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C580 she wants to break the contract

Bai Yiyan listens to Tang youyou's words, but she is shocked.

In her opinion, Ji Yueze is not the handsome and gentle man in the eyes of the media at all. On the contrary, she feels that he has a strange and gloomy temper and is uncertain about happiness and anger. He belongs to a kind of people who are not very close.

Of course, anyone who is lovelorn will be this kind of character. What's more, Ji Yueze is such a proud man. The shock and pain brought by unrequited love has been enough for him.

But from Tang youyou's words, Bai Yiyan seems to have a new understanding of Ji Yueze.

Is he an emotional person?

He didn't want to hurt his big brother?

Oh, this man is really a contradiction. At the same time, he likes big brother's woman and doesn't want to hurt him. Is there really something beautiful in the world?

They did not dare to talk any more, so they turned around and went to the living room together.

When two people stepped on the steps, they saw a big figure and rushed over.

Next second, Ji Yueze pulls Bai Yiyan's arm.

"Come out with me!" Ji Yueze's voice was low and he was holding back his anger.

Tang youyou watched Ji Yueze drag Bai Yiyan out so rudely. She immediately stopped him and said, "don't do this to her!"

"My sister-in-law still doesn't care about our lovers!" Ji Yueze's tone suddenly softened, and he deliberately raised the volume so that everyone else in the living room could hear him.

Tang youyou stays a little!

Bai Yiyan immediately whispered to her, "Miss Tang, help me..."

Tang youyou looks back again and sees that Ji Yueze has carried Bai Yiyan down the steps towards the dark garden.

Tang youYou can't help but worry. After that, what is Ji Yueze doing?

I don't think Bai Yiyan said something to herself that she shouldn't have said.

Tang youyou really wants to follow her and explain something to Bai Yiyan.

Ji Xiaohan suddenly came to her and said in a low voice, "well, don't meddle. Maybe it's the fun of getting along with each other."

Tang youyou smiled twice. If they were real lovers, she would not worry at all.

But the problem is, they are fake!

Tang youYou can only sympathize with Bai Yiyan at the bottom of his heart. I hope Ji Yueze won't do too much to her.

At the moment, deep in the garden, behind a fake gable, Ji Yueze pushes Bai Yiyan to the wall in a huff and a hand heavily props up behind her ear, his tone is full of anger: "what did you say to her?"

Bai Yiyan bumped her back and her head. She fainted a little and fell down to the man's angry question.

"I What did I say? How do you respect me? I'm not your slave, you can't do this to me! " Bai Yiyan is also angry. She didn't do anything bad. Why should she be treated like this. "Tell me the truth, what did you tell her? I warn you, you're just the actor I paid to hire. I won't allow you to interfere in our quarterly affairs. " Ji Yueze is afraid. The more afraid he is, the more afraid he is of what trouble this woman will cause himself. Therefore, he is so angry that he questions her.

"I don't want to worry about your family. I just Well, I just talked to her about your relationship, and she'd already guessed our relationship. " Bai Yiyan wants to tell a lie, but finds that her brain is blank at the moment. She can't think of any excuses.

"Bai Yiyan, you want to die, don't you? Who told you to talk to her about this? I forbid you to stimulate her. " Ji Yueze listens more and more angrily. He always feels that Bai Yiyan deliberately creates psychological pressure for Tang Youyou, so he is very angry.

"You think more, she didn't hurt me. Why should I stimulate her? I just talk to her like a friend..."

"You're not qualified to be her friend. You're just an actor with money. Do your duty!" Ji Yueze's anger is rising. Maybe he has too much depression in his heart and finally finds a place to vent.

Bai Yiyan's pretty face turned red and frozen white. She suddenly pushed away the man in front of her. "Ji Yueze, if you can control your heart, why do you invite me to act here? At the end of the day, it's your own problem. "

Ji Yueze didn't expect Bai Yiyan to start scolding him in turn. He was stunned for a moment.

Bai Yiyan continued to mock: "I finally know why you like her, because she is really gentle and beautiful, but you are still not as good as your elder brother. Do you know why? Because you are immature and immature. "

"Say it again!" Ji Yueze has never been scolded as naive, which is a shame to him.

"Besides Oh! " Bai Yiyan is also angry at the moment. With her frank character, she can't stand the stimulation.

However, when the man's thin lips kissed her severely, she was totally stunned.

A pair of beautiful eyes are unbelievably wide open, and the brain booms, and there is a blank.

God, this rude man, he even Kissing her again.

Do you really think she's such a bully?

"Go away..." Bai Yiyan almost pushed him away with all her strength. Her voice was full of breath and anger.

Ji Yueze stepped back two steps and stared at her gloomily: "what? Dislike me? "

"You're such a jerk. You're thinking of someone. How can you kiss another woman?" Bai Yiyan is angry because the man punished her in this way.

"Don't you know that men's love and surname can be separated? Even if I don't love someone, I'm willing to do that with her. " Ji Yueze sneers, and in a word, she turns Bai Yiyan pale.

"What a shame!" Bai Yiyan has seen through the man.

Ji Yueze seemed to be relieved of his anger by kissing her. He suddenly calmed down: "as long as you don't talk to her, I'll let you go."

"Do you believe I broke the contract?" Bai Yiyan threatened.

"Dare you?" Ji Yueze immediately sneered.

"Why can't I? The big deal is to miss you by millions. Do you really think I have no money? As long as I ask Please my rich dad, these millions are not a problem. " Bai Yiyan said angrily.

Ji Yueze's eyes narrowed slightly: "do you have a rich dad?" "Of course, you think you are the rich second generation. I used to be too!" Bai Yiyan suddenly thought of something else, and then she grimaced again: "but that man, not my real father, is my stepfather. As long as I promise him to marry another man, I will have money to compensate you!" Ji Yueze was surprised again.