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C1753 two man world

·Mu Weicheng looks at the pretty girl walking into the elevator. Just now, under her insistence, they really only need one room, and It's not a standard room. It's a big bed room.

Mu Weicheng suddenly feels a headache. Is this a step-by-step approach to the abyss of crime?

Ling warm feeling by the gaze from behind, suddenly turned around, Mu Weicheng surprised, quickly look away.

"Why, are you angry?"

Ling warm initiative to lean to his side, showing her that a fine white and neat teeth, asked with a smile.

Mu Weicheng shook his head: "no, it's just that it's not good. After all, we are not married."

"Can't we live together without marriage?

We are boyfriend and girlfriend. We are going to get married later. "

Ling warm reason is very legitimate, full.

Mu Weicheng sighed, reached out and touched her long hair: "it's warm, how can you not be a little defensive?

You shouldn't trust any man so easily except your family. "

"Not even you?

But I just trust you. "

Ling wennuan's face was shocked, but he did not expect to remind her like this.

Mu Wei Cheng looked stunned and then smiled: "well, you can trust me and count you in your family."

"Of course, you are my future husband."

Ling warm like a naive child.

Mu Weicheng is speechless. Is this girl determined to eat him?

The elevator door opened, Ling wennuan walked out first, looking for the room number.


Ling wennuan saw it, walked over quickly, brushed it open with the card. It was a clean and tidy room. Pushing open the window, he could see half of the city. The fresh air came in. Ling wennuan slouched to the bed and said, "I'm so tired after a day's driving."

Mu Weicheng put the box aside for her, and he took a handbag with him.

"Let's take a bath first and take you to dinner later."

Mu Weicheng looks at her fondly.

Ling warm nodded and walked to the bathroom immediately.

"Try not to use hotel things. Do you have towels?"

Mu Weicheng immediately reminds her.

"Forget it."

Ling warm a Leng, today hurriedly tidied up a meal, but lost these small things.

Mu Weicheng looked at her, not angry, but cute. He turned around, opened his travel bag, and took a new towel for her: "take it."


Ling warm eyes light a turn, smile asked.

"If it's mine, don't you?"

The man asked her deliberately.

Ling wennuan immediately spread out the towel and put a cover on his face: "who said, I'll use it more."

Mu Weicheng was completely defeated by her.

"No, it's new. I guess you must forget to bring it. It's specially prepared for you."

The man replied with a smile.

Ling wennuan takes off the towel and stares at him angrily: "dare to play a trick on me, wait, clean you up later."

Mu Weicheng looked at her gnashing teeth, and his heart leaped. Where did he offend her?

A girl's mind, like the day in June, changes as soon as she says it. Mu Weicheng will understand this later.

Of course, although Ling warm little temper many, but it is within reason, which also increased her and Mu Wei Cheng between the small interest.

Ling wennuan took a bath and looked at the towel beside her. She frowned. At last, she called out directly: "Mu Weicheng, look for my towel in my box."

When Mu Weicheng was just lying in bed, he found that there was a piece of frosted glass between his hands. Although he could not see the inside situation, he could see the light shadow. His breath suddenly increased. He wanted to let himself not see, but he could not control his desire to see. He struggled for a long time between seeing and not seeing. Hearing her cry, he was shocked and quickly turned over and stood up Come on, open the box and find a pink bath towel.

Ling warms up and bathes. Her skin is pink and tender. She is wearing a bath towel of the same color at the moment. It's as if she can get out of the water by pinching it.

"It's so hot."

Ling warms her hair and sweats on her forehead.

Mu Weicheng did not dare to look at it more. He silently took his changing clothes and pants and went in. He told her in a low voice, "put on your clothes first, and go out to eat after taking a bath."

Ling warm nodded.

When Mu Weicheng came out, he was wearing a black T-shirt and dark blue shorts. No trace of work could be found on the whole person. It was like a noble rich childe's song. It was clean, masculine, and lingnuan was shocked to see him dressed like this, as if he saw the big boy who stole her girl's heart.

"Come on, it's dark. You should be hungry."

Mu asked her with a chuckle.

Ling warm look is still a little stunned, suddenly, she jumped directly into the arms of Mu Weicheng, tightly hugged him.

"What's the matter?"

Mu Weicheng was a little surprised.

"Nothing, just want to hold for a while."

Ling warm low smile.

Mu Weicheng reached out and patted her on the back: "OK, go out to eat first."

Ling wennuan released her hand and took the initiative to hold the man's palm. Mu Weicheng looked at her like a little daughter-in-law. She was gentle and affectionate, and her heart jumped up again.

After the two men left the hotel, Mu Weicheng drove the car and took Ling wennuan to a restaurant. Mu Weicheng worked here for several years and was familiar with the small city. He knew which restaurant had the best taste.

Ling wennuan followed him all the way into the restaurant and found a place. Now it's time to have dinner. There are many people in the restaurant. Besides, they seem to be young men and women who come here to eat, and many are lovers.

"This restaurant is very romantic. It's a good place for dating."

Ling wennuan looks out of the window. There is the sound of running water outside the window. It's a small stream with lanterns hanging beside it, creating a romantic and warm feeling.

"Mu Wei Cheng chuckles and nods:" yes, it's suitable for lovers to come here for dinner

"How do you know this place?

Have you ever been with another woman before? "

Ling warm voice a turn, a pair of beautiful eyes, stained with fog.

"Mu Wei Cheng look a startled, hurriedly anxiously explained:" of course not, I passed by this restaurant before, others told me, I also came here for the first time

Ling wennuan is actually trying to test him on purpose. Hearing that his nervous handsome face is swollen and red, Ling wennuan chuckles: "OK, I won't scare you."

Mu Wei Cheng smiled helplessly and took a sip of tea on the table.

"Don't you have a drink?

When we entered the door just now, we saw that there were many kinds of fruit wine there. "

Ling wennuan has drunk some fruit wine in Cheng's hometown. It tastes good. She is addicted to it. She will drink two before going to bed at night.

"I'm driving. You can get two if you want."

The man dotes on smile answer.

Ling wennuan really turned around to get the wine.