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Although Ji Xiao Han really wanted to hear the secret that was told to him by his son, when he thought about his daughter's temper just now, he felt that his daughter's happiness was the most important thing.

Seeing his father's smile, Tang Xiao Rui did not say a word. He immediately drooped his shoulders and said, "Alright, you will never know about this secret ever again."

"Alright, stop messing around, hurry up and get down!" Tang You You was afraid that his daughter would be in danger from sitting like this, so she quickly ordered Ji Xiao Han to put her down.

Tang Xiao Nai laid on the Mummy's shoulder, and took two deep breaths impressively: "Wah, it's so fragrant, Daddy didn't lie!"

Tang You You and Ji Xiao Han's expressions were both embarrassed.

Tang Xiao Rui turned his astute eyes twice. After that, as if he had seen through something, he cupped his hands together like a little old master. Hmph!

The family of four sat at the dining table. They looked warm on the surface.

Even the Uncle Yuan and the servants were happy for Ji Xiao Han. Finally, they were no longer sitting alone at the table and eating.

Moreover, at that time, Ji Xiao Han's face had always been cold. The servant had to be careful with everything he said, afraid that he would offend this cold boss.

Now, the atmosphere was completely different. With the two kids' liveliness, they could clearly know when the boss was unhappy. At least, they could avoid provoking him when he was unhappy.

"Daddy, is there a playground here? I want to play. " Tang Xiao Rui suddenly asked while eating.

Ji Xiao Han's gaze turned towards Tang You You and answered: "I'll ask your Mummy. In this house now, she has to make a decision."

Tang You You stopped eating and looked at him strangely. Did the sun rise from the west? The man today seemed to be easy to talk to.

"Wow, Mummy, you have the right to speak now. Daddy here has given you the authority to speak." Tang Xiao Rui smiled with incomparable happiness, feeling happy for the Mummy.

Tang You You chewed on a mouthful of vegetables and said lightly: "That's right, so what you said just now, was rejected."

"Ah …" After being happy for less than two seconds, Tang Xiao Rui's small face dropped: "Why is it that all of my classmates have been to the amusement park, only Xiao Nai and I have not been there. I heard from them that there are all kinds of delicious and fun things to eat in the amusement park, I also want to go and take a look."

What was better for Tang Xiao Nai Yi Ting was that her gem-like eyes immediately lit up. "Really? Brother, what is there to eat? Do you have ice cream? "

The moment Tang Xiao Rui saw his sister's interest, he immediately snorted. "You only know how to eat ice cream, no wonder you're so skinny even when you aren't growing up."

"Then do you have it!?" Tang Xiao Nai muttered.

"Yes, there are all kinds of flavors, as well as your favorite blueberry and chocolate flavors." In order to seduce his sister, Tang Xiao Rui immediately told her everything she loved to eat.

"Really? "Then I want to go too, Daddy, Mummy, I want to play!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately followed along and shouted.

Tang You You held her forehead speechlessly, these two little fellows had fused with each other, it was impossible for them not to agree.

"Although I want to bring you guys too, Mummy has been rather busy lately. Why don't we wait for my break first?" Tang You You immediately asked as if she was discussing something.

"Let's go this Saturday. Go to Country H's amusement park for a day and come back the next day." Ji Xiao Han suddenly said.

"Country H? "Why do you want to go abroad?" After Tang You You heard this, his face was filled with astonishment.

"In our country, do you think the children can have fun? "Let's go to a rather unfamiliar place. No one knows us, so our family of four can only play a little more freely." Ji Xiao Han indifferently explained.

"But, Daddy, are we going to book a plane ticket?" Tang Xiao Rui immediately asked excitedly.

Ji Xiao Han touched his cute little head, "Daddy has a private plane. That night, we will leave right away, don't book a plane ticket."

"Wow, Daddy, you're so awesome." When Tang Xiao Rui heard that there was a private plane, he couldn't help but to admire his dad.

Being worshipped by his own son was definitely the most proud and honorable thing that a father would do.

Ji Xiao Han didn't think that owning a private plane was something to be proud of, but at this moment, he realized that having it could make the children happy and enjoy.

Tang Xiao Nai licked her spoon, and asked while blinking her big eyes: "Are there delicious ice cream in an overseas amusement park?"

Tang Xiao Rui looked at his little sister in disdain, "I don't want to bother with you anymore!"

When Tang You You talked about private jets, Tang You You was also shocked. However, she wasn't surprised when she heard that rich people all have private jets, but when she thought about how rich Zhe Ge Nan Ren Jing Ran was, why did she have a strange feeling? Just by feeling it, as a man, he seemed to have really succeeded too successfully. His success was about to be linked with his charm.

No, he had to calm down!

He couldn't let his guard down just because he was rich, had a private jet, and had the ability to cover everything she did.

"Sigh, there are still four more days. How annoying, I still have to wait so long!" The moment he thought of waiting, Tang Xiao Rui instantly ran out of food.

Tang You You slapped his little head: "Don't waste it, eat all of them."

Seeing that the Mummy had shown her power, without saying a word, Tang Xiao Rui picked up the spoon and immediately started to eat.

Ji Xiao Han looked at the woman teaching the children. Although she looked strict, she didn't lose out to the cute girl, and her lips curled up instantly. In the future, he would be able to teach the children together with her.