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C1402 digging a hole for her to jump

LAN Yanxi listened to Ling Mo Feng's words, and he wanted to laugh at the bottom of his heart. It's amazing to let such a serious man play with him.

"Listen, there's a fight!" LAN Xianxian and LAN Lin run stealthily from the nearby flowers, and then they hear their voices. LAN Xianxian and LAN Lin exchange a proud look, as if this is expected.

"You go and ask your grandfather to cancel the marriage." LAN Yanxi continued.

"Why don't you go?" Ling Mo Feng raised his eyebrows slightly, with a little coldness in his words.

"I'm afraid my grandfather will be sad. He's too old to stand the blow." Blue words are full of reason.

"Then I have the same idea as you. My grandfather is not very well. I can't disappoint him." Ling Mo Feng's tone is more firm.

"Well, then, am I going to marry you?" LAN Yanxi is about to stop acting. She wants to laugh.

"Don't I have to marry you, too?" Ling Mo Feng felt that this kind of quarrel was very special. How could it come to the end? It was like he was expressing his love to her.

"I'm afraid you won't be able to get married? You can't eat me again? " LAN Yanxi said with a murmur.

"If you want to marry, I will marry. If I don't eat you, I'm afraid you want to eat me!" Lingmo Feng's words are becoming more and more unorthodox.

The two people who eavesdrop on each other are more and more serious and dignified. They are afraid that they are not willing to give up. The final result is that they are bound in a marriage by Fang Qiang?

"Oh, don't worry. You're not my type. I'm not interested in you." Blue words hope to turn the corners of the mouth, duplicity.

"Is it? That's right. I'm not interested in you either. Since it's a marriage, let's get ready for it. " Lingmo Feng said that, he decided not to act, because, at this stage, I believe it is enough.

Ling Mo Feng turned around and left with long legs, leaving LAN Yanxi to stamp his feet and gnash his teeth in the pavilion: "Ling Mo Feng, you wait, you will regret marrying me."

Ling Mo Feng still heard her words, and couldn't help shaking his head and laughing bitterly.

"Do you cry, cousin?" Ling Mo Feng left soon after, blue fiber really can't stand temperament, or from the back of the tree shadow came out, a proud face asked.

LAN Yanxi looks back at her and doesn't want to pay attention to her.

"People are angry with you. Cousin, you are not deaf or blind. Ling Mo Feng doesn't like you. Can't you really feel it?" Blue fiber hands ring in the chest, proud inexplicably into the pavilion to mock her.

"It's none of your business!" Lanyanxi just wants to make this kind of false image for others.

"You are my cousin. Of course I want to care about you!" LAN Xianxian turns around LAN Yanxi. At last, she turns around and smiles at LAN Lin: "don't you give your cousin a tissue?"

Lanlin immediately fumbled on her body, smiled and replied, "I don't have a tissue on me."

Lanyanxi knew that these two people must be very proud at the moment, because they saw her joke.

Lanyanxi didn't want to waste time with them, and wanted to leave directly. But lanxianxian reached out and blocked her way: "lanyanxi, how about I want to make a deal with you?"

LAN Yanxi listens, a pair of beautiful eyes immediately stare at her and ask: "what do you want to do again?"

"Why don't you ask grandpa to betroth me to Ling Mo Feng? I can ask my dad to give you a lot of shares he left you." Blue fiber suddenly put forward a shameless condition.

"Is there such a good thing?" LAN Yanxi looks at her with no expression and asks, but she is disgusted. What her father left her belongs to her. Who has the right to decide?

"Of course, I believe you should also be worried that your equity will be taken away by my father and my uncle, so I can't wait to find a backer for support, but Ling Mo Feng doesn't seem to like you. Do you think he can rely on it? It's better to trade with me. You won't lose. " At this moment, the face and mouth of LAN Xianxian have completely appeared, and she doesn't want to pretend to be silly, so she spread out her words directly. Maybe LAN Yanxi can understand her meaning.

