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C1752 journey to freedom

Grandma nodded, and Ji Yueze immediately went downstairs and secretly attached the good news to Bai Yiyan's ear. Bai Yiyan held her daughter, and suddenly heard the news. She did not know whether she was surprised or happy. Her eyes were red instantly, and she could not help holding her daughter tighter.

"Don't cry here, or my mother will think that I am bullying you."

When Ji Yueze saw that her eyes were red, he quickly put his hand around her, and chuckled.

Bai Yiyan glared at him: "I didn't cry."

Ji Yueze looks at her excited and forced to hold back, which is quite interesting.

Ling wennuan's return is coming. She finished the course a few days in advance. The group of college students who came together also arrived at the time of separation. They left first in group, but Ling wennuan was reluctant to leave. She felt that she could stay a few more days, just a few more days.

For the first time, Mu Weicheng has taken a vacation. Workaholic like him, he works 365 days a year, but in the last few days, he wants to let his work go first and spare time to spend with his little girl friend.

A black car drove to Ling wennuan's front, Mu Weicheng pushed the door down, baqin followed him, holding big black in his hand, saw Ling wennuan, baqin smiled a few times, Xiaoyu immediately went around him, smiling and asked him: "Uncle Batai, sister wennuan and moshao are going to travel, you are also going?

You're a real headlight. "

Batai was a little nervous. When she said this, her face turned red. "Let's not call me uncle. If you don't listen, I'll tell you why."

"No, I'll call you uncle. You're too worried."

Xiaoyu spits out her tongue mischievously, then turns around and runs away.

"You Little girl movie. "

Batai is going to faint from her anger.

Mu Weicheng laughs and walks to Ling's room. Ling has almost finished packing. She is packed with a big box and a big bag of local products. It's given to her by Cheng's family. She's embarrassed not to bring it. She decides to send them something to repay their kindness after she goes back.


When Mu Weicheng stepped in, he had to stoop because he was too tall.

Ling warms the hot sweat on his forehead and points out: "it's all here. When I came here, I didn't have so many things. I didn't expect to leave, but it was a drum. Am I greedy?"

Lingnuan attended the festival last time. He went to buy a set of special clothes with Xiaoyu and bought many hand decorations as souvenirs.

"No, you may be full of memories."

Mu Weicheng raised his thin lips and answered her with a smile.

Ling warm nodded: "right, do we have to go?"

"Well, it's almost there. We have to be early, or this mountain road will be enough for us to go around."

Mu Weicheng is not only going to take Ling wennuan out in person, but also he is going to take her to some nearby scenic spots for a tour. It's just a few days. It's the last journey for two people.

She told the Cheng family goodbye. Xiaoyu cried and held Ling warm's hand. She was reluctant to give up. Ling warm also invited her to come and play with her when she had time. She would treat them well.

It's sad to leave at the moment, but it's to prepare for the next meeting, wave goodbye to the Cheng family, Ling wennuan sits in the back seat, hugs big black and cries.

Sitting next to big black someone, handsome face stiff for a long time, why not hold him cry?

Isn't she inferior to a dog in this little woman's mind?

Big black is very obedient. Maybe he is scared and dare not move. Let Ling warm hold it tightly.

"Well, don't cry. You've covered the darkness."

Mu Weicheng hands her a tissue, Ling warms and forcefully grabs a snivel, then closes his tears.

"I'm such a sentimental person."

Ling warm self comfort.

Mu Weicheng took two strokes at the corner of his mouth.

"It's just a farewell, I can't control myself, in case we break up later..." "Lingnuan, can we think about the good?

Don't say goodbye. "

Mu Weicheng was so convinced that he reached out and pinched her face in a punitive way. With tears on her face, it was cold, soft and tender. He felt good. He tickled his hands and pinched several more.

Ling wennuan turns his head and stares at him. Does he pinch her face like a ball?

Mu Weicheng is a little embarrassed to take his hand back and smile.

Ling warm suddenly reached out to pinch his face, the man froze.

Batai, who is driving, saw this scene in the rearview mirror and was stunned for a moment. It's a matter of pulling beard at the tiger's mouth. It's fatal.

However, on second thought, Ling wennuan may be a female tiger, but it's more powerful.

Ling wennuan pinched two hands and said, "why is your face so hard? It must be that you have too thick skin."

Mu Weicheng is going to be inflamed by her again. She directly makes a gesture to the big black standing in the middle. Big black jumps lightly and sits on the other side of Ling warm. Ling warm feels that the man suddenly leans over, and she shrinks instinctively.


Ling wennuan looks at him nervously.

"Who are you talking about?"

Mu Weicheng deliberately makes his voice sound very deterrent.

Ling warm shrugs small shoulder: "do not know, anyway is not me."

Mu Weicheng really has no way to deal with this strange girl. Even if she says something wrong, she can be upright.

"Well, since you say I'm cheeky, I'll prove it to you."

Mu Weicheng suddenly approached her, whispering dangerously in her ear.

Ling warm beautiful Mou moment a surprise, unbelievable look at him: "rest assured, I will give you the opportunity to prove."

Batai suddenly felt that the atmosphere in the car seemed to be a little tense. He could only grip the steering wheel more attentively, but he could not let the two sitting in the back get angry with him.

SUV, until dark, just walked through the nine curves and eighteen turns of the mountain road, and entered a small town. When Batai arrived here, he left directly with Xiaohei. The next journey is the two people world of Mu Weicheng and Ling Nuan.

In the lobby of a hotel, the receptionist at the front desk looked at two people and asked, "do you want two rooms or one room?"

"Two..." "One, thank you!"

Ling warms up with a smile.

Mu Wei Cheng turned to look at her, and Jun's face was shocked.

Ling warms up and spits out his tongue: "we need one."

Mu Wei Cheng's expression was a little rich, and his expression suddenly became serious: "we agreed to sleep separately."

"I've changed my mind now. Don't part."

Ling warms his mouth.