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C1464 Mr. Ling's helplessness

Ling wennuan seems to realize that he has said something he shouldn't have said. He quickly reaches out his small hand to cover his mouth, then chuckles and runs downstairs like a fool.

LAN Yanxi's embarrassed ears are all hot. He dare not see Ling's mother's expression, but he must be embarrassed.

Fortunately, Ling Mo Feng took a bath and walked out of his bedroom. He saw his mother here, but his naughty sister was gone. He walked quickly with a look of awe.

"Mom, is dinner ready?" Ling asked with a chuckle.

"I'll wait a little longer. I'm going upstairs to tell Yanxi about your engagement. Please tell Yanxi more carefully so that she can be prepared. Don't panic at that time." Seeing her son coming out, Ling's mother quickly stood up and returned the space to the two young people.

"OK!" Ling Mo Feng nodded gently. After seeing his mother leave, he turned to see the girl sitting on the sofa. LAN Yanxi was still wearing regular work clothes. He looked regular and well behaved. He had the elegance of a good girl, but it was a bit of evil.

"Why is your face red?" The man's eyes were sharp, and as he spoke, he sat down beside her.

The man who has just bathed sends out a light cold fragrance. As soon as he gets close to him, LAN Yanxi shivers all over, an indescribable feeling, which makes her heart pounding.

She subconsciously moved aside. After all, this is not Ling Mo Feng's house. This is Ling's house. Even if she wants to attack him, she has no courage to practice it. Don't mention to attack him. Even if she holds hands with Ling Mo Feng, she feels that she is committing a crime.

"What's the matter?" Seeing the distance that she deliberately pulled apart, the man's handsome face was stunned, and he immediately panicked for a few minutes. He began to reflect on whether he had done something wrong and made her unhappy, or what his sister and mother said should not have said, which made her mind.

"Nothing!" Lanyanxi reached out and straightened his hair on the side of his ear, and gave a dry smile.

"Nothing? Then why are you so far away from me? " The man is dissatisfied, the tall body forced to her side.

"Ling Mo Feng, keep back. This is your home!" LAN Yan hopes to see that he is daring to lean over and almost stick to her side. She immediately says her worries.

"Hahaha!" The man is very straightforward to laugh a few times, her flurried uneasy, all see in the eye.

"You What are you laughing at? " LAN Yanxi stared at him angrily. He was in a critical position. How could he still be in the mood to make fun of her? Don't play with him.

Ling Mo Feng stretched out her long arm directly, put her body in a straight line, and patted her gently: "relax, don't be so nervous. I'm not used to the way you hold it!"

LAN Yanxi heard two words and immediately thought of what Ling Nuan had just said. Her beautiful eyes immediately crossed and narrowed into a line to stare at the handsome face of the man: "why didn't you tell me that you and many women have been intimate?"

"What?" Ling Mo Feng was trying to tease her. Unexpectedly, her big eyes narrowed and stared at him with danger.

"Well, you're trying to hide it from me, because you're guilty!" LAN Yanxi turned his mouth and looked unhappy.

Maybe it's women's nature to enlarge small things. Besides, it's still such a sensitive topic. How can LAN Yanxi not mind?

"I'm not guilty. I'm just aware of those things. I don't need to mention them to you. Anyway, you will be angry." Ling Mo Feng's face was a look of injustice.

"I'm more angry if you don't mention it!" LAN Yanxi still stared at him angrily, with an unreasonable expression.

Ling Mo Feng immediately became nervous, hugged her arm tightly and tightly, and spoke softly: "Yan Xi, even if I met some women, I have no idea about them, these are arranged by my mother, you didn't know in advance!"

Lanyanxi just wanted to scare him. Who made him laugh at her just now.

Seeing his serious explanation, her serious expression suddenly broke down and she lowered her head and covered her mouth with a smile: "well, I'll forgive you. If you really like which one, what else can I do now?"

Ling Mo Feng breathed a sigh of relief. Well, this little woman dared to play tricks on her.

Ling Mo Feng immediately pressed the back of her brain to himself, and his thin lips kissed her lips like punishment.

