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C959 don'st want to give up

Bai Yiyan looks at the handsome face of the man who is tense because of applying medicine to her. Looking carefully, there is a thin sweat on his forehead. In this cold early spring, he is sweating. Is he worried about her? Or is it because he's nervous about giving her medicine? "

Ji Yueze, listen to me, I don't doubt you don't have this ability, I just don't want you to accompany me to risk, you must promise me that you won't interfere in this matter!" Bai Yiyan said earnestly, with a firm tone.

Ji Yueze narrowed his eyes and said lightly, "if a man doesn't have the ability to protect his woman, is he still a man?" White

Yiyan's heart rate suddenly became faster, and she looked at the man's serious expression without blinking.

"Ji Yueze, you don't dislike my present identity. I'm very grateful. I think I have accumulated virtue in my last life, so this life has made me know you. But, do you know? I want you to live this life in peace. If I let you take risks and get hurt, I will be really afraid. It doesn't matter if I die. I don't want you to have anything! " Bai Yiyan suddenly reached over and tightly grasped the big palm he was applying medicine to her. With great strength, she seemed to make him listen to every word she said. "

What are you holding me for?" Ji Yueze's brow is slightly twisted. "

you promise me that you will not mind my affairs. Ji Yueze, I am not joking with you. You must promise me." Bai Yiyan is determined at the moment, which can't be ignored.

Ji Yueze looked up at her, his thin lips pulled a smile: "I don't promise anyone." "

the season is more prosperous..." Bai Yiyan feels frightened and her heart is half cold. She shouts his name hard. Season

Yueze picked up her eyebrows and looked at her deeply. "

if you don't promise, I will break up with you!" Bai Yiyan was frightened and scared. She found that there was no other way for him to promise. She could only threaten him with emotion. "

you say that again?" Ji Yueze suddenly holds her hand, with great strength.

Bai Yiyan cried out in pain, and the man immediately released his hand.

"Bai Yiyan, I'm not a timid person, understand?" Ji Yueze sighed and expressed his position. "

I didn't say that you are timid, I just don't want to have a chance to get hurt in case, I don't want you to happen!" Bai Yiyan has her insistence. She was kidnapped twice. She feels that the society is still very insecure.

"Come on, let's not talk about it. Lie down and I'll give you some medicine wine to wipe your chest!" Ji Yueze doesn't want to fight with her, because it's not interesting. Yi Yan is still upset because Ji Yueze hasn't promised her.

"Ji Yueze, have you listened to me carefully? I don't want you to avenge me! " Bai Yiyan is still holding his arm tightly. "

lie down!" The man can't help ordering her. Bai

Yiyan finds that she is really pinched by this man. She just listens to him and lies down. Ji Yueze poured some medicine wine in the palm of her hand, and then daubed it on her injured position.

It's as big as the palm. It's all red and swollen. "

do you want to go to the hospital for a check-up? I'm afraid you're not only injured on the surface!" Every time Ji Yueze takes a look, the storm in his heart will roll once, which will hurt him to death.

"It's OK, just wipe it for me!" Bai Yiyan shakes her head. At the moment, she doesn't want to go anywhere. She just wants to stay by his side. She is willing to hurt like this. Season

the more Ze her fingers press with a little force, Bai Yiyan's whole body can't stop shaking with pain.

In this position, Wang orange kicked last night. After one night, the scar has swelled. Once pressed, the pain can reach four limbs, which is hard to bear.

"Apart from hurting you, did they treat you..." After Ji Yueze said half of what he said, he suddenly couldn't go on, because he didn't dare to ask.

"No!" Bai Yiyan knew what he was asking, and she immediately replied, "really not!" Season

the more moist the throat is dry and astringent, close the thin lips tightly, and don't ask any more.

The strength of the fingertip has not been reduced, because the blood stasis can only be pushed away with force. Although her face turns white with pain, Ji Yueze does not want to be merciful. If it becomes an old injury, it will cause more damage.

After Ji Yueze rubbed her green and black position hard, Bai Yiyan was so painful that she was stiff and shivering all over, with cold sweat seeping.

"Lie down and I'll make you something to eat!" When Ji Yueze saw her poor appearance, he really wanted to bear all this for her.

"Well!" Bai Yiyan now has no strength to get up again. She shrinks in his quilt and slowly closes her eyes.

Hearing the familiar masculine breath, Bai Yiyan finally fell asleep, but her nightmares continued. She dreamt that Bai Zhen was lying in a pool of blood, that a car had crashed into Ji Yueze, and that she had been thrown into a lake, cold and lifeless.

"Ah..." Bai Yiyan wakes up from a nightmare and finds that the sky outside the window has changed. It's dark, as if it's going to rain.

"What's the matter?" The bedroom door was opened and Ji Yueze walked in. "

have I slept for a long time?" Bai Yiyan asked, rubbing her sore neck. "

it's more than two o'clock in the afternoon. You've slept for several hours, so get up and eat something!" Ji Yueze finally asked his assistant to deliver some light and digestible food. He could not make it himself. Although he tried to make it, he could not eat it himself, let alone feed it to her. Yi Yan reached out for a cold sweat on her forehead and asked with difficulty, "is there any news from my mother?" Ji's face sank a little: "she has been locked up. You can rest assured that she is safe inside. There is no danger to her life!" "

thank you!" Bai Yiyan couldn't help being grateful. Ji

Yue Ze sneered: "I really want to convict her quickly. Unfortunately, I can't convict her for various reasons, but it's safer to lock in than to be outside, isn't it?" "

Yes, she told me before that she wanted to be locked in..." Bai Yiyan looks down sadly.

"Well, I think she volunteered for your safety!" Ji doesn't want to see her look desperate. "

I didn't expect it would be her daughter!" Bai Yiyan is also forced to accept her new identity at the moment.

"No one can think of it!" Ji Yueze snorted. Bai

Yiyan feels that her life is like being disturbed by a stick. She can't find her direction and sense of destination.

"Ji Yueze, if your mother knew my relationship with her, she would not accept me any more. If it is true, we will..." "

it's easy for you to give up!" Ji Yueze looks angry for a moment. "

No, I don't want to give up!" Bai Yiyan shakes her head, struggling and contradicting.