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By his own son poured a basin of cold water, Ji Lin Qi does not hit once, roared at him.

Ji Shang said quietly: "I thought that on the day of their engagement, I would destroy their feelings and make them be ridiculed by people all over the world. Now the plan failed, and I am less and less confident, so I can rob Tang youyou."

"Can you be a little promising?" Ji linjue's son is really not like himself, not ambitious, not like his courage to persecute big brother in order to get real power. Season

Shangqing frowned: "it's the coldest thing in the world, Dad, what do you think?" Season

the brain is empty, the whole body is like being immersed in ice water, the whole person is frozen. "

What do you say?" Ji Lin's face was dark, as if he would reach out to strangle the son in the next second.

Ji Shangqing is also scared. He seems to touch dad's forbidden area. Shut up immediately.

Ji Lin gnawed his teeth angrily, and angrily warned: "don't mention this to me again, let it be mentioned in front of others, otherwise, don't blame me for ignoring the feelings of father and son!" Season immediately nodded: "don't worry, I'm not interested in what you've done before."

"How is your company doing?" Ji Lin also felt that he had a bad temper just now. He was afraid of scaring his son, so he took care of him slowly. "

the machine has been purchased. I'm busy recruiting people. I've been taking orders for a year. Everything is speeding up." Ji Shangqing's light answer.

"Well, you have to work harder to open up the market. I believe that Ji Xiaohan dare not monopolize your market." Ji Lin said with concern.

"But he is generous, as if we had his gift." Ji Shangqing's face is cold.

"What's the way? This is his territory. If he wants to destroy your business, you can't take him for granted. He has a little conscience when he reads about brotherhood!" This is a lively lesson for Ji linjue's son. Before he was abroad, he always reminded his son how good power is. But Ji Shangqing only focused on his scientific research and put his energy on it. He didn't listen to Ji Lin's alert at all. Now, when Ji knows how important power is, he has lost the chance to seize them.

Ji Shangqing got up and took the car key: "I'll go to the company to have a look!"

"If you want to see Tang Youyou, go back to Jijia for dinner tonight!" Seeing his son's gloomy face, Ji Lin said at once. "

OK, you call grandma and tell her that I will go there in the afternoon. I heard that they have come back from abroad!" Ji Shangqing is cheeky, and also wants to visit Tang youyou at Ji's house. Season

Lin suddenly sneered: "it's a pity that we didn't take advantage of such a good opportunity!"

"You mean no one sent abroad to kill him?" Ji Shangqing picked up his eyebrows and said, "you'd better think of something else. Killing him doesn't necessarily fall into our hands. Don't forget that he has a younger brother and a son!" Ji

Lin listened to the annoyance and gritted his teeth angrily: "I see that kid's smart face, maybe he is more ruthless than his father when he grows up!" "

possible!" Ji Shangqing nodded and agreed. He also carefully observed Ji Xiaorui. He was very young, with extraordinary bearing, calm and calm. He was a little like Ji Xiao when he was a child.

Ji Lin also thought that his son didn't even have a girlfriend, let alone to give him a grandson or something, and was full of anger.

"Do you want to find a woman to have a baby first? I think it's a competitive advantage to have a baby earlier!" Ji Lin said suddenly.

Ji Shangqing's face flashed blue and black, and he resisted: "no, I don't like children!" "

if it's your own son, you'll like it!" Ji Lin frowned. "

but I'm also your son. I didn't realize how much you like me!" Ji Shangqing's ability to talk back quickly catches up with his ability to do scientific research. Season

the face of Lin and Qi is livid. Ji

Shangqing saw that he had nothing to say and said coolly: "so, I will like it if the woman I love has a son, just like you. If the woman has a son for you, you will never treat me like you do. I feel that I am a child raised in isolation!" "

OK, what should I give you? Which one didn't I give you?" Ji Lin stops him.

However, Ji Shangqing's words are about his heart, so he ignored his son, because he didn't like his mother, so naturally he didn't pay much attention to him.

Just, Ji Lin has been reluctant to admit that he has such a mind, but at this moment, he will be exalted by his son.

Season is still cold with a face, open the door, leave.

The old man's body gets colder and colder every day.

Most of the old lady's mind was on taking care of him. Fortunately, the two little guys followed LAN Yue, who taught them to read and read. Moreover, she also began to teach Ji xiaonai to play the piano. LAN

Yue used to be a rich lady. Although she didn't compare with Ji family, she was also well-educated since she was a child. Therefore, she is also a very good choice to act as an enlightenment teacher for two children. Season

when Xiao Han and Tang youyou stepped into the living room, they heard the piano from afar. However, the sound was tinkling, without any sense of rhythm. It was like a person stretching out a finger and pressing it casually.

The two men looked at each other, wondering whose hand the naughty music came from.

When they turned to the small living room next to them, they saw Ji xiaonai dressed as a pure white princess by lanyue, sitting in front of a piano. As expected, she stretched out one of her little fingers, and pressed one key by one, which was very serious and attentive. "

mom, when did you start teaching her to play the piano?" Tang youyou walks in smiling and asks.

Ji xiaonai, who was trying to press the key, raised his big black eyes, saw that mommy and daddy jumped out of the chair immediately, rushed over, hugged Tang youyou's arm, and pressed her palm with a small face to express his yearning: "Mommy, daddy, you are back, I miss you so much!"

Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan are both amused by the charming appearance of this little thing. "

just think of me like this in two days. It's real Tang youyou squatted down, kissed his daughter's little face and said happily. Season

xiaonaidu starts his mouth: "if I don't think about Mommy, does Mommy want to say that I picked it up from the garbage can?"

Tang youyou is stunned. It's only more than a year. The back talk skill of the little guy is getting more and more powerful. I'm afraid it will be more difficult to discipline in the future.