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C1155 Meeting Like This

Lan Wei slightly held back her tears, turned around, and suddenly saw Ji Shangqing, who was standing behind her, wondering.

The wind was blowing Ji Shangqing's sweaty short hair, his eyes narrowed slightly: "Your dad asked you for money?"

Lan Wei slightly felt ashamed and said nothing, but squeezed the phone tightly.

"Do you want to help you bet your ghost father all the time? Lan Weiwei, filial piety should not be like this." Ji Shangqing looked at the tears in her eyes, knowing that her heart must be very painful, but helpless, but, As a child, does she feel that this is her obligation? "

what can I do? I don't know what to do? I can't watch my dad really chopped his hands and break his leg. "Lan slightly raised her hand and covered her face, feeling faceless.

Spending such a father is really the greatest disaster and misfortune of her life.

"Otherwise, you can let him come over and work in our company." Ji Shangqing suddenly proposed.

Lan Wei lowered her hand, her eyes widened, and looked at him in disbelief: "Will you give him a job?"

"I heard that your Lan family was also a bit rich before, but only after the business failed. Your father would be depressed even if he suffered a blow. He relied on gambling and wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to make a comeback. You know, gambling is a pit. If you jump in, you will never climb up. "

Ji Shangqing also touched the blue family. Lan Weiwei's face was even more distressed: "Have you even investigated my home?"

"I care about you, too, and no other malicious intentions." Ji Shangqing approached her, watching her tears slip down instantly, he frowned at her: "Lan Weiwei, haven't you resisted this fate?" "

Yes, I want to die. Just now, I want to jump from here. Do you believe it? "Lan slightly laughed at herself.

"Dead, there is nothing left." Ji Shangqing was shocked in his heart, and did not expect that there would still be some people who regarded death as home, how desperate it was. "

It ’s so painful to live without seeing a glimmer of hope, it ’s better to die! "Lan bit his lower lip slightly, as if she thought of death as understanding.

"Since you have the courage to seek death, why don't you have the courage to live well? God arranges for you to meet me, it seems to give you a chance to be born again. If you are willing to follow me, in the future, I can guarantee you no Worry. "Ji Shangqing was shocked by Lan Weiwei's empty eyes, he suddenly wanted to give her a hint of hope to support her to continue living. "

Ji Shangqing, you don't really need to treat me so well. I have forgiven you. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about the matter that night. I know you didn't mean to hurt me. "Lan Weiwei's heart is completely clear, everything that Ji Shangqing is doing now, in her opinion, he seems to want to please her and buy her.

"You all know?" Ji Shangqing felt uneasy, and just twitched a smile.

"Yes, I know what you mean. I'm afraid I'll call the police. I'm afraid that it will make you fame. So, you are so kind to me, and even called me to your side to do things." Lan Weiwei's eyes were sad. .

"Lan Weiwei, I'm really afraid of losing everything in front of me. If you call the police, I'm done!" Ji Shangqing looked at her, and expressed his weakness without fear. "

I thought that people like you would not be afraid of anything, and if they had sinned, they could use money to buy relationships. "Lan slightly laughed.

"Don't take our imagination as omnipotent. In the face of the law, everyone should be in a state of fear." Ji Shang said lightly.

"That's right!" Lan Wei slightly raised a smile in her mouth, and suddenly felt that Ji Shangqing had her worthy place to admire.

"Come in for dinner!" Ji Shangqing turned.

Lan Weiwei bowed his head and followed him. The heart he wanted to die just disappeared long ago.

Lan Yanxi was dressed up for her trip. She had only one suitcase. She was too anxious to escape this time. She didn't bring any clothes or cosmetics. She bought them all along the way.

Ling Mofeng's deputy came to help her move the suitcase to the trunk, Lan Yanxi got into the back car and got on. Looking at the scenery backwards, her heart still seemed to hang in midair and fell into place. She didn't know whether this decision was right or wrong. She tried desperately to run away before, but she didn't expect that she fled to Ling Mofeng in the end. Then she was frightened and all suffered in vain. I just called Grandpa a while ago and knew that she knew Ling Mofeng now and decided to be together. Grandpa not only scolded her but was very happy, and told her to take good care of Ling Mofeng and get his favor. Grandpa is really determined to sell her to Ling Mofeng.

The place where the car stopped was still the white building where she had just come to eat.

The deputy held her suitcase, stood quietly beside her, and asked, "Ms. Lan, which room are you going to live in?"

"Just arrange it!" Lan Yanxi said politely to him.

Although Ling Mofeng said with a dark face just now that she can live as far as she wants to live, she knows that it is angry words, and what she said just now is angry words. If Ling Mofeng is really a badass, she wo n’t live anywhere safe.

"Miss Lan, don't take our husband so badly, he is actually a very good person." The deputy could not help but say something good for his husband.

"He is your boss, and of course you will think he is a good person." Lan Yanxi taunted lightly.

Deputy: "..." This seems to be fine.

Stopping outside the door of a guest room, the deputy pushed open the door and handed the box to her: "Miss Lan, rest early!" "

Where does Ling Mofeng live? "Lan Yanxi asked suddenly."

Mr. lives in the room next to you. "The deputy said with a smile."

what? "Lan Yanxi can't help but stare at him. Is this intentional?

The deputy laughed twice: "Ms. Lan, you can relax at all, I hope you can have more opportunities to communicate with your husband!" "

You have a heart! Lan Yanxi gave him a white look and closed the door. It was now more than ten in the evening. Lan Yanxi looked at the neat and elegant guest room. The whole person fell on the big bed, rolled around the quilt, and Buried in the quilt.

The quilt just washed has the dry and fragrant smell after sun exposure. Staying here can be more assured than the hotel.

Lan Yanxi rolled again, sat up, and saw a small refrigerator next to it, with water and fruits on the table next to it. Lan Yanxi walked over, took an apple and took a bite, sweet and crisp. I do n’t know if it ’s a psychological problem, Lan Yanxi couldn't help but stick it on the wall, and wanted to hear the movement in the next room. In the end, it was found that the sound insulation effect was too good to hear anything. So she ran to a small balcony next to her. As soon as she turned around, she saw another balcony one meter away from her. The man was wearing a dark blue nightgown with a cigarette in his hand. Eyes looked at her.