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Qiao Zhuo hung up the phone, the resentment in his heart was relieved at last. He looked back at the building of the inpatient department, with a cruel smile on his lips, and his mind changed unconsciously.

Before that, he always approached lanyanxi with the attitude of acting, but after he really contacted her, he found that this woman was really attractive, sincere, warm, good-natured, beautiful, and full of advantages. Qiao Zhuo got the first taste of heart attack.

If before he came, he didn't agree to minister Zhang's proposal to send Ling Mo Feng a green hat, that's because his feelings for lanyanxi can't be strong, but now, he found that he was even moved, so he was also jealous of any man who might be liked by lanyanxi, including Ling Mo Feng.

On Ji Xiaohan's desk, there is a survey data, which is the most inconspicuous among his many documents. Therefore, he didn't have time to take a look until more than five in the afternoon.

It's Gao Yue's. Lu Qing gets a landline call and walks in quickly.

"Young master, Gao Yue just graduated from a famous foreign university with a double degree, which is a very promising elite talent. Some information about her in foreign schools has not been investigated yet. However, after returning home, she actively looked for work everywhere. She once came to our company to apply for a job, but after we refused, she applied for a job in a media company not long ago The sports company became a front-line reporter, which is why she would appear on the scene that day! " Lu Qing did his best to investigate this woman, but her information is very clear, there is no stain, and people can't find the suspicious place for a while.

"That's all?" Season owl cold Yingting's eyebrows are tight, is he doubting wrong?

"Young master, are you worried about her relationship with the old president? After all, it's not only easy and labor-saving, but also very effective! " Lu Qing said with a smile.

"If Gao Yuezhen is the woman sent by the old president to deal with me, she will not be useless to us!" Ji Xiao leaned back lazily, his eyes were cold, his voice was cold: "at present, Ling Mo Feng has not much evidence to overthrow the old president. If Gao Yue himself can tell the truth of the matter and let everyone know that he even played this mean means to me, his reputation will be damaged."

"Young master means to play a game with Gao Yue?" Lu Qing is curious.

"I have to go home to discuss this with you. I haven't made such a decision yet!" After all, he really has no interest in other women. It's because he thought that Tang youyou warned him that morning that he would not be allowed to play the dangerous game.

Lu Qing looks down and laughs.

"Is it funny?" Season owl cold fierce eyes sweep.

Lu Qing's back was sweaty and stopped laughing. He explained seriously, "don't get me wrong, young master. I'm not laughing at your strict wife. I just think you are a model for our men. It's worth learning to love your wife so much!"

"A strict wife?" Season owl cold Mou color is a squint again, to these three words, have the extreme displeasure.

Lu qingfrightens to be cold all over, is finished, oneself added wrong words.

"No No, I don't mean that. " Lu Qing's tongue is tied.

"If you want to learn from me, you need to find your girlfriend quickly. After so many years of learning from me, you can find your girlfriend if you can learn anything else. It seems that you haven't learned any experience!" Ji Xiaohan looks at his proud assistant. As a good boss, he still cares about his personal life.

Lu Qing's face suddenly turned red and embarrassed. He faltered: "young master, can you not make fun of me? I am not liked by women. I I don't think about getting married yet! "

"Oh, no? But I seem to have heard some time ago that someone has gone on a blind date? " Season owl cold lazy smile, expose the pain of Lu Qing.

"How do you know, young master?" Lu Qing's face was frightened.

"You are my assistant. I can hear your gossip, of course." Season owl cold don't think of to skim a thin lip.

Lu Qing suddenly lost his face: "does the young master still know that I am despised?"

"It's not humiliating to be despised. I can only say that the woman has no eyes. She can't afford such a good man as you!" Ji Xiaohan comforts his subordinates.

"Young master, I'll never meet again. It's just a crime!" Lu Qing immediately believed and swore frankly.

"I heard that your aunt forced you to go, and you don't want to brush his kindness. Since the blind date you feel is not a good way out, you can find it yourself. You can find it yourself. It will not be bad!" Ji Xiaohan hands him a sympathetic look.

"That Young master, I want to ask you about someone! " Suddenly, Lu Qing blushed and spoke in embarrassment.

"Women?" Season owl cold expression slightly surprised.

"Did the second young master invite two nannies?" Lu Qing's voice is a little smaller.

"Season owl cold congeals eyebrow to think, nod:" seem to be, however, those two women are not the nanny that he asks, be his former two personal assistants actually

"Then one of them has a girl named Liu Xiaoxing. Last time I watched it, it was very good!" In front of Ji Xiaohan, Lu Qing still dare to say psychological words.

"Oh!" Season owl cold meaningful smile: "then you go to prepare a present to send to my sister-in-law, by the way to see the girl you think is very good!"

"Young master..." Lu Qing didn't know whether it was a surprise or a shame.

"What? Opportunity has been created for you. Can't you grasp it? " Season owl cold picks eyebrow to smile, forcing his assistant to find his true love.

"Thank you for your success. I'll prepare for it!" Lu Qing is really grateful. If it wasn't for Ji Xiaohan to ask him to give gifts, he couldn't find a chance to go to Ji Yueze's home.

Lu Qing has really prepared some gifts, but he is preparing for the baby, because Jijia is going to fill in the baby soon.

Lu Qing a big man, driving a car, with several small baby goods, went to Ji Yueze's home to give gifts.

As soon as his car stopped at the gate of the villa, he saw a girl who was not very serious. It was Liu Xiaoxing.

Liu Xiaoxing is playing with a long hair in his hand, and a pair of shining and moving eyes are staring at Lu Qing who comes down from the car.

It has been a long time since the last time Lu Qing sent things here.

"Lu Qing, have you come to present again today?" Liu Xiaoxing has always been brave. At this moment, she pretends to be graceful and generous and goes to ask him.

"Yes, yes, is Miss Bai at home?" Lu Qing was a little shy and asked with a low head.

"Unfortunately, Xiao Yan and Ji Er Shao have gone out for dinner. Do you want to wait for them to come back?" It's really unfortunate that Ji Yueze took Bai Yiyan out for dinner. Lengfei was with her as a bodyguard. At this moment, Liu Xiaoxing was the only one left to watch the house. Unexpectedly, when she was bored, she would wait for Luqing to come and be surprised and happy.

"Really? Then I'll put it down and go! " Lu Qingming still wants to stay and chat, but he really can't say it, so he has to pretend that he is also in a hurry to deliver things.

"Lu Qing, have you had dinner?" Liu Xiaoxing watched him stoop to carry things, with his hands on his back, and went to ask him.

"Not yet, not yet!" Lu Qing carried things into the living room and smelled the smell of the food on the table.

"Let's have dinner with me. I just fried some dishes. It's boring to eat alone!" Liu Xiaoxing immediately and sincerely offered an invitation.

"No, I just came here to deliver something!" Lu Qing's face is red and his heart is beating, but he is still single with his strength.

"Anyway, you have to eat in the evening. I cooked it. Don't you want to have some?" Liu Xiaoxing is a girl who takes the initiative to go to this. She wants to cry.

"Would it be too presumptuous!" Lu Qing looked at her embarrassed at once.

"Are you going to have dinner with some important people?" Liu Xiaoxing finally asked.

"No, I don't have an appointment. I'm afraid of troubling you!" Lu Qing shook his head in a hurry.

"Do you want to eat with me?" Liu Xiaoxing and meimou stare at him.

"Yes!" At last, Lu Qing is no longer upset.