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As a staff member, Tang youyou attended the conference ceremony of a fashion company. She came here on behalf of Weiyi fashion. At this moment, she is helping to arrange the foreign famous model clothes for a while in the background. There are many people secretly looking at her nearby. When they think that she is Ji Xiaohan's wife, they all envy her very much. They even come to say a word to her. They have enough courage to speak.

When Tang youyou found out, he could only smile in the bottom of his heart. He didn't know when to start. His identity seemed to be raised inexplicably, which made it difficult for him to communicate with others. "

long!" Backstage suddenly came in a figure of xinchangjunshuai. Tang youyou was wearing a diamond brooch to a model. Suddenly she heard someone calling for her. She was slightly shocked, turned around, and saw Lu xuanchen standing behind her. "

brother Xuan Chen, this is the women's dressing room. Go out first, I'll come to you right away!" Tang youyou immediately said.

Lu xuanchen's face stiffened, and immediately turned away. A group of staff and female models behind him couldn't help laughing.

Sure enough, this is a face watching world. Just now, some other men came in by mistake, and they had been scolded by the staff. But just now, Lu xuanchen came in by mistake, and everyone just laughed.

Tang youyou gave the job to his assistant and walked out quickly. Lu

xuanchen leaned against the wall and saw Tang youyou coming towards him. He immediately stood up straight.

"Follow me to the next corridor, where there are fewer people!" Tang youyou said with a smile.

Lu xuanchen made a sound, and followed her. Tang

youyou has become more and more capable, with a strong professional atmosphere and the beauty of women's independence.

Lu xuanchen is relieved. Tang youyou was very strong when she was a child. Now, she has the ability of independence.

Tang youyou asks Lu xuanchen to wait for her for a while. She turns around and walks into a studio. In a moment, she holds two cups of sprinklers and hands one of them to Lu xuanchen.

Lu xuanchen took a look and smiled: "you still love drinking red wine."

Tang youyou couldn't help laughing: "yes, when I work, I'm used to drinking wine, and my brain turns faster." "

remember that you stole your father's wine when you were a child. Your face is red like a cooked shrimp." Lu xuanchen smiled and took a SIP to tease her.

"It was a mistake. I didn't steal it. I thought it was juice!" The explanation of Tang youyou's immediate embarrassment. Lu

xuanchen chuckled a few more times, turned his eyes, peeped at Tang Youyou, and then said, "Youyou, I've signed in Baiyu now."

"I know. Before I can congratulate you, you're on a new level!" Tang youyou said it faithfully.

"I hope so. By the way, there's one thing that I may be going to lose my tongue. I think I can do it!" Lu xuanchen sighed in a low voice.

"What is it?" Tang youyou is a little surprised. "

didn't I say that I wanted to buy the land where we used to fly kites and play together as children to build a villa? I can't build it now! " Lu xuanchen's eyes flickered with a slight light, as if he had made a promise but failed to deliver it, which was obviously urgent and ashamed. Tang

youyoumei's eyes opened slightly, and then she covered her mouth and sniggered: "brother xuanchen, you are really a persistent person. In fact, I really don't need you to do anything for me. It's ok if you can't build it. I know what you mean."

Lu xuanchen also knew that she would definitely say that. At the moment, his embarrassment disappeared. He chuckled and suddenly said, "do you remember that there was a female student named Mao Rongrong who was a junior to us at school?" "

of course, I remember that she has always been a good child in someone else's family. My father often uses her to teach me how to learn!" Tang youyou nodded and was deeply impressed by the female school bully. Lu

after hearing this, xuanchen immediately laughed twice, and Tang youyou's face was inexplicable.

Lu xuanchen quickly stopped laughing, because Mao Rongrong was deeply impressed with her.

"That piece of land is her. I asked for her before, but she refused to sell it. Later I learned that it was her grandfather's dowry." "

it's her. That's a coincidence. You'd better not buy her dowry. It's not good!" Tang youyou also smiled with interest.

"Yes, I dare not. What if she wants me to marry her?" Lu xuanchen said here, Jun face slightly stiff. Don

youyou joked: "then you should consider marrying her. She has been so excellent since she was a child. She will be better when she grows up." "

Youyou, would you be surprised if I really married her?" Lu xuanchen suddenly asked her seriously.

"Ah?" Tang youyou is already surprised.

Lu xuanchen smiled awkwardly. "She's a lawyer now. I happen to have a case for her to help with. In fact, she's very interesting." Tang

you look at Lu xuanchen's face blushing with shame. She can't help but ask curiously, "brother xuanchen, you blush!"

"Yes?" Lu xuanchen quickly reached out and pasted his handsome face: "impossible!"

Tang youyou nodded, "it's a little red, isn't it because you drink?" "

maybe it is!" Lu xuanchen finished, and drank all the wine in the cup in one breath. Tang

youyou is a woman with sensitive mind. Although she hasn't seen Lu xuanchen for many years, she knows him well.

"Brother xuanchen, if you meet an interesting woman, don't miss it, because she may be the one you will accompany for your whole life in the future!" Tang youyou's serious advice. Lu

Xuan Chen looked at her in a daze, and Tang youyou also looked at him: "what I said is true. If you like her, you should pursue her boldly. Of course, I believe that with your charm, she will like you!" "

No, she doesn't like me. She said that she doesn't like us as stars." Lu xuanchen is inexplicably disappointed. If he changes to another woman, he may have confidence. However, Mao Rongrong is a special case. "

no?" Tang youyou's face was startled: "but I think you should belong to the kind of man that women like. Does she really say she doesn't like you?" "

didn't say you didn't like me!" Lu xuanchen immediately explained.

"Brother xuanchen, what does maorongrong look like now? Do you have a picture of her? Let me see! " Tangyou instant gossip online. Of course, there is no photo of Lu xuanchen in her mobile phone. However, it seems that she has a photo of her certificate uploaded on her company's website. Lu xuanchen immediately turns it out and shows it to Tang youyou. According to the photos, Mao Rongrong did not wear glasses, her eyes were clear, her facial features were beautiful, and she was an eye-catching woman. "

she is very beautiful!" Tang youyou sighs.