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Fang Kexin looks at the mother squatting on the ground, crying and losing her voice. Her heart is like someone is cutting with a knife. The pain is not good, and her eyes are red with anger. A decent family just broke up like this. Who's wrong? She can't tell. But she only knows that Yang ChuChu's mother and daughter are the root and the fuse. Without them, even if their feelings are not harmonious, her parents are willing to It's not going to be divorce.

"Yang ChuChu!" Fang Kexin gnawed his teeth and hated it.

Just as Fang Kexin and Liu Lan's mother and daughter were squatting on the ground crying, suddenly they heard footsteps coming towards them. Then, in their eyes, a pair of black high-heeled shoes appeared.

"What a pity!" A female voice, with compassion sounded.

Liu Lan's mother and daughter immediately looked up and saw a woman standing beside them with an umbrella.

"Who are you?" Fang Kexin asked angrily, after all, she felt that the other side was coming to see their mother and daughter joke.

Liu Lan's eyes widened in surprise, because she knew the woman in front of her.

"You?" Liu Lan didn't expect to see her former classmates.

"Liu Lan, I haven't seen you for a long time. I happened to pass by just now. It seems that you have met with something sad!" Things in the world, sometimes it's just a coincidence. Liu Lan and Mei Jie were classmates. Although Liu Lan was several years older than her, Mei Jie was a female school bully at that time. She jumped several levels. So, they were lucky to be classmates.

In school, the two didn't talk much, only knew there was such a person in the class.

Mei Jie's face is very ugly. She has a flat nose and a thin scar at the root of the nose. So Liu Lan recognized her when she saw her.

"Mom, you know her." Fang Kexin frowned at once.

"It's my classmate from the University. Kexin, hurry to enter the room!" Liu Lan quickly dried his tears and said to her daughter.

Fang Kexin turned around and left, feeling heavy.

Mei extended her hand to Liu Lan, who was still kneeling on the ground.

Liu Lan didn't refuse her help. She reached out and Mei pulled her firmly to stand.

"Didn't Fang Yang, the former vice mayor, leave just now? I didn't expect that you should marry him as a wife. He is a very honest and excellent man. You are right in your family. You are talented and beautiful. You should be happy. How can you still quarrel? " Mei immediately surprised and asked with an incredible expression.

"Don't mention it. I'm divorced from him!" Liu Lan said with a self mocking face.

"Did he do something sorry to you?" Mei asked with concern.

"Ah Mei, you'd better not ask. I can't be outspoken. I'm resigned." Liu Lanshi is not willing to mention her sorrow to others, because she is very clear that others may not feel her pain. Even if she does, she just adds a piece of gossip.

Sister Mei's original name is Zhang Sanmei. Her name is just as common as her. When she was in the same school, everyone called her Ah Mei, so Liu Sancai called her this way.

"Liu Lan, I'm actually here to find you. It's a business. I don't know if I'm interested in talking with you. We've had a fight with our classmates. We've got resentment and revenge. If I can help you, I'll help you." Sister Mei doesn't have time to beat around the bush with her any more, she said directly.

Liu Lan looked at her in amazement: "you come to me. What can I do for you?"

"Let's go, let's find a quiet place to talk!" Mei goes to her car and Liu Lan follows her directly.

She is in a disordered mood at the moment. It is also a very heartless thing for someone to talk to.

Meijie took her directly to a teahouse and asked for a box. Meijie made tea for her. Two women, enjoying the early spring scenery outside the window, talked about the topic.

"Yang ChuChu, you're no stranger. Just in time, I'm also interested in her." Mei suddenly took a picture out of her handbag. It was a picture of Yang ChuChu.

Liu Lan took the picture and looked at her in surprise and asked, "what's your interest in her?"

"Her boyfriend is Luo Jinyu, the head of Luo family. The company is mainly engaged in logistics and overseas trade. The company has done a very good job. I am now working for Mr. President. One of the tasks that Mr. President gave me is to win over Luo Jinyu. Unfortunately, this man seems to have picked the wrong object. He secretly joined up with Jishi group and transferred to Ling Mo Feng's camp. The president first Sheng is very dissatisfied with this. I must show him some color. Yang ChuChu is his favorite woman. It's said that he dotes on her like treasure. If Yang ChuChu has some accidents, it's his life. " Mei said carefully while drinking tea.

Liu Lan is not stupid, on the contrary, she is also very smart, sister Mei's words, she instantly guessed.

"Since you have made a clear investigation of Yang ChuChu, you will naturally know the grudge and hatred between me and her. Ah Mei, you came to me specially, but I don't know what you want me to do." Liu Lan's face returned to shrewdness.

"With the president behind you, what else do you care about? Your Liu family has always been Mr. President's guest of honor. Your father is on the list for every invitation. Do you still have to be timid when dealing with a young ChuChu? " Sister Mei immediately sneered.

Liu Lan, with a painful look, tightened his finger with a teacup and said angrily, "what else can I do? Their mother and daughter are shameless and destroy my family. Can I kill her

"You don't have to kill people. There are many ways to get revenge on a person. It's the most deadly way to choose the most painful way to get revenge." Mei Jie's face was profound.

"Ah Mei, you've always been smart and have an idea. You'd better find a way for me. I've been in such a mess recently because of the family affairs that I can't think of any way!" Liu Lan looks at sister Mei expectantly, waiting for her to help.

"Luo Jinyu cares about her, of course, and her innocence. If Yang ChuChu gets drunk and accidentally goes to the wrong bed and has a leg with another man, what do you think Luo Jinyu will do?" Mei immediately asked her with a smile.

Liu Lan was stunned and clapped his thigh: "Yeah, why didn't I think of that? I always hope that she will die in a car accident or die in an accident, but I dare not commit a crime. But the relationship between men and women is in disorder. If Yang ChuChu sleeps with other men, Luo Jinyu will definitely feel sick and dislike her. At that time, their mother and daughter will lose Luo Jinyu's dependence. How can they be arrogant? "

Sister Mei saw that she finally had a smile, and her fingers were tapping on the table: "Liu Lan, I and Mr. President have been stared at recently. It's inconvenient to start. If you can help Mr. Luo Jinyu, he will not forget your kindness."

"Ah Mui, of course, I'd like to be loyal to the president. I've long regarded Yang ChuChu as a thorn in the flesh. As long as her reputation is damaged, their mother and daughter will not be able to think better. I'll try to do it well. But can the president really remember my credit?" Liu Lan is still very snobbish. Seeing that it's good for her, she naturally needs to ask.

"Don't worry, Mr. President is at a critical moment now. He will remember clearly who helped him. If your Liu family becomes a meritocracy, it may be your Liu family's turn to take over after the defeat of Roche Group in the future!" Sister Mei intentionally throws out the bait. Whether it can be realized is beyond her consideration.

"Ah Mei, what you said today must be counted. I will certainly ruin Yang ChuChu's reputation!" Liu Lan originally wanted to revenge. Now, she is more energetic because of her revenge and meritorious leadership.

"Count, I can promise!" Liu Lan said very definitely.

"Liu Lan, time is pressing. You have to finish it in a week. After that time, the general election is finished, and it's useless!" Mei said with a serious face.

Liu Lan's face brightened instantly. After drinking a cup of tea, she hurriedly left. She had to hurry up to do it. When she finished it, she would be rewarded. Now, she divorced at her mother's house and had to see her sister-in-law's face life every day. If she did it, she also had a position at her mother's house. If her sister-in-law dared to show her face again, she also had the courage to scold her back.