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Oh my god, it's too scary. Tang Xue Rou really felt that it was all for nothing that she had been doing this for so many years.

In these five years, he had wholeheartedly focused on developing his own business, wholeheartedly focused on chasing after Ji Xiao Han, and had actually neglected Tang You You who was far away from home.

"Why didn't I kill her earlier? That way, she wouldn't have given birth to that bastard!" Tang Xue Rou thought hatefully, feeling extremely regretful.

Tang Xue Rou felt that if she were to talk about this with Tang You You one day, she would definitely tell him that her daughter would sooner or later spill the beans.

Actually, Tang Xue Rou didn't need to wait for long, because she would be able to discuss this matter with Tang You You soon.

Not long after Tang Xue Rou left, Ji Xiao Han took out her phone and gave it to Tang You You.

"Hey!" A melodious female voice was heard.

"Yesterday, when you were eating with your daughter in the cafeteria, Tang Xue Rou's men took a photo of you. Ji Xiao Han said with a light smile.

"What?" She actually got someone to follow me? " Tang You You could not believe how much Tang Xue Rou hated her, she even had to send people to follow her when she was travelling, this was too much.

Ji Xiao Han said indifferently: "So, when you go out in the future, you must be careful. Who knows?

"I know, did you tell her …"

"I said, I said my daughter is mine, she seems to have taken quite a blow!" Ji Xiao Han said lazily.

Tang You You laughed bitterly: "It looks like children will explode with their brilliance sooner or later."

"Don't worry, our children can't live forever in the shadows. It might not be bad for them to face the society earlier, and you have to believe in their own ability to adapt." Ji Xiao Han said with relief.

"What you said makes sense, this Tang Xue Rou is going too far, I need to talk to her about this." Tang You You's heart was currently filled with anger.

That was because being followed by someone was an extremely repulsive thing.

"Alright, you can settle the matter yourself!" Ji Xiao Han felt that letting this woman handle it was a type of training for her.

After hanging up the phone, Tang You You paced back and forth in the office, the more she thought about it, the angrier she got.

Yesterday, Tang Xue Rou came over to talk about the trade with her, but she never thought that she would actually find someone to follow her at night.

This was simply too disrespectful.

Tang You You took out his cell phone, and immediately gave it to Tang Xue Rou: "Are you satisfied now? Is it even worse to know the truth? "

Tang Xue Rou had actually thought that Tang You You would give her a call, because she needed to show off.

However, what was there to show for a daughter?

"Ji Xiao Han already told you? Don't show off your victory attitude. Daughters are nothing, unless you can give him a son, haven't you heard a word? A mother is dependent on her son, but no one would say that a mother is dependent on her daughter. " Tang Xue Rou was so angry that he could not stop laughing.

"Let me ask you, why did you send someone to follow me? What exactly is your intention? " Tang You You was simply angered to death by her. She was the one who asked for people to follow her and take photos, and even went in front of Ji Xiao Han to discredit her, yet she still dared to say that she came here on purpose.

If she really wanted to give it up, she would have already revealed the matter of her two children to the world.

Tang Xue Rou finally understood the true intention of Tang Xue Rou's call.

If you want to blame it, then blame it your bad luck, I did not send anyone to follow you, it was an assistant of mine who accidentally bumped into you eating at the restaurant and gave it to me at the same time. Tang You You, you should admit it, when you returned to your country this time, you did it on purpose to snatch Ji Xiao Han, if not, why did you keep hiding the matter of you having a daughter? You are too sinister, too vicious, truly terrifying. " Tang Xue Rou scolded him bitterly.

Tang You You frowned, but she did not know if he should believe what she had said.

Did Tang Xue Rou really not send anyone to follow her?

Was it really just a coincidence?

"Daughter is my own, what does it have to do with you that I want to hide it?" Tang You You sneered.

"You purposely raised your daughter so that you could ask Ji Xiao Han for her maintenance and then hooked up with him. Tang You You, I never thought that your act would be so brilliant." Tang Xue Rou was still not satisfied, she had given birth to Ji Xiao Han's daughter.

"If you continue to speak such nonsense, aren't you afraid that I'll cancel the deal with you?" Tang You You threatened her.

"Will you? You don't want to find your biological parents right now, do you? " Tang Xue Rou said with absolute certainty.

Although Tang You You was currently filled with anger, she did not cancel the deal with her because she really did not want to miss any clues.

"I'm warning you, you're not allowed to take pictures of my daughter again!" Tang You You gritted her teeth in anger.

Tang Xue Rou was even more angry and directly hung up the phone.

After a round of quarreling between Tang You You and Tang You You, they had calmed down a little and continued to work.

She and Tang Xue Rou could be considered to have quarreled since young, and if it was more quarrelling than this, she really shouldn't have wasted her energy on her.

Around 2pm in the afternoon!

Tang You You had even asked Dr. Liu to treat her, so she asked Liu Xi for an afternoon leave.

Liu Xi asked her, but she did not say it out loud, so Liu Xi did not ask her anymore.

Tang You You came to the Dr. Liu's private treatment room!

It was a middle-aged woman on the other side of the phone. Only after seeing her did he realize that the other party was actually doing very well. He looked very young.

"Miss Tang, it's an honor to serve you!" Dr. Liu politely smiled at her and said.

Tang You You also nodded politely to her: "Dr. Liu, I will be troubling you next."

"You're welcome!" After the Dr. Liu finished smiling, he asked: "Can you describe your illness?"

Tang You You's snow-white face was a little embarrassed: "I'm just afraid of making physical contact with men."

"When did you discover this?"

"Four years ago!" Tang You You said with certainty.