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C1328 to reject her

LAN Yanxi choked for a moment. Maybe she really wanted too much. This man's concentration is still very good. Otherwise, she won't come here to pick up this big bargain. Maybe she was robbed by other women.

"Ling Mo Feng, you said Why do you like me? We haven't seen each other before. Even if we met for the first time, I pretended to be a female gangster, but you didn't dislike me. Do I really have a face that men can't refuse? " LAN Yanxi said, and at the same time reached out to touch his tender little face.

Lingmo Feng was shocked by her narcissism, and quickly reached for her little hand: "there are not so many reasons to like a person. You dressed as a female gangster that day. To be honest, I was quite surprised. I also felt that you are a pretty lovely girl, but your proper appearance of defense is funny, which does not mean that you are not a casual one Women? "

Blue words and beautiful eyes stared at him, blinked.

"I don't know why I like you, but when I get along with you, my mood will relax unconsciously. You look good when you smile, heartless, as if I never know what troubles are. But from the beginning of my record, I envy you, a person who is easy to be happy. Unlike me, I think too much about everything, and I feel the pressure every day Very big, want to find someone to relax, but there has been no such person, until you appear, you let me feel, life can live without pressure! " Ling Mo Feng finally began to face up to the feelings he got in her. People like to be with people who can make them happy. This is instinct.

"I'm not without pressure, I'm just I don't care much! " LAN Yanxi thought carefully, how did he grow to 23 years old? She studies hard when she studies and plays with all her heart. She came here from childhood. The only pressure she felt was that her grandfather forced her to marry and scared her away.

"Isn't that better? Don't care too much about others, it's easier to live. " Ling Mo Feng still appreciates her.

"You don't have to worry about so many things, do you?" Said blue Yanxi with a wink.

"I can't!" Ling murfeng sighed a little, turned around, propped up his hands on the handrail on the second floor, lowered his head proudly, looked at the living room below, and said to himself: "I care about too many things, career, family, and my elders' trust and expectation for me, family prosperity, I have to care."

LAN Yanxi looked at him in a daze, so tall and straight back, originally carrying so many things, he can't put one down, only heavy load down, is this what an excellent man will carry? Sometimes they are not for themselves, but because someone has put hope on them, and he is doomed not to let those important people down.

LAN Yanxi can't help but hug him from behind, stick his face on his back, and whisper: "if you like me to stay with you, I will never leave again, I will accompany you!"

Ling Mo Feng shuddered all over, turned around involuntarily, looked at the girl's bright and firm eyes, his thin lips couldn't help the joy rising, the next second, he would hold her in his arms, the thin lips were also printed on her forehead, whispered: "OK, this is what you said, don't leave me!"

She became the air between his breath, which could not be lacked any more.

"Ling Mo Feng, do you know what must be done to make a woman inseparable from a man?" LAN Yanxi began to become a MLM expert again. She asked him with a smile.

Ling Mo Feng's face was stunned, and he really couldn't understand what she said.

Because, in this man's heart, there are not many flowery intestines, so he will not think so much.

"What to do?" Ling is not sure whether he is right or wrong.

"Grab her stomach, of course!" LAN Yanxi chuckled and realized that he had been successful.

Ling Mo Feng just frowned: "can't you not eat again?"

"Well, I just ate two bites of bread and hurried to catch the special bus. When I came back, I was still thinking of buying some delicious food. But because of the lottery, I was in no mood. So, I am hungry again now!" LAN Yanxi looked at him pitifully.

The expression of waiting to be fed is like a little milk cat, which is pitiful.

"I don't know if it's good or bad to let you go to work. You must not have been hungry before!" Ling Mo Feng can't help but scold herself. LAN Yanxi used to be a very casual and lazy person. He was very particular about food. But now, when eating the food in the canteen, he had to be hungry at night, which made her life disordered by himself.

"Who said that I used to have three uncertain meals abroad? Don't blame yourself. I can only blame myself for being too lazy!" LAN Yanxi reached out his hand and patted him gently on the shoulder: "please, Mr. vice president, cook me a bowl of noodles to eat, and comfort my subordinates!"

Seeing her serious tone, Ling Mo Feng really wanted to shut up her eloquent mouth.

What else can Ling Mo Feng say? Unbuttoned, took off his coat, rolled up his sleeves and went into the kitchen to cook.

LAN Yanxi didn't have a free time. He took a bath and walked down wearing warm clothes.

Holding a cup of hot water, she stood at the door of the kitchen, casually drinking water, and said, "do you know who she is, the etiquette lady who almost fell down beside you today?"

Ling Mo Feng was cutting beef with a knife. There was a thin piece of fresh ginger beside it. Hearing her words, he asked with a round face: "who is it? Do you know? "

LAN Yanxi didn't choke at all, and meimou widened: "you don't even look at her?"

"Don't the etiquette ladies all look the same? How can I know each other? " Ling Mo Feng has a strange expression.

LAN Yan wants to pity Yang He. Originally, she wanted to beat Ling Mo Feng with this thing, so that he would not save other girls so casually in the future, because if the other party is not careful, he may regard his kindness as love and become a disaster.

"She's Yang He. I think she's staring at you all the time. Her eyes are staring at you." LAN Yanxi had to say it directly.

"The woman who asked you to give me a gift?" Ling Mo Feng is a little impressed at last.

"Yes, she is!" LAN Yanxi thinks of what Yang he said to himself in the bathroom, and the more he thinks about it, the more angry he gets.

"Are you angry?" The man suddenly felt nervous and looked at her nervously: "I really don't know who she is, but I feel that she is going to fall down, reach for help!"

"I know you don't have any other ideas, but this time you save her, she will definitely like you more. Women are like this, easy to imagine!" LAN Yanxi sighed a long time, and felt that this matter was a little serious.

"No, just give her a hand. How could she like me better? It's just a matter of raising your hand, in exchange for others, it will do the same! " Ling doesn't understand women's mind at all. Of course, he doesn't feel that it's inappropriate to do so.

"You men are really careless. Women are sensitive and delicate. If you look at her more, she will think whether you fall in love with her, let alone have physical contact!" LAN Yanxi's face is angry and smiling. Ling Mo Feng is really at the primary school level.

Ling Mo Feng's puzzled expression: "is it so serious?"

"Wait and see. Maybe next time you meet her, she will tell you!" Blue Yan Xi doesn't think so lightly hum.

"No matter whether she likes me or not, I will not give her any fantasy!" Ling Mo Feng quickly assured her.

"Of course, you can't give her another chance to think nonsense. You should tell her that you have someone you like. No, you have a woman you love very much. That person is me!" LAN Yanxi immediately put in his waist and said like a domineering princess.

Ling Mo Feng was amused by her expression: "OK, I'll answer her according to your words, she will surely die!"

"Well, you're vice president. How can you say that? It's not serious. Just tell her you can't be with her! " LAN Yanxi just wanted to vent. When she thought of his identity, she still felt that he could keep a low profile.

"Too serious man, don't you women like it?" Ling asked curiously.

"Yes, so don't be so serious!" LAN Yan blinked at him with a hint of hope.