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C1556 is it too late

Tang youyou is sitting on the garden reclining chair, with his legs crossed, listening to the music for inspiration, squinting his beautiful eyes, where he sees, there are blooming spring flowers, green green, green, very harmonious.

Tang youyou is living a life that she dared to dream of before, but now she is enjoying it. All these are given to her by Ji Xiaohan, so that she can avoid the pressure of life and enjoy the most comfortable and leisurely life.

Although she hasn't had many opportunities to go out recently, she has received a lot of gifts. Ji Xiaohan will be sent things to her every few days, either cosmetics or famous shoes and bags. Her cloakroom is almost out of place. Ji Xiaohan immediately asks people to dismantle the next room and build a new huge cloakroom for her. Tang youyou is shocked and happy, and feels that men are more interested in her Her boundless love.

She doesn't need to take care of the two little guys. She's living a single life now.

Some time ago, Ji Yueze and his wife came home to have dinner with their new little daughter. Ji Xiaohan took two children to tease the little guy all the way. The little guy was really small, cute and happy.

After seeing that little sister, Ji xiaonai pesters her every day to ask when she will have a little sister to play with. She makes Tang youyou laugh and cry. She is tired of pestering her. She asks Ji xiaonai to ask Ji Xiaohan. Ji xiaonai is also very speechless. At night, Ji xiaonai lies down on the bed and lifts Ji Xiaohan's pajamas. She pats his strong abdominal muscles with her little hands so that he can have a baby soon Baby, Ji Xiaohan is directly amused by his daughter's innocent and lovely appearance.

In fact, Tang youyou has decided to have another child, because although children are sometimes angry, most of the time, they are lovely little angels. When they are warm and considerate, they can make people double their satisfaction.

"Miss Tang." Just when Tang youyou was thinking about her second child, a voice came to disturb her tranquility.

Tang youyou opened his eyes and saw Lin Mei, her daughter's piano teacher. She immediately sat up and said with a smile, "Mr. Lin, come and sit down."

"Miss Tang, I I want you to help my son. " Before Lin Mei finished speaking, her tears fell down in a frenzied way. She could not cry and was frightened to the extreme.

Tang youyou's beautiful eyes suddenly surprised, walked towards her quickly and asked anxiously, "what's wrong with your son, Mr. Lin?"

Lin Mei quickly grabbed her arm and sobbed, "Miss Tang, I'm sorry I lied to you about one thing. On the third day of my successful application, someone called to ask me to meet him. When I went, a woman warned me that I would do something for them. Otherwise, they would kill my son. These days, I've been suffering from inner anguish and conscience Torture, I still can't do it. Xiaonai is very lovely. How can their hearts be so bad? Why do they force me to do it in three days? I can't do it. I can't really do it? "

Lin Mei was so upset that she could hardly stand. Her eyes were red and her voice was hoarse. She was shaking all over.

"What? How could this happen? " Tang youyou is also frightened. She helps Lin Mei to sit down in the next position and pours her a cup of tea: "Mr. Lin, don't worry. I'll call my husband now. I'm very grateful for this. Really, thank you for telling me and for letting my daughter go."

Tang youyou has understood her meaning, so she is flustered and grateful.

Lin Mei had been terrified for a long time. She sat with a blank face, covered her face with her hands, and murmured, "please save my son. He can't have an accident. If I don't have him, I can't live."

Knowing the emergency, Tang youyou immediately calls Ji Xiaohan on his cell phone.

Season owl cold a few seconds later answers, the low voice is full of gentleness: "long, what's the matter?"

"A woman threatened Miss Lin to harm our daughter and gave her three days. If she didn't succeed, she would harm her son, Ji Xiaohan. You should think about something quickly. Miss Lin is scared now. Can you protect her son first and don't let the bad guys succeed?" Tang youyou spoke quickly, trying to explain the matter in detail.

"Is there such a thing?" Ji Xiao's face was shocked. Then he immediately said, "please comfort Mr. Lin, I'll let someone pick up his family."

"OK, hurry up." Tang youyou hangs up the phone, nervously holds his cell phone, and squats back beside Lin Mei to comfort him: "my husband has already gone to pick up your family, Mr. Lin, please call your family and let them find a safe place to hide."

"Thank you, Miss Tang." Lin Mei wakes up and dials up her cell phone to her husband and son.

"How can my son's cell phone get through?" After calling her family, Lin Mei went to call her son's phone and her watch couldn't connect. Her heart suddenly hung in her throat and she looked at Tang youyou in fear and uneasiness.

"Is it your son who won't answer the phone during class?" Tang youyou divides it calmly.

"Their school does not allow me to answer the phone in class. I'll call his director to ask." Lin Mei was a little relieved and called her son's chief of staff.

However, the director of the office replied unexpectedly, "just now, some policemen came to take your son away, saying that they would ask him some questions."

"What? police? You're not mistaken. How could a policeman come to school to find my son? " As soon as Lin Mei heard the result, she almost collapsed. She couldn't believe it.

"The other party showed his ID card, which is not fake. I wonder if your family has committed a crime." The director of the office heard her scream, but also a face of wonder.

"Did they send my son back now, which police station and name is it? You tell me. " Lin Mei asked in horror.

"I don't remember that, but the certificate is true. It should be the police station next to our school. If you have any questions, you can go and ask." The director of the office is also in a face covered state. It's the obligation of the public to cooperate with the police in investigation. He didn't think too much about it at that time, so he asked the students to follow him out.

Lin Mei hung up the phone, and the whole person seemed to lose his soul. Tang youyou listened to her all the way. When he saw that she almost fell down, he quickly helped her: "Mr. Lin, don't worry. I'll go with you to the police station and ask you clearly. Let's go."

Lin Mei's whole body was stupefied: "how could the police take my son away from the school? Who are they? Miss Tang, you must save my son. Please. "

"Yes, we will. We will save your son at all costs. Hold on a bit. Let's go and see what happens." After Tang youyou comforted him, he quickly ran to the living room to ask Uncle yuan for help. After hearing the situation, uncle yuan immediately sent a car and bodyguard to accompany him out.

In the car, Tang youyou tells Ji Xiaohan about it. Ji Xiaohan is also shocked. He immediately calls Ling Mo Feng to help him find out what happened.

Ling Mo Feng heard that someone from the police station went to the school and took away a student casually. He also attached great importance to this matter. He asked people to call the police station directly and ask about it. Soon, he found the two policemen on duty. The police were named by the vice president, and they were scared. However, when they heard Ling Mo Feng's inquiry, they immediately told the truth.

It turned out that the superior had given them an approval to go to the school to bring out the student named Lai Qing and give it to the superior to cooperate in the investigation. They were only responsible for bringing people out of the school, but they didn't know what to do.

Ling knows that the power of the grass-roots staff is limited. If the higher authorities ask them to help bring people out, they can't disobey the orders. They have little responsibility for this matter.

"If someone wants to murder that child, you indirectly give the bad guys the chance to commit murder. Please cooperate with the staff I dispatched immediately to find the child in time." Ling Mo Feng said seriously and hung up.

More than an hour later, in the police station, there were workers sent by Ling Mo Feng to participate in the investigation. The two policemen were frightened and remorsed for fear that their actions would connive at the criminals.