"Why don't you ask grandpa yourself? Let him complete you and Ling Mo Feng? " LAN Yan and Xi Mou are already angry. This cousin is really thinking about Ling Mo Feng. Ha ha, is it all good things, good men? She wants to step in horizontally.

"Grandpa loves you the most. As long as you don't agree to marry me, Grandpa will definitely complete me. Anyway, you don't like him. Why do you torture each other? It's better to give it to me. I think he's very good. He has always been the mature and stable type I want to find." Blue fiber said finally, the face is shy red, after all, she and Ling Mo Feng just saw the first side, she said this kind of words, indeed some do not Jin hold.

Lanlin stands by and looks at lanyanxi nervously. To be honest, she is really afraid that lanyanxi will be stupid enough to make this deal with lanxianxian. Once lanxianxian and Lingjia get married, where is the foothold of lanyanxi and her father?

"Although I don't like him, it doesn't mean that I can't marry him. Anyway, whoever I marry will be the same. If I marry him, at least the future will be bright. So, I refuse your deal!" LAN Yanxi just wants to be angry, give her a little hope, and then let her despair completely.

"You LAN Yanxi, do you know what you are doing? Marry a man you don't love, and your life will be ruined! " The blue fiber is very angry to block her way and want to wake her up with ugly words.

"I don't love you now. Maybe I will love you some day? After all, even if you admit that he is excellent, he may be so excellent. " LAN Yanxi shrugs his shoulders and answers carelessly.

LAN Xianxian is about to be exhaled by LAN Yanxi. She really wants to grab some of her beautiful face and destroy it.

"You kind of like Ling Mo Feng, don't you? Later, I'll tell Grandpa about it. Let's see how grandpa decides. Anyway, I can't do anything about it. " Before LAN Yanxi left, he did not forget to threaten the blue fiber.

"Dare you tell Grandpa, I've torn your mouth!" Blue slender momentum fierce pointed at her and shouted. LAN Yanxi is not afraid to turn back and blink at her: "if you have a seed, you will tear it up. I'm afraid you won't make it!"

"Let go, don't pull me, I'll tear her now!" Blue fiber to rush past, blue Lin a hug her, blue fiber gas angry low roar.

"Sister, you have been cheated again. LAN Yanxi is playing with you. Haven't you seen it?" Lanlin immediately comforted her, but did not forget to add fuel to the fire.

"Why does she play with me?" Blue fibril calms down and makes a cold sweat.

LAN Lin said angrily, "she is digging a pit and waiting for you to jump. You are so stupid. How can you tell her that you are moved by Ling Mo Feng? She has your handle now. She can tell Grandpa at any time. Do you have a good life? "

Blue fiber brain burst in a flash, regretting for the impulse just now.

"Xiaolin, then I What should I do now? I didn't control my mouth just now, so What absurd words did you say? When it's over, LAN Yan hopes to trample me to death. If Grandpa knew, would he sweep me out of the door? " Blue fibril is afraid now.

"Don't worry, LAN Yanxi doesn't dare to offend you. She will scare you. She dare not." LAN Lin comforted her, and said to her, "let's go, go to the living room and have a look."

LAN Yanxi is just testing the blue fiber, and the blue fiber tells the truth. She is very bored.

Although it's said that a thousand defenses are against every thief, how can blue fiber tell her to give up Ling Mo Feng?

Is it something to be Ling Mo Feng?

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The living room atmosphere is very harmonious. The two old men have discussed some details of the engagement.

Ling's parents also fully agree. They will also give some suggestions for reference.

Only, the two uncles of the blue family, from the initial smile on their faces, have slowly become stiff.

So, whether LAN Yanxi and Ling Mo Feng agree or not, even if the marriage is settled, they must get married in the future.

Are young people so obedient now? How could you let your elders arrange marriage?

The two uncles of the blue family are more and more confused. One is the vice president and the other is the big miss of the blue family. Facing the persecution of fate, they even don't resist. It's filial.