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Tie Ting asks Ji Tingyan in a thoughtful tone, but Ji Tingyan looks at him seriously.

Although the man's face is thick, he can't stand her starlit eyes staring at her so deeply. His handsome face is embarrassed and red. He wants to turn away quickly, and then he hears Ji Tingyan's direct question: "tie Ting, have you ever had a woman you like?"

Tie Ting's expression was stunned. He turned to look at her and said, "why do you ask?"

Ji Tingyan glanced at the busy crowd and then lowered her head: "I just want to know that if you like other people, I can't declare my troops to take over the Lord and the only happiness of others."

"How could you have wronged me?" He is angry and wronged.

"I'm not wronging you. You seem to be very popular with women." Ji Tingyan turns her mouth away and looks at Lu Mengmeng, who is already tired and asleep. He has so many admirers after only a few days together.

"It's one thing to be liked. It's another to be liked by myself. Don't confuse them. Aren't you liked by others?" Tie Ting gas laugh, this woman can also say some reason?

Ji Tingyan's eyes are slightly dazed. Suddenly she realizes that her problem is silly. She has to chuckle and say: "if you don't like others, you must make it clear."

"Don't worry, I will." Tie Ting suddenly approached her: "do you like me a little?"

Ji Tingyan wants to pretend to be silly and muddle through. Suddenly, her cool fingertips are held by a warm big hand. She subconsciously wants to pull them away, but the man refuses, holding them tighter.

"Last time I went shopping with my grandma, I didn't have a good chat with you. Now, you come to me voluntarily. I want to know you well." Tie Ting's face is red and handsome. Finally, he is enlightened. He can say a few sweet words.

As a matter of fact, Ji Tingyan didn't lose when it comes to cheekiness. She has confidence in her bones, so that she can deal with anything without being humble or timid. If she likes it, she will admit it bravely, and if she likes it, she will accept it calmly.

"I'll give you time and opportunity to see if you can take it." Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes are deeply coagulating with men, with a smile in their eyes.

Tie Ting thought that she would shy away from his eyes, but did not expect that she smiled and looked at him directly in the heart, just like meeting the spring, the beauty made him shake his mind.

The natural look and light of the woman made all the women in his life dark. He held Ji Tingyan's big hand tightly for a moment.

Li Jingwen helps to make lunch breaks in the hall, and she still pays attention to the business in the hall. When she walks through the door with ham, she sees that Bonnie and Ji Tingyan are sitting close together, and they are still talking in a low voice. Her expression suddenly changes. A touch of resentment climbs on her face, and she throws the ham on the table.

"What's the matter? So angry? " Cheng Yue saw it and immediately asked her in amazement.

"Nothing." Li Jingwen takes a knife and peels the potato skin beside her. She cuts it in half. Suddenly, she puts the knife in her hand on the table with a strong force, and it makes Cheng Yue jump again.

"What, gunpowder?" Cheng Yue frowns. Li Jingwen is like a changed person.

When applying for the job, the two met for the first time. Li Jingwen felt gentle and easy to get along with each other. Since she came here, Cheng Yue found that she had lost sight of it. Sometimes Li Jingwen was more grumpy than the eldest lady, and she couldn't distinguish her priorities.

"I'm sorry, but I've had a bad time." Li Jingwen, with a black expression, calmed down her anger.

Cheng Yue immediately reminded her kindly, "our job is to protect xiaonai's safety. Don't bring your personal feelings to work."

"Ah, xiaonai, it's easy to call you xiaonai, but in fact, she is the ancestor and we are slaves. Life will not change because you see her as a friend. She is still the moon in the sky. We are mud." Li Jingwen displeased Cheng Yue's enthusiasm.

Cheng Yue stays.

Li Jingwen still thinks she can't understand, and continues to sneer: "I think it's better to continue to call her eldest lady, which shows the difference between the master and the servant."

"Li Jingwen, why are you doing this? We all want to do the work well. " Some of Cheng Yue can't stand her cold and hard character. She lowers her voice and questions her.

"Don't be angry, I'm just talking about things. Whether you or she is our friend or not, we should see ourselves clearly." Li Jingwen's eyes darkened and her voice was sad.

"Of course, I'm clear. It's you who are forgetting your duty." After Cheng Yue finished, she got up and didn't want to work with her.

Li Jingwen has bitten her teeth secretly. She told Ji Tingyan what happened just now. Shouldn't Ji Tingyan avoid it? Or, she thinks herself to be noble, so she can easily take away the man she likes.

When lunch was ready, Lu Mengmeng was woken up. She sat at the table with emotion. After all, she was a little girl. She was delicate since childhood. At the moment, when she saw something baked at the table, she really had no appetite.

"Brother Funing, do you have anything else to eat? I'd like some noodles, do you have any? " Lu Mengmeng pretends to be an aggrieved and pitiful girl.

"No." "Tie Ting simply replied to her:" at present, the conditions are limited. Don't worry about it. Hurry to eat. There is still more than an hour to go to the hot spring town

"All right." Lu Mengmeng's mouth is flattened to avoid being forced to accept the reality.

Ji Tingyan eats elegantly and rarely. She dodges Li Jingwen's gaze several times.

After lunch, a group of people are ready to start. Ji Tingyan is injured. She still has to carry her forward. Naturally, everyone has no opinion. Moreover, all of her subordinates see that their boss, who is going to eat Miss Ji, has different eyes.

They followed for many years, or for the first time, they saw tie Ting so attentive. What else could they see?

Lu Mengmeng took a branch and rowed around in front of her, killing her dissatisfaction.

Li Jingwen finds that her moral kidnapping plan fails. It seems that Ji Tingyan doesn't take her confession seriously at all. She is even more resentful.

Ji Tingyan doesn't think it's wrong, but she's also testing. She can't do things that rob people's love. But she has to be sure who is the one that tie Ting loves.

If Li Jingwen is just lovesickness, it will be a different matter.

It's getting dark. Ji Tingyan is dizzy and sleepy on his back. It's very comfortable. The man has a wide shoulder and back, which is very safe.

Hot spring town is much bigger than Ji Tingyan's imagination. In this weather, there are a lot of guests and lots of vehicles. Wang Cheng is a man with comprehensive work and high efficiency. Soon, he asked for several rooms and arranged all the people properly. Moreover, he arranged Ji Tingyan in the next room to tie ting on purpose. The opportunity has been prepared for them. Let's have a look at them Do you want to climb the window in the middle of the night.

Tie Ting stared at the little assistant and smiled angrily. However, with such a considerate assistant, he should consider raising his salary.