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When she wanted to twist her waist and move to the side, the man also reached out his other hand lazily. This time, he really did trap her delicate body in his embrace.

"Ji Xiao Han..." Tang You You saw a hint of arrogance and complacency in the man's eyes, and she immediately turned angry from embarrassment, calling him by his name one word at a time.

His tall and straight posture only served to accentuate her petite and delicate appearance.

"Woman, I don't believe that you can withstand it …"

"Pah!" A hand, fast and heavy, slapped his handsome face.

The charming voice that made him intentionally lower his voice abruptly stopped.

Ji Xiao Han was shocked. With a slap, all of his obsessions disappeared without a trace.

Why was this useless in front of this woman?

"I'm sorry, I'm afraid your charm hasn't made me lose my mind!" After Ji Xiao Han's handsome face was injured, in the next second, the woman mercilessly raised one of her legs, and gave him a jack.

In the air, the tragic sound of a chicken breaking into eggs could be heard.

Even the noble and elegant Ji Xiao Han, at this moment, had a miserable and painful expression on his handsome face. He involuntarily covered his own lower body, and jumped a few times in order to alleviate the sharp pain.

"Tang You You... Do you believe that I won't kill you? " It was the first time in Ji Xiao Han's life that he suffered such a miserable defeat in front of a woman. At this moment, he really had the urge to grab onto her slender neck.

When Tang You You saw the man's handsome face contorted in pain, she became even calmer and more rational.

Ji Xiao Han looked at the woman's chin that was slightly raised. That calm and indifferent look of hers made Ji Xiao Han feel defeated.

Tang You You was really not afraid of him. She did not know if she had a child, so she was even more fearless, to the point of being afraid of ghosts, bugs, and cockroaches, after she had become a mother, her child had gotten sick. She drove to the hospital in the middle of the night, carrying two kids with her.

"Then what about it?" Of course, Ji Xiao Han wouldn't do anything that would harm his cultivation, but he had to teach this woman a lesson.

For the disrespect she had shown him, for the slap he'd received, he wanted some compensation.

"Ugh …" Tang You You never thought that this man would actually dare to take her lightning hand and Shadowless Kick head on … Kiss her!

Yes, Ji Xiao Han endured all of the pain and embarrassment, boldly pressing down on the back of the woman's head, his thin lips punitively sucking on her soft and sweet lips.

As expected … It was delicious.

Her moist, tender lips, when bitten, were like roses, and still carried the scent of warmth.

Tang You You's first kiss...

Oh, that's not right. I don't know if my first kiss from five years ago was still there, but according to Tang You You's clear memories, this was her first kiss …

This damned Ji Xiao Han, actually stole her other first time five years later …

"Mummy, Daddy, you are all embarrassed!"

"Shameless, shameless …"

Just as Tang You You's mind was about to go blank and wanted to slash this man a thousand times over, she heard two childish voices ringing beside her ears.

Ji Xiao Han's strong body also tensed up. In that moment of shock, the woman used all her strength to fiercely push him away.

Ji Xiao Han was completely caught off guard, and his tall and sturdy body retreated a few steps before he managed to stand steadily.

A pair of eyes that were as deep as the sea seemed to be reflected in a fiery star at this moment. They were complacent but also contained a provocative intent.

Tang You You was so angry that she almost went mad, such a shameful scene was actually seen by the two little fellows.

It's all this bastard's fault, how can he forcefully kiss me?

Ji Xiao Han's thin lips lightly hooked up. With his goal achieved, his mood instantly became bright and beautiful.

Turning around, he looked at the two little fellows standing behind him with a smile. He softly asked, "When did the two of you come?"

"When you were kissing the Mummy, Daddy, you were great. You finally kissed the Mummy." Tang Xiao Nai covered her soft and tender face, and only moved two fingers away, revealing half of her big black eyes. She peeked at Ji Xiao Han, that cute little appearance, simply looked like she wanted to make a person's heart cute.

On the other side, Tang Xiao Rui straightened his face and sighed: "Stupid Mummy, you kissed daddy so quickly, let me tell you, this won't do, you can't let daddy kiss you so quickly, if Daddy is someone who likes the new and hates the old, then you'll be in for it."

"Tang Xiao Rui, shut up!" Tang You You was so angry that he was about to explode, how could she be willing to let him kiss her?

Ji Xiao Han glared at his son snappily, and said with a serious face: "Xiao Rui, is your father such a despicable bastard? Since I have kissed your Mummy, I will definitely take responsibility for it.

After Tang You You heard his stupid words, she became even angrier. However, she couldn't curse in front of the two little fellows, so she could only endure this grievance for the time being. She asked with an icy cold face: "Did you two take a bath yet?"

"Daddy helped us wash it!" Tang Xiao Nai put down her two small hands, her pair of big black eyes blinked at Mummy's angry face, and turned to Tang Xiao Rui and said: "Big brother, does Mummy hate being kissed by dad, why? I really like being kissed by dad. "

Tang Xiao Rui's face was in deep thought for two seconds, he shook his head and said: "Maybe my dad did not brush his teeth, I, Mummy, despise you!"

Ji Xiao Han who was at the side had a petrified expression.