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Bai Yiyan is not comfortable with her mother's words. Although it is a good thing for her mother's stepfather to introduce her boyfriend, Bai Yiyan really dislikes this kind of behavior. She has met several men before, although they are all the first-class young and rich second generation, but they are all explosive. When they meet each other, they will boast, bask in luxury cars and wristwatches, indicating how rich they are, and then have a meal, they will ask her to go to the bar to play, and they will take her to travel abroad, take luxury cruises, and send famous brand bags and top international cosmetics Products and so on.

In a word, no one has a good impression. All of them just want to play with her. They are not serious at all.

Bai Yiyan only touched once, and immediately disappeared.

Some of the men who didn't give up went to her school to find her. She had a bad reputation. Almost everyone thought that she was an unruly girl and had promiscuity. Later,

came, stepfather said he would introduce her boyfriend again, and she directly refused.

This kind of thing that self destructs reputation, this just stopped. However,

Yes, Bai Yiyan spent her whole college time with a lot of bad reputation, leading some rich male students in the school to look at her seriously, and whistled and teased her when they saw her. "

mom, I don't need him to introduce me to my boyfriend again. You let him stop worrying about it!" Bai Yiyan's voice suddenly became cold, and she refused in spite of her anger. "

this time it's not the same. People really want to get to know you. You're not as famous as you were. You're still a public figure. Xiaoyan, your mother won't hurt you. Why don't you come back and have a look?" Bai Mu really doesn't know what her husband's idea is. She just hopes Bai Yiyan can get out of the shadow of lovelorn again and face life actively.

Instead of hiding passively at home, like a person who can't see the light.

"Mom, don't worry about my business. I'm ok now." Bai Yiyan comforted her a few words and said directly, "I won't go back. Hang up first!"

Bai Yiyan said, and then hung up the phone. However, she said no with such harsh words, which angered her stepfather. The old lady also asked Ji Lin and his son to come over for dinner, but they politely refused.

In fact, Ji Lin and his son are really depressed at the moment.

Ji Yueze and Tang youYou are engaged successfully, which is like a very bad beginning for them, which makes them lose some confidence in the future war.

For Ji Shangqing, after he came back from the wedding, the whole person seemed to have lost his soul. The whole person was gloomy and neglected his work. He sat on the sofa and drank all day. Ji

Lin put his hands around his chest, looked at his son's desperate appearance, and sneered: "just a woman can make you decadent like this. How will you take over Ji's career in the future?" Season

still clear, head down, staring at the ground, red eyes.

"Can you be a little promising, as long as you sit in the position of season owl cold, are you afraid that Tang youyou will not look at you directly?" Ji Lin comes over and grabs the bottle in his hand, doubling the volume. Season

Shang Qing looks up and looks at her fiercely: "if I really sit in the position of season owl cold, can I get her?" Ji

sneers: "women are greedy, so I don't believe that Tang youyou fell in love with Ji Xiaohan because of his power."

"I don't think she is!" Ji Shangqing murmurs at himself.

"Don't be silly. Would you like to bet with me? If you take the position of Ji Xiaohan, she will not look at you differently, I will not be Ji!" Ji Lin sneers and feels that his analysis is right. Ji Shangqing closed his eyes and lay on his back on the sofa. "

is it so easy to get season owl cold out of that position?" He really has no confidence.

In the past, he felt that he was very smart, and he could do anything easily. But now one failure proves one thing, and he is not as smart as he thought. Moreover, when he does something bad, he often doesn't succeed, but the consequences will turn into surprises. Season

when his face changed, he became angry: "because it's not so easy, we can't give up. Get up!" Ji Shangqing was directly dragged to his feet by Lin's ferocious mention of his collar.

"Today is a big day. Our father and son should not be so depressed. Let's go out for dinner!" Ji Lin doesn't give up. Even if things don't win, he doesn't give up, because he has the final card.

Jijia's dinner is very rich!

The family sat around the dining table and had a good meal. The two children were around happily, laughing constantly. For Ji's family, after more than ten years, they finally ushered in a happy year.

After dinner, Ji Xiaohan and Ji Yueze take the children out to see fireworks. The fireworks rising in the air exploded into a dazzling light and shadow.

The old lady pushed the old man. Behind her stood LAN Yue and two granddaughters. Before

Fang, the excited figures of the two little guys are beating. This scene is really unforgettable. After setting off the fireworks, Ji Yueze drove away with Bai Yiyan.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou also picked up two little guys. They slept soundly after a noisy day.

When Ji Xiaohan stepped into the bedroom, he saw Tang youyou standing in front of the floor to ceiling window in a slim long necked sweater, looking at the fireworks in the distance. It was very beautiful. Season

Xiao Han walked behind her, stretched out his hands, tightly encircled her slender waist, thin lips were low in her ears, soft and charming voice: "Happy New Year!" Don

youyou shuddered, turned around, reached around his neck, buried his face in his arms, and murmured, "I'm very happy, because I met you!" "

yes?" Season owl cold mouth corner up, the mood is very good appearance. "

Yes, before, I never thought that I could find their own father for the children. I've always been shocked that I can't give them a complete family. It's all because of you. My wish has come true." Tang youyou chuckled and seemed to be hurt.

Ji Xiaohan doesn't care: "it's my fault that I didn't go to you early, which made you and the children suffer so much!" "

No, it's not your problem, it's me. I was so defensive against you at the beginning. If you don't have enough patience for me and don't have enough heart for the children, we can't go to this step. Maybe you will give up halfway, and I will turn away because of hatred. It's your persistence, your true love for me, which moved me, and your contribution!" Tang youyou said firmly.