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Ask her to give her a present

"Although the children call you uncle, to you, I am only a stranger. I am not even considered to be a friend." Tang You You felt that he was being too intimate with her and felt a little embarrassed.

"Speaking of which, the relationship between us is really chaotic. You're not my sister-in-law, and you're also my nephew's mother, so what's the relationship between you and me?"

"In my big brother's eyes, Qingxiu is no different from an ugly person. In the past, my big brother liked his woman, but that was a top beauty. You're not on the same level as them." In the past, there were many Female Celebrity s and famous young ladies, who wanted to use his connections to get in touch with Big Brother. That was why he felt that Tang You You looked relatively ordinary.

"Alright, I'm ugly!" "I know." Tang You You was too lazy to argue with him.

However, Ji Yue Ze's words did not seem to be right. If she was not the kind of woman that Ji Xiao Han liked, then why did Ji Xiao Han confess to her? Had Ji Xiao Han changed his taste? You're beginning to like an ugly woman like her?

Why was she so upset at the thought of that man?

"Tang You You, I don't understand one thing. You gave birth to two children for my brother, so logically speaking, my brother should have given you a lot of money. Why are you still thinking about work?" Ji Yue Ze asked curiously.

Tang You You laughed faintly: "No matter how much money I have, it isn't something that I can earn with my own two hands. I don't have any peace of mind, and I'm most afraid of owing someone a favor, so, for the things that you help me with today, I will have to find a chance to repay you."

"Why do people live so clearly? Even if you owe me a bit, it won't hurt Dajia. I didn't really ask you to repay me. " Ji Yue Ze Kan Zhuo Ta felt that she was a very special woman. Although his abilities were limited, she lived independently.

"No, I still want it. How about I treat you to a meal? Or maybe I should buy you some little presents. " Tang You You was already thinking of how to thank him.

Buy me a small gift. Although I don't lack anything, if you buy anything for me, I can still keep it. In the future, I will carefully count and see how many things you have bought for me. Ji Yue Ze said with a smile, and made his request.

Tang You You nodded his head: "Alright, then it's a deal, help me find this person, I still need to go back to the company to take care of some matters."

"Alright, don't worry. I will send you the news as soon as possible." Ji Yue Ze watched her figure leave.

She lowered her head and walked quickly towards the car through the glass window. Her delicate figure gave off a sacred and inviolable charm.

Ji Yue Ze lowered his head to look at the photo that was printed out.

At that moment, Li Fang Fang was in a dilemma.

After the news of Tang You You being beaten up spread out, Lam Tung, who had just returned from a meeting, immediately called Li Fang Fang into his office.

Once Li Fang Fang entered, she immediately spoke in a flirtatious voice, "Old Lin, why did you call me in at this time, aren't you afraid of people misunderstanding?"

"Li Fang Fang, did you do it? Tang You You, is it you? "Tell me honestly." Lam Tung immediately slammed the information onto the table.

Li Fang Fang trembled, her eyes immediately turning red, she said grievingly: "What are you doing, why are you being so fierce towards me, I wasn't the one who did it."

"If it wasn't you, who else would it be? You have a problem with her. " Old Lin knew that she was definitely not speaking the truth, so he questioned her even more harshly.

Li Fang Fang still had some feelings for the Lam Tung, but when she thought about how he was still treating his with all sorts of gentleness last night, and even questioned her so severely at that moment, her emotions instantly crumbled, and she said angrily: "So what if I did? You still refuse to admit it, have you really fallen for Tang You You? "

"Don't make trouble for no reason. How could I have any thoughts towards her? Didn't I tell you already? We can't afford to offend the person behind her. "

Li Fang Fang cried even more bitterly: "I was wronged, and got laughed at by others, and you don't care about me at all. Tang You You stole my customer, and made me lose to a new person, where can I put my face? I just want to take revenge on her, and I just want her to know, that offending me will not end in a good way."

"You are simply going to kill me. Woman, don't you have a brain? I told you not to mess with her, but you just wouldn't listen. If the matter with you gets discovered, I won't save you. Lam Tung was so angry that he felt like he had gone mad.

"Old Lin, it's irresponsible of you to say such words, how can you leave me alone? I followed you in my prime... "If you say that you won't help me now, then don't help me. Do you believe that I will go out and publicly announce our relationship? When that time comes, we will lose face together." Li Fang Fang was also very wronged, she felt that she had found a man that didn't depend on him.

Lam Tung's face was completely red. After considering his options, he quickly stood up and hugged Li Fang Fang comfortingly, "Alright, don't be angry anymore, since you've done this, you should think of a way to keep it watertight. The only way is this way, I'll be able to show mercy to you."

Seeing that he had finally comforted himself, Li Fang Fang immediately said complacently: "Don't worry, what I am about to do, will not be discovered by anyone."

"Alright, I'll give you a necklace tomorrow. Hurry up and go back to work." Lam Tung was truly afraid that she would reveal the relationship between the two of them, so she said good words and gave Li Fang Fang a gift to coax him.

Li Fang Fang had always been relying on the secret in her hands to threaten Lam Tung to help her. Now, she felt that the benefits of sleeping with her boss was really too much.