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You're not Big Brother's woman?

Ji Yue Ze ate a bowl of noodles and felt slightly better, so he asked Tang You You: "What about your job? Do you need me to help you out? "

Tang You You did not expect him to actually be willing to help her out, and her attitude towards him also slightly changed: "Really, you're willing to help me out?"

"To live together, to love him? What kind of nonsense is this? Let me formally correct you now, aside from the fact that your brother and I have two children to play, we have our own relationship. There's no relation between us, so don't say such words anymore. " Tang You You reminded him in all seriousness.

The more Ji Yue Ze listened, the more confused he became. However, he seemed to be able to discern something. This Tang You You didn't seem to be on the phone with his brother.

"Don't worry, since you've made it so clear, I won't say anything else." Ji Yue Ze nodded his head.

Tang You You turned around and walked up the stairs. She found her cell phone in her bedroom.

She called Ji Xiao Han.

The phone was picked up after a few seconds. The man's low and magnetic voice came over: "Is Xiao Nai better now? Is there a fever again? "

The first question that the man asked was about the condition of his daughter. Tang You You couldn't help but be taken aback.

From the looks of it, Ji Xiao Han was really serious about his daughter's every matter, to the point that he would be even more diligent than her as a mother sometimes.

"She's fine now. After eating, she'll be fed medicine for a while. She doesn't have a fever anymore." She also answered truthfully. Her voice had become much softer, no longer as cold and emotionless as before.

"That's good. Why did you call me?" It was only then that Ji Xiao Han remembered to ask her the reason why she had called him.

"Have you called the person in charge of Only Idealism?"

"Not yet, I'm just going to let Lu Qing go over and help you handle this matter."

Tell him not to go over first, your brother is here, he just said that he will go talk to the Lam Tung about this matter, and since it was caused by him, I think it is more reasonable for him to go over there, so it will not cause anyone to suspect that I have a relationship with you. Tang You You said calmly.

The man remained silent for a few seconds on the other end of the phone before opening his mouth again. In a low and unhappy tone, he said, "In the end, you just want to keep our relationship a secret, right? You are willing to let my brother handle this matter, but you do not want me to help. "

Tang You You was stunned, why did this man say that?

"Yes, I just hope that our relationship won't be exposed. My job needs to be done for a long time, and I don't want to lose this job because of your relationship." Yes, I just hope that our relationship won't be exposed, and my job needs to be done for a long time.

Ji Xiao Han coldly snorted. "Since that's the case, then I won't bother with you anymore."

The man angrily hung up the phone, causing Tang You You to freeze.

Why did this man get angry over this matter? She didn't want to trouble him, so how could he feel wronged?

Tang You You went downstairs, where Ji Yue Ze was playing with Tang Xiao Nai. The little guy was giggling nonstop.

Seeing her go down the stairs, Ji Yue Ze stood up: "I still have things to do, and will be leaving first. I will take care of your work as soon as possible."

"Then, thank you!" Tang You You gave him a rare smile.

"No need to thank me. It was caused by me, so I should be the one to take care of it." After Ji Yue Ze finished, he waved his hand at Tang Xiao Nai: "Xiao Nai, Uncle will be leaving first. I'll bring you a present next time."

"Goodbye uncle!" Tang Xiao Nai very obediently waved at him.

Tang Xue Rou had lost over a hundred million in a single day, causing her to be so angry that she was about to explode.

While she was feeling resentful towards Tang You You, she had also vented her anger on another person.

Tang Xue Rou felt that she had to bear half of the responsibility for this matter. If she had asked her for the jade pendant back then, she would have been able to send it over in time, she would not have made Tang You You so angry, running over to Ji Xiao Han to reveal the truth, and she would not have been sealed by him for deceiving Ji Xiao Han.

Tang Xue Rou could not swallow her anger, so she decided to take revenge against Zhang Hui Yi.

She knew Zhang Hui Yi's family's address, so she found a few bull-like men and directly killed their way to her house.

Today, no matter what, she would find that piece of jade pendant.

Even if she did not return it to Tang You You, she would smash that jade pendant to pieces in front of Tang You You.

She wanted to break Tang You You's heart to death, hmph, to actually dare provoke her, I must be prepared to bear her wrath.

Early in the morning, when Zhang Hui Yi still had not gone out and was lazily lying on her bed, she heard the doorbell ring.

She rubbed her eyes and walked over, and cautiously looked at Tang Xue Rou's face from the peephole, she was extremely shocked.

"Hui Yi, are you home? I have a few bags that I want to give you. Didn't you say last time that you liked my bags a lot? I brought it here specially for you today. " In order to get Zhang Hui Yi to open the door for her, Tang Xue Rou had actually said these words to lure her in.

Zhang Hui Yi was a greedy person, she had previously accepted Tang Xue Rou's gift of clothes, bags and shoes before.

Tang Xue Rou bought way too many clothes and shoes every year. Sometimes, she wouldn't be able to wear them, but she would actually give them to her friends out of good intentions, which was also one way for her to maintain her network.