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"Oh, great-grandfather, you, you really didn't mean to curse my Mummy? "That's good!" Tang Xiao Nai Yi Ting was not scolding, but she immediately beamed with joy.

"Wandering, come over and sit down for breakfast. Are you going to work later?" The old man had instantly treated Tang You You well, probably because of the little guy's plea for help.

"There won't be such an outcome. Don't worry, as long as I'm here, the position of mistress will forever be yours!" Ji Xiao Han reached out his hand and gently wiped away the milk on her face. His voice sounded casual, but the determination and affirmation he gave her caused Tang You You to be slightly shocked.

"Really?" Tang You You was a little suspicious, but more importantly, he believed in Yue Yang.

"Of course it's true. Would I lie to you? My son has always been dragging me down, I dare not lie to you! " Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but want to laugh when he thought of his son who had strung him up.

Tang You You smiled, "That's true, your son loves me more than you. If you dare lie to me or marry another woman into the family, your son will definitely not agree."

"You even know how to use your son to threaten me? You have improved a lot! " Ji Xiao Han instantly smiled, it was extremely sunny.

Tang You You blushed, he seemed to be more and more greedy.

Ji Xiao Han stood up: "I'm leaving first, eat slowly, eat until you're full, you seem to have gotten skinnier!"

Tang You You looked at him strangely: "How do you know I've lost weight?"

"I just know!" Ji Xiao Han smiled mysteriously, and headed towards Walk Outside in a great mood.

Tang You You frowned, but she couldn't figure out how Ji Xiao Han knew.

However, this man loved to tease her. Perhaps he said that on purpose to mess with her.

How annoying!

However, in her disgust, she began to like him.

After Tang You You finished his breakfast, she wanted to find Tang Xue Rou and ask him about the origins of the jade pendant.

Although she had a huge argument with Tang Xue Rou at the press conference yesterday, since it was a deal between the two of them, Tang You You still felt that it was necessary to go and cash in.

Tang You You called Tang Xue Rou on the way, and Tang Xue Rou answered!

"What is it?" Tang Xue Rou pretended not to know anything and asked.

"What did you say?" Shouldn't you explain to me about my jade pendant? " Tang You You really didn't like her pretentious look. She had already agreed to it, now did she want to go back on her word?

"Come to me, I can tell you!" Tang Xue Rou glanced at the man lying on the sofa, and the corners of his mouth hooked into a sinister smile.

She had carefully set up this trap for the entire night, and was waiting for Tang You You to take the bait.

Tang Xue Rou applauded her intelligence. She was so angry that she almost vomited blood because Tang You You gave birth to a pair of Dragon and Phoenix Fathers yesterday.

Fortunately, she didn't grieve for too long, and came up with a crazy plan to take revenge on Tang You You.

As long as Tang You You came here, and slept with her, then … What did it matter if she had two children?

Ji Xiao Han was a man who was obsessed with cleanliness, he would definitely not let the dirty Tang You You go, he only pitied two children, and was afraid that there would be another stepfather appearing in the future, causing Tang Xue Rou's smile to become even more joyous and complacent.

She wanted to see the thrill of Tang You You abandoning her, but inexplicably, she just wanted to see it.

She felt that her jealousy had twisted her rationality, but there was nothing she could do. She couldn't control that feeling, unless she did something to make herself feel better.

Tang Xue Rou sent a text message to Tang You You, but Tang You You did not think of anything else, because she never thought that Tang Xue Rou would set up such a trap to trap her.

Although she had been repulsed by the Tang Family since she was young, she had only been with her children for the past five years. Her heart once again regained its calm, and she would never have thought that some people would do something so crazy in order to take revenge.

Right now, the only thing she wanted to know was the origin of the jade pendant.

Tang You You drove the car to the five-star hotel where Tang Xue Rou was. After stopping the car, she quickly ran towards the elevator in the hall.

As he was too anxious to know the truth, Tang You You's expression was extremely anxious.

When she reached the top floor, she saw that the door wasn't locked, so she reached out and pushed it open.

After entering, he heard the door behind him being closed tightly.

Tang You You reacted instinctively and threw herself forward to unlock the door, but unfortunately, the other party firmly held down the lock.

Tang You You shouted angrily out: "Tang Xue Rou, what are you playing at now, open the door, hurry up …"

The person outside the door didn't answer her. They just kept pulling on the door's lock tightly.

Tang You You was extremely furious. She kicked the door twice but was bounced back, causing her toes to feel pain.

"Tang Xue Rou, I'm warning you, if you dare play again …"