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Daddy only likes me

Ji Xiao Han glanced at the little fellow in his embrace. The little fellow's body was stretched tight, and it was obvious that it was afraid because it had gotten into trouble.

"She's not hurt, she's fine!" After Ji Xiao Han finished speaking, he immediately went around Tang You You and headed towards the car.

Ji Xiao Han looked at his daughter's perky little mouth and gently smiled: "Alright, tonight, I'll only take Xiao Nai to eat, and introduce the two uncles to you, okay?"

"Alright!" When the little guy heard that he would be able to get to know his uncle, he immediately grew even happier.

"Before we eat, we have to apologize to the kid you bit." Ji Xiao Han had already told the school to tell them the address of their children's home, so Ji Xiao Han prepared to personally bring his daughter here to apologize.

"Oh!" The moment the little fellow heard that he was going to apologize, its small face immediately fell.

"When we get to school, can you just call me uncle and not Dad?"


"Because Daddy doesn't want others to know that you are my daughter?"

"But I'm your daughter, you're my dad's, aren't you?"

Facing such a simple and honest little fellow, Ji Xiao Han laughed bitterly: "Daddy has a reason for doing this, how about you promise Daddy this once?"

"Alright, I want some ice cream for dinner!"

"Alright!" Only then did Ji Xiao Han agree a condition with his daughter.

The other party's family was quite wealthy. The moment they opened the door, they saw a handsome young man holding a little girl in his hand.

"Is this Li's home?" Ji Xiao Han asked politely in a low voice.

"Yes …" "You are …" The old lady who opened the door was filled with curiosity.

"Mom, who is it?" A young man suddenly walked over. He was also the head of a certain company, also known as Li's father. When he saw the man standing at the door, he was shocked.

"Isn't this Quarterly?" The other side found it hard to believe. The Business War God, who could only see a few times from afar before, was now standing in front of his door.

Ji Xiao Han immediately smiled: "Are you Li Bupang's parents? Today, my niece bit your son at school.

"It's nothing, it's just a small wound, it's not really a serious injury, Quarterly doesn't need to personally come and apologize, it's true." The other party's attitude was extremely polite.

"Even if your injuries are serious, a child must learn to respect others. Xiao Nai, quickly apologize to uncle, and guarantee that you won't bully little friends again." Ji Xiao Han lowered his head and said to his daughter.

Tang Xiao Nai immediately bent her small body, and said loudly with full sincerity: "Sorry uncle, I promise I will never bully your Li Bastard again!"

Father Li was overwhelmed by the favor, he quickly said: "Quarterly, you really did set a good example for your child by coming here to apologize, my family's Li Bupang is also in the wrong, he is too naughty, when we get back, I will teach him a lesson, bring your Niece in for a cup of tea, have you eaten yet?"

"There's no need for that. I'll be making a trip over then. I'll be taking my leave first!" After Ji Xiao Han finished speaking, he grabbed his daughter's small hand and planned to leave.

"Goodbye uncle!" Tang Xiao Nai waved politely towards her, and followed her father.

Ji Xiao Han brought his daughter back to the car, then called his two friends and invited them to dinner together.

Coincidentally, both of them had time.

Three people have a private restaurant that often meets for meals, and this restaurant usually only accepts reservations.

However, Ji Xiao Han's three distinguished guests could come and go at any time.

Inside the private box, Mu Shi Ye was already the first to arrive. His eyes were wide open as he looked at the little guy hiding behind Ji Xiao Han.

It was really very small. When he stood up, he was only able to reach half the height of Ji Xiao Han's long legs.

"Xiao Nai, quickly call the Uncle Ye!" Ji Xiao Han immediately reminded her daughter in a gentle tone.

Mu Shi Ye tried his best to make his expression as gentle as water, but when he smiled like this, he still gave off the vibe of a yuppie.

"Uncle Ye …" A childish voice rang out.

Mu Shi Ye stared at the little fellow for a while and sighed: "Xiao Han, your daughter is already this old, I am truly envious."

Ji Xiao Han pulled out a chair and carried the little guy over. Then, he sat down on a chair to the side with a satisfied smile on his handsome face, "If you're jealous, then go and find a girlfriend to get married to. Don't be single again."

When Mu Shi Ye heard about marriage, he immediately felt some fear. "I don't want it, what I fear the most is trouble. Women are so troublesome."

Tang Xiao Nai propped up her chin and listened to his father speak to her uncle seriously, but he couldn't find anything. She didn't understand.

"Daddy, I want ice cream!" Tang Xiao Nai felt that this delicacy was the most attractive, thus, she immediately extended her little hand to push her father's arm, wanting to attract his attention.

"Okay, Daddy will ask them to make you a copy." Ji Xiao Han had promised his daughter before in the car, even though he didn't really want her to eat such a cold food, he couldn't possibly not keep his promise.

It seemed that he absolutely could not let her mention ice cream again when he was negotiating with the little guy in the future. He could change toys or something.

After Ji Xiao Han left, Mu Shi Ye took the opportunity to tease Tang Xiao Nai, and said with a smile: "Little guy, what's your name? Don't you have a brother? Why did your dad bring you here alone? "

Tang Xiao Nai was still a little shy facing strangers. Her two little fingers were intertwined as she looked at Mu Shi Ye with her big black eyes and answered with her head lowered: "Daddy likes me the most. Of course it's only taking me out to eat."