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When Luo Jin Yu heard her words, the expression in his eyes suddenly deepened.

After getting in the car, Yang Chu Chu rubbed her two small hands together, it was extremely cold.

"I really won't provoke you anymore, I'll get along well with my little boyfriend. When we get married, can you not come over? I'm afraid I'll run away!" Yang Chu Chu was very sad at the moment, her small mouth chattering nonstop.

She didn't know why she said those words. It was as if she was extremely resentful and really needed to vent it out.

However, she just wanted to say something to make this silent atmosphere less suffocating.

Luo Jin Yu's face turned even more ashen, this little girl want to get married?

"Why did you run away from the marriage?" Luo Jin Yu glared at her unhappily.

"Because if you were to come to my wedding, I wouldn't be able to marry any man! I just want to marry you! " Considering his age, what Yang Chu Chu said, was not something he could think of.

When Luo Jin Yu heard this, he wanted to laugh, but his mood became even heavier. "Give me some time to think!"

"Ugh …" "Huh?" Yang Chu Chu only felt as if a feather had flown past her heart, causing her to become a little dazed. Her beautiful eyes blinked as she looked at Luo Jin Yu: "What do you mean by saying that?"

Luo Jin Yu's sturdy upper body leaned slightly towards her, and his voice became a little hoarse: "You really don't understand what I mean?"

"I don't understand. What are you thinking about?" It was not that Yang Chu Chu did not understand, it was that she did not dare to understand it.

"Yang Chu Chu, you were the one who provoked me first. It's not like you want to take responsibility now, is it?" Luo Jin Yu Tu Ran reached out his hand, smoothed out the hair on her cheek: "You didn't give me any time, and immediately found a little boyfriend. Now, who's bullying who?"

Yang Chu Chu's face instantly flushed red, and in the next second, she said in pleasant surprise: Luo Jin Yu, do you mean that you are confessing to me? If that's the case, then can you say something that's simple and pleasing to the ear? "

"I like you!" As expected, Luo Jin Yu said these simple words very straightforwardly.

Yang Chu Chu only felt the fireworks in her heart, illuminating her entire heart, she covered her mouth, she did not dare believe it, and then, she directly reached out her hand and threw herself into his embrace. "Say it again!"

Hearing her request, Luo Jin Yu was speechless. This little thing was actually so restless.

"Luo Jin Yu, I want to hear it again. Say it again!" Seeing that he was quiet, Yang Chu Chu immediately pouted and begged him.

"I won't say anymore!" "If you say too much, those words will be meaningless!" Luo Jin Yu intentionally angered her.

Yang Chu Chu immediately let go of his hand, her beautiful eyes staring straight into his eyes: "You are truly petty, why are you so unwilling to say anything more when I like to hear it?"

"Chuchu, I want you to promise me to cut off all ties with that man!" Luo Jin Yu Tu Ran caressed her small and exquisite face and said, "I don't want to hear any rumors about you and him ever again!"

Yang Chu Chu's face flushed red and her voice became much softer all of a sudden, "You … What kind of status do you have to talk to me? "

"Little uncle …"

"Luo Jin Yu!" Yang Chu Chu glared at him angrily.

Luo Jin Yu was immediately amused by her reaction, and after laughing for a while, he replied with a hoarse voice: "As your boyfriend!"

Yang Chu Chu blushed like a little kitten again, her beautiful eyes blinked wildly, "Um … Have you really thought it over? Are you really going to be my boyfriend? I'm going to be your girlfriend, and I can't return the goods. You have to think this through! "

Luo Jin Yu looked at her blushing face very seriously and firmly: "I know, I won't return the goods, but we need time to wait!"

"Time?" "What time?" Yang Chu Chu raised his gaze, and stared at him without blinking as she asked: "Are you saying that you still have to wait for me to grow up a little longer before you become my boyfriend?"

"En!" Luo Jin Yu had already thought it through very clearly!

"I don't want to!" Yang Chu Chu rejected her in an extremely loud voice: "If you want to be my boyfriend, then start from now, at this moment!"

Luo Jin Yu knew that she was a small fry, and was extremely tyrannical.

"But you're still young after all …"

"It doesn't matter if I'm young, as long as you don't mind that I'm young!" Yang Chu Chu tapped her chest. "You won't despise me, will you?"

Luo Jin Yu was stunned!

What is this little thing thinking?

"Alright, alright, I'll try my best to make myself bigger. I know a lot of secret recipes, right? "I will go ask my sisters for them tomorrow. Previously, I felt that if a man likes me, he wouldn't care about my size. But now, for you, I must make myself bigger!" Yang Chu Chu started her small talk again.

Luo Jin Yu, "..."

Was the person he liked a little fool?

"Alright, I'm not disdaining this!" Luo Jin Yu hurriedly interrupted her random thoughts and said seriously: "Alright, from this moment onwards, you can only be my girlfriend!"

Yang Chu Chu's beautiful eyes immediately lit up, and smiled at him like flowers: "Luo Jin Yu, I never thought you would actually like me, can you tell me, when did you start liking me?"

Luo Jin Yu was slightly startled, he couldn't explain when he had first started paying attention to her.

"Why are you asking so clearly?" Luo Jin Yu frowned, as a man, he really couldn't understand a girl's mind. They liked to cause trouble randomly, liked to ask a lot of strange questions, and it would be difficult for you.

Seeing his troubled face, Yang Chu Chu gave up and asked: "Forget it, as long as you like me, everything will be fine."

"My job has always been like this. If there's a show, I'll take it. If there's a spokesperson, I'll take it!" Yang Chu Chu viewed her work very indifferently.

"Then do you need me to fund a movie or something?" Luo Jin Yu was already prepared to pay a huge price for this little thing.

Yang Chu Chu immediately waved his hand: "No need, I don't want to rely on you. I have acting skills, and the eyes of the masses are bright.

"Looks like Ji Yue Ze is really a good boss. I'll treat him to a meal another day!" Luo Jin Yu nodded, and looked at Ji Yue Ze more highly.

"Does your Female Celebrity drop in price after you have a boyfriend?" Luo Jin Yu didn't really understand much about the entertainment circle, but he seemed to know very well that after the female star finds a boyfriend, she will lose a lot of male fans.