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C1181 begin to suppress

Hearing that Lu xuanchen only ate a bag of instant noodles in the evening, Mao Rongrong felt hurt instantly.

"There is no nutrition in instant noodles. Otherwise, I will go down to pack for you..."

"I know I have no nutrition, but I still have two boxes?" The man's eyebrows are slightly selected, which means he is mocking lightly. "I bought it back because the supermarket was engaged in activities and the promotion price was reasonable. I didn't eat it every day!" said Rong Rong

"I don't have any, you're hurting me now?" Lu xuanchen stood up from the bed, and his shirt button had been pulled open at some time, showing a small solid chest. His sexy thin lips made him smile and walked towards her step by step. Rong Rong Rong's thoughts were expressed by him. His face was immediately hot with shame. He bowed his head obstinately and said, "don't talk nonsense. Who loves you? I love my instant noodles."

"Women are really duplicative creatures. They are clearly in love with me, a big living man. How can they love a few yuan of instant noodles?" Lu xuanchen deliberately teases her to see her final reaction.

Mao Rongrong could not help sighing and had to admit honestly: "well, I really love you. Are you satisfied now?"

"I'm very satisfied. It seems that I will eat more bags of instant noodles from you in the future. In this way, you will feel more painful!" Lu xuanchen laughs and teases her. "

it's boring!" Mao Rongrong wants to stare at him, but he laughs first. Lu

xuanchen Youmou scanned her handbag: "did you give it back to others? Is the other side very sad? " "

we are so familiar with him that he should not be very sad!" Mao said awkwardly.

"Maybe it's because I'm too familiar with it to start. Otherwise, people have already launched a fierce attack on you. With your low EQ, we may surrender soon. Maybe we don't even have the chance to know each other. When I came to find you to buy the land, you were negotiating with me with a child in your arms!"

"It's really an actor. How imaginative!" Mao Rongrong praised him.

Lu xuanchen shrugs his shoulders and says with a straight face, "don't you think it's terrible?"

"What's terrible? Who can know what will happen in the future and who will meet? Maybe at that time I will feel the life is full and I will not feel the shock at all! " Mao Rongrong can't cry or laugh, but now when I think about it carefully, I feel really shocked. Fortunately, there is no mistake, and naturally there is no shock.

"Well, I told you, you don't understand!" Lu xuanchen knows that she is a very real woman. She will not think about anything that hasn't happened. In fact, it's a good habit and won't worry about gain or loss. "

are you going to sleep with me tonight?" Asked Mao Rongrong in a low voice. "

otherwise? You're driving me out? " Lu xuanchen is determined to stay here. "

No, I'll make your bed. I've washed the quilts and sheets!" The woman's voice is soft and delicate, with a touch of coyness. Lu

xuanchen listened, and Jun was slightly stunned, then his smile deepened. Ling

Mo Feng returned to China and immediately went to work. LAN Yanxi was embarrassed to follow him, so he went back to LAN's home. Xiao Han asked Ling Mo Feng to have dinner together. The two men chose a quiet place to meet.

"I want to get rid of Cheng Jianhong!" Ling Mo Feng took a sip of tea and said in a deep voice. "

I think he's been driven mad by you recently. He's investigating Bai Yiyan's whereabouts. I think he's so determined that he wants to seal Bai Yiyan's mouth." "It's very dangerous. Since she's your sister-in-law, you have to protect her. If you want to completely destroy an evidence, you have to kill people to stop it." Ling Mo Feng looks awe inspiring. Remind him immediately. "

don't worry, of course, I can't let her have an accident. She may marry my brother soon!" Ji Xiaohan already knows that Bai Yiyan is pregnant. This is a big event. Not only Ji Yueze attaches great importance to it, but also Ji Xiaohan is concerned about it.

"If you want to overthrow Cheng Jianhong, you may need her to be a witness. I wonder if it is convenient for her..." Ling Mo Feng paused to hold the cup, looked up at Ji Xiao Han and asked. "

create public opinion pressure first, and I will ask her to help when necessary." Ji Xiaohan still wants to ensure Bai Yiyan's safety. "

of course, tomorrow I'll let people spread this out. I think it's impossible for the general manager to promote his position." Ling Mo Feng sneered.

"If he can't go up, it's only your people who can. It's absolutely good for you!" Said Ji Xiaohan with a smile.

"Yes, as long as I let him down, my candidate can go up!" Ling is also happy about it.

"By the way, what happened to what you asked me last time? Did you hold Miss blue Ji Xiaohan asked him with a smile, the president of Tangtang group, could not help but want to gossip about brother's emotional problems. "

are you trying to make fun of me?" Ling Mo Feng's eyebrows were slightly selected to express his dissatisfaction.

Ji Xiaohan shook his head and said seriously, "no, I want to care about you. You are not young. It's time to find a woman to live a good life."

"I got in touch with her and found that she was pretty good!" What Ling Mo Feng said is very real and not exaggerated. "

so she has successfully attracted your interest?" Ji Xiaohan is happy to see his success, because marrying LAN Yanxi is very beneficial to Ling Mo Feng. If they can still love each other, it's really icing on the cake. "

I think she has a good character and is very interesting." Ling Mo Feng's face turned red and he was even shy.

"Then you decided to pursue each other well, didn't you?" Season owl cold one face deep taste of ask.

Ling sighed: "it's like a trade between us. We are mutually beneficial. As for whether we really love each other, I really don't know. At least, she finished the marriage as a trade."

"If she thinks so at the beginning, it may take some time for you to break her heart defense. I hope you can win her heart as soon as possible!" Ji Xiaohan didn't want to dig deep into his mind either. He took the glass and lifted it up. "

thank you for your concern!" Ling Mo Feng also helplessly raised his glass and touched him. In the early morning of the next day, a piece of news hit the whole country like a raging beast. Cheng Jianhong, known as the first mayor, secretly bribed a woman to give birth to a child for him more than 20 years ago, but his daughter was directly abandoned. Cheng

when Jianhong got up early in the morning, he was almost unsteadily hit head-on by the news.

"It's on. They're starting to beat me!" Cheng Jianhong murmured, with a look of fear and fear. For example,

if he didn't do it, he must have jumped out to refute it, but in fact