This sudden kiss almost killed lanyanxi's soul. She was trembling with fear. Her little hands pushed his chest nervously.

Fortunately, the man only slightly punished her. He didn't really want to do anything bad to her. She pushed hard, and the man let her go. His thin lips raised a smile of success, and his voice was low and dumb. He threatened: "next time, I'll dare to play a joke on me, this is the end!"

"Afraid of you!" LAN Yanxi said angrily, then he got up and went downstairs. When he got to the stairway, he thought of something else. He turned around to the sofa and reached for the man's arm: "go down together!"

Maybe this is the nervousness of all the women when the new daughter-in-law first came to the door. After all, this is not her familiar family. Here, she feels that she can't move any step. Only the man around who vows to love her is the source of her courage. Naturally, she will drag him up and down the stairs.

Ling Mo Feng saw her uneasiness and touched her long hair gently: "don't be afraid, my family are very easy to get along with."

"Well, I'm not afraid!" LAN Yanxi answered in a low voice, but he never thought so.

When you go downstairs, you can smell the smell of the food. It's appetizing.

Ling's mother's kitchen, Ling wennuan is helping to play with the dishes at the moment. When she sees the eldest brother and sister-in-law coming down, she immediately blinks at them: "have dinner."

"Let's go!" Ling immediately led her hand to the restaurant.

LAN Yanxi saw Ling's mother cooking in person, but she didn't see any servant aunts at home. She asked curiously on her face, "why didn't you invite aunts?"

Lingmo Feng replied with a smile: "today, they are all allowed to go back first, because you are coming to eat. In order not to disclose our relationship, it is better not to let outsiders present!"

LAN Yanxi was shocked. Unexpectedly, in order to invite her to dinner, Ling's mother even made such an arrangement. She felt ashamed and guilty.

"My mother is very good at cooking. You will know if you make it up!" Ling Mo Feng said with a chuckle.

"I don't mean that!" LAN Yanxi's eyes were red. She felt the sincerity of Ling's family.

Ling mother wiped her hands and came out. Seeing LAN Yanxi standing, she immediately said, "Yanxi, sit down. They are all home-made dishes. Don't mind!"

"No, auntie. You've worked so hard. You've worked so hard!" LAN Yanxi said gratefully.

Ling's mother was very happy. She could see that Lan Yanxi thanked her from the bottom of her heart and knew that she was a sincere girl.

"And uncle?" LAN Yanxi thought that Ling's father didn't seem to be at home.

"He has something to do tonight. Maybe he can't come back for dinner. Please don't stand up and eat it quickly. Otherwise, the food will be cold!" Ling said with a smile.

LAN Yanxi sat down and Ling wennuan was diligent enough to serve her a bowl of soup: "sister in law, I really want to play with you, but my brother won't let me go. When you can be fair together, I can play with you!"

"Well, I hope that day will come soon." LAN Yanxi smiles and nods.

Ling Mo Feng looks at LAN Yanxi's gentle sitting on the side of the body, which is a kind of satisfaction that can't be said. In the future, the family will get along with harmony. If there are two little guys around, they will laugh around their knees, just afraid that their happiness will be stronger.

Inexplicably think of the child again, Ling Mo Feng looked at LAN Yanxi's eyes darkened a few times.

This meal is very easy-going, and LAN Yanxi won't feel bored, because there is an active atmosphere of Ling Nuan from time to time, which shakes Ling Mo Feng's embarrassment from small to large.

Mr. vice president, it's better to cover his forehead, or to find a cloth to block his sister's mouth. He really doesn't want to be an outsider, but he still needs face.

"When my brother went to school, she wrote a love letter to a girl for a friend. At last, the girl thought that my brother was secretly in love with her and went straight to my brother's class to say it out loud. My brother was so angry that he couldn't even say it. It was enough for me to laugh for a year!" Ling warm a small mouth is still eating side said, not happy.

LAN Yanxi's strong smile, finally, could not help but smile in a low voice.

The man suddenly regretted taking her home. Now, he has no sense of mystery.