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LAN Yanxi's two thin arms are trying to support the weight of the book, a pair of beautiful eyes are wide, some can't believe looking at Ling Mo Feng who still stretches his arms to get the upper row of books.

The atmosphere around was a little dull. Blue Yanxi suddenly felt wronged. At the same time, a bit of resentment came out of her mind. She asked directly and loudly, "Ling Mo Feng, are you abusing me?"

Hearing this, the man took the book's arm and paused. His eyes sank. At last, he didn't add the book to her arms.

"I'm abused before I get married. When I get married later, I can't entrust Qu to die." LAN Yanxi's face was pitiful, and his small face was serious, as if Ling Mo Feng had really done something bad.

At this moment, the heart of a man is crying and laughing. Who is abusing whom?

Lanyanxi tried to squeeze out two tears to accuse him of his crime, but found that he could not cry.

At this time, the man's tense body suddenly turned around and scared her. The book in his arms almost fell off.

She instinctively adjusted her gestures to keep the book dangerously close.

"Ling Mo Feng, I can remind you that if you make fun of me, I will..."

"So what? Just run and flirt with other men? " Ling Mo Feng took a long step and forced her to a corner. Her tall body almost completely covered her, as well as the ten books she held in her arms.

"I'm breaking my arm!" LAN Yanxi's hands are laborious, eyes are slightly red, and lips are tightly clenched.

The man gave a light snort, but stretched out his hand, took away some books, put them on the side shelf at will, and continued to hold hands and trapped her: "Lan Yanxi, your new department seems to have young, handsome men, you are very popular!"

Blue words and beautiful eyes immediately stare big, her intelligent brain turned a circle, instantly understand the twists and turns of this relationship.

"Ha, what kind of vinegar does Mr. vice president eat? It's sour enough! " Blue Yan Xi immediately a proud posture, smiling eyes are straight looking at the man, as if to know a great event.

"I didn't laugh at you. You'd better..."

"Stay away from my male colleagues. I know. I know everything. I'm measured. I'm new here. I can't handle many things well. Someone came to give me some advice and help me a little. I can't thank others, but I have to point to his face and say," stay away from me. Is that the result you want? " LAN Yanxi's face was askew, his tail was hanging, and he looked askance at the man. His thoughtful expression almost didn't make him mad.

"Lan Yanxi, where is your discretion? Two people on a table laughing and chatting? Is that your measure? " The man suddenly leans forward again. At this moment, lanyanxi's face will be pasted into his arms.

Unfortunately, she still holds several books in her hand, which makes her chest ache.

"It hurts..." LAN Yan did not listen to his questions, but cried out pitifully.

Ling Mo Feng really wanted her to suffer, but a pair of frowns on her, long arms directly took away all the books in her arms.

Just now, LAN Yanxi, a poor kitten, was transformed into a cunning fox. His eyes were like water with a smile. He looked into the men's eyes boldly and asked, "Lingmo Feng, you still love me, right?"

"If I catch you close to other men, I will not be punished today!" Man handsome face suddenly bulging red, back off two steps, to relieve her siege, turn around, pretending to tidy up the books he took out.

LAN Yanxi, like a big immortal Xiaoqiang, continued to test and ask: "you just let me hold such a heavy book, that's punishing me. How strange your punishment is!"

"Otherwise? What kind of punishment do you want? " Ling found that he was not the opponent of this woman. He seemed to have failed her in talking and daring.

Strange, he is a man, how can he lose to her?

"When I saw men's jealousy on TV, they usually beat women on the wall, first with a strong kiss, then with warnings and threats..."

"How imaginative you are!" Ling Mo Feng was almost amused by her words.

"It's your poor imagination!" LAN Yanxi's hands are around his chest, leaning on the bookshelf, and a pair of beautiful eyes are aiming at the back of the man.

Ling Mo Feng had a kind of illusion that he had been seduced by this woman. He put the book away, turned around, and looked into her beautiful eyes with feelings. Under the warm light, the light flowed like crystal, and the beauty was compelling.

"Well, then, when you came to me, would you like to hear me explain what I was working with my male colleagues just now? I've explained. It's not as bad as you think. It's really just work! " Being stared at by the man's deep eyes, lanyanxi immediately put away her cynicism and became serious.

"Are you expecting that punishment?" The man's voice suddenly sank and became bewitching.

"Which one?" LAN Yanxi lost his memory in a moment.

The man's tall body forced her forward for a while. Lanyanxi was originally leaning against the bookshelf. When he was scared, he stuck it directly on the bookshelf. The two small hands around his chest were also subconsciously vertical to his side. A pair of beautiful eyes flashed in panic: "Hello, Lingmo Feng, I'm joking with you!"

"Remember, I don't like to joke!" Man one hand to her side a support, the other hand, strong to hold up her beautiful white chin, thin lips instantly burning occupied her sweet.

LAN Yanxi shivered all over, and a current hit her heart directly, which made her brain short of blood in an instant.

In Ling Mo Feng's mind, she just bent down on the table and smiled and talked with the man. She kissed her thin lips, and immediately became angry and more violent and cold.

Lanyanxi's mind is blank, and her chest is also sore. Strange feelings are surging back and forth in her body. She stretches out two small hands and instinctively wants to grasp something. At last, she grabs the man's skirt. She doesn't know whether to push him away or pull him closer to her.

"Enough, go home at night!" LAN Yanxi can't do this kind of private business in the workplace, no matter how brave she is. So, she breathes in a hurry, and her voice is softly resisting him.

The man chuckled, "who in the world won't let go?"

LAN Yanxi shivered all over, only to find that the man had taken back his big hand which he had buttoned on his chin, and his two small hands were still pulling others' lapels, not wanting to let go at all.

She was so embarrassed that she let go of her hand and gave him a push: "don't you mean to keep a distance? Let people know... "

"Don't worry, this library is my place, there won't be anything to see!" The man took care of her disordered collar gently and comforted her gently.

"Really? Then I'll be relieved! " LAN Yanxi said, fingers quickly to the man handsome face a pinch.

As for the ability to move hands and feet, LAN Yanxi will never give up.

The girl's warm and fragrant fingers stretched out from his nose, and the man's heart and soul swayed again until he felt a pain on his face. Then he found out that the woman had broken again.

"I've wanted to pinch you like this for a long time!" LAN Yanxi said with a smile.

"You are not honest!" Ling has never seen a girl like her before.

LAN Yanxi shrugged his shoulders: "I never said I was honest."

"You go to work, I'll read and go!" Ling Mo Feng is in a much better mood. Naturally, she has to be let go.

"I want to stay with you a little longer?" LAN Yanxi lowered his head and circled his toes on the ground.

Ling Mo Feng listened to her words, his thin lips raised a smile, and his eyes inadvertently saw the Rose Brooch she had pinned on her chest clothes. His fingers gently touched it: "it seems that you like it very much!"

Mentioning this, LAN Yanxi was angry again, looked up and stared at him: "I thought you sent something else? Why send me this! "

"Don't you like it?" Ling Mo Feng's face suddenly became tense.

"It's pretty nice. I like it!" LAN Yanxi is honest.

"Next time I'll choose something else for you. You can tell me what you like!" Ling Mo Feng really doesn't know anything about girls.

"I like You, give me you! " LAN Yanxi playfully spits out his little tongue.