she didn't walk for two steps. The long arm of the man tugged her arm hard, and she fell into his arms. The next second, her waist was firmly hugged by the man. The low voice of the man came from the ear: "Lan Yanxi, you always have a way to make me angry. Isn't that your ability?"

LAN Yanxi's brain was buzzing, and he cried with some grievances, "how could I provoke you, Mr. vice president, with such a good temper?"

"Yan Xi." Just now, he was still gnashing his teeth in her ear. At this moment, his voice suddenly softened, and he was so spoiled that his soul would be given to him.

When she stumbled, lanyanxi was still a little grumpy. At this moment, surrounded by his gentleness, she even stayed like a child and her brain was blank.

"Hope!" See she didn't answer him, the man gently called her again, next second, his thin lips gently fell on her pink and white neck, blue Yan Xi was shaking, a kind of crisp numbness, spread all over her body.

Although Ling Mo Feng only kisses her lips on weekdays, she doesn't have the numbness yet. Now, his thin lips fall on her neck, which makes her tremble uncontrollably.

"Ling Mo Feng..." She wanted to stop him. She didn't know why to push him. Maybe it was instinctive. Maybe she couldn't stand the feeling he gave her.

If it was before, the man might immediately let go of her, but today, he is not ready to let go, on the contrary, his lips kiss more crazy.

Lanyanxi's brain is still empty. He can't turn any thoughts. He's all stretched out. He's clumsy and doesn't know how to respond to him.

Until she felt cool and her pajamas were gone.

Lanyanxi's breath is one of the sluggish, and meimou gradually adapts to it in the dark. She immediately stretches her small hand to his bath towel and tugs it hard.

The man immediately gave out a satisfied light laugh, which made LAN Yanxi tremble all over again. What did he laugh at?

There is no stopping. Lanyanxi is not a man's opponent at all. She was so bullied that she even lost the strength to resist.

The feeling of pain spread in her body. Her two little hands seized the man's back.

Clearly said to be gentle, why Does he mean what he says?

Ling Mo Feng is almost crazy. He never knew that it would be so nice to have this woman completely.

LAN Yanxi just said that she was in good spirits. At this moment, she just wanted to bite off her tongue and take back this sentence. It turns out that the energy of men is much better than that of her.

At more than three o'clock in the morning, lanyanxi felt that she could not close her legs for the first time. She lay on the bed and couldn't move. The man was gentle beside her and reached out to hug her into her arms: "sorry, Yanxi, is it still painful?"

LAN Yanxi doesn't want to talk to him. The man kisses his lips immediately. Scared, she quickly replies, "it doesn't hurt anymore, but I'm so tired. Let's sleep. We have to go to work tomorrow."

Ling Mo Feng looks at her voice and pleads. She can't cry or laugh for a while. This little woman used to play bad with only one mouth. She can't resist anything at all. Next time, she dare not provoke her again.

LAN Yanxi is seen through by Ling Mo Feng, and he can't get up in the future.

LAN Yanxi was huddled in his arms and could not stop making a few murmurs in the middle of the night.

Lingmo Feng has slept very shallow recently, but today he sleeps very deep inexplicably. The girl's low voice awakens him and tightens her arms.

In the morning, when LAN Yanxi woke up, he found that Ling Mo Feng had not been around.

She opened her eyes wide and copied her cell phone. It was already 11 o'clock at noon.