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C884 meeting the afterlife

The man's words made Tang youyou feel warm. For the sake of his caring and taking care of her, I just let her move the account for half an hour, so I won't let him know.

Food and wine came in. Tang youyou had already taken a bath. She was wearing a white robe. Her waist length hair was still slightly wet on her shoulder. She was going to dry it with a hair dryer. Ji

Xiao Han is sitting in the living room, waiting for her. When he looks back, he sees her long hair, which is half wet, and makes her pretty face clearer and clearer. He gets up and walks towards her. "Let me help you!" Ji Xiaohan doesn't remember how long he hasn't blown her hair. He has helped her several times before.

Her long hair is soft and soft. The feeling of her fingers is like silk. The fragrance of her hair makes him hard to forget. Therefore, he takes the initiative to take the job.

If someone helps him, Tang youyou will be happy. She didn't wear high-heeled shoes. Standing in front of the man and only reaching his shoulder, she could have the man blow her hair. Season

Xiao Han's fingers pulled up her long hair and turned on the electric hot air. Two people stood in the bathroom, with the hot air blowing from the electric hot air in their ears. The atmosphere was unspeakable.

After drying her long hair, Ji Xiaohan hugged her and went to the restaurant to sit down. "

Why did you order another bottle of wine?" Tang youyou has a little hobby, that is, she likes to drink some wine before going to bed, which may be a career habit left before. In order to find inspiration, she often makes herself drunk.

"Here you are!" Ji Xiaohan has been keeping her little interest in mind for a long time, so he will help her order a bottle of wine in the future. "

thank you!" Tang youyou is really moved. Unexpectedly, Ji Xiaohan is so intimate. Xiao Han poured her half cup: "in front of me, I allow you to get drunk, but in front of other men, you are not allowed to drink!" Hearing his bullying request, don leisurely nodded his head and said, "of course, I'm not greedy. Besides, I don't drink with others. I don't have the atmosphere at the moment!" Season

owl cold thin lips slightly Yang, the heart is very satisfied. No, the whole process of pursuing her has been tortuous and difficult. Ji Xiaohan is also full of emotion.

Before meeting don Youyou, he always imagined women as pets that would come running over with their fingers hooked.

Therefore, his heart has been very exclusive of women's approach, plus his mother once brought him too much shadow, which made him lose confidence and trust in women, until the appearance of Tang Youyou, which broke his inner cognition. Season

Xiao Han just knew that, originally, women are also divided into categories, one can be obtained by ticking the finger, and the other, even if you take out your heart to pursue, you may not get it.

"What are you thinking?" Tang youyou bowed his head and took a sip of wine. Yu Guang glanced at him and saw that he was staring at himself. Tang youyou's heart was slightly quivering. He immediately smiled and asked him. Season

Xiao Han found that he was absorbed in her and smiled: "nothing, I feel that I can't catch up with you. I should treat you well!" Don

chuckled: "it's not like what you're going to say." Season

but Xiao Han didn't take it seriously and picked up his eyebrows: "why do you say that? Am I such an unreliable person in your eyes? "

Don youyou dare not provoke him, because the end of angering him is often ugly, and there will be some indescribable things.

"That's what I said with your former character. You used to be conceited and frivolous, as if you didn't take your feelings seriously." Tang youyou immediately explained.

But Ji Xiaohan was slightly surprised: "when am I not taking feelings seriously? I always treat you very seriously. " Don

blinked for a long time. Looking back carefully, he couldn't find any problems.

"You are the most serious man I have ever met!" Tang youyou has to admit that Ji Xiaohan never seems to make fun of emotional matters. He always takes them seriously. The cold face of the owl looks good. Don

youyou took another sip of wine and said passionately, "Ji Xiaohan, meeting you is the luckiest thing for me!"

Season owl cold hears her rarely to say this kind of emotive words, thin lip purses, lip Cape tiny Yang: "you this is to express to me?" "

well, a thousand words are not enough to describe my love for you. I think I may even engrave your name on my soul. If there is a real next life, when I cross the bridge, I don't want to drink Mengpo soup. I will come to you next life, and I will marry you!" Tang youyou's serious story is like a fairy tale, which makes Ji Xiaohan want to laugh at her. "

Oh? Is it? " The man is very happy, the eyebrow is full of a smile: "well, I will come to you in the next life, and I will marry you!"

"Really?" When Tang youyou saw that he had agreed, she seemed to have agreed on something, which reassured her. "Yes, I believe our fate is not over yet!" promised Ji Xiaohan

Tang youyou chuckled. He felt that the atmosphere was biased by himself. He quickly reached for a piece of delicious fish and put it into his bowl: "eat!" Season

owl cold low eyes, looking at the piece of fish, look across a soft color, take chopsticks, clip up, put into the mouth, taste good.

After supper, the two men went downstairs and took a walk in the back garden of the hotel. Then they went back to their room for a rest. The next morning, Tang youyou got up early. She was very happy to see her father. When

she wakes up, the man is still sleeping. Maybe it's because he is on vacation. Ji Xiaohan has been relaxing a little recently. Sometimes he will accompany her to sleep later.

The warm sun outside the window shines in, and the wisps of light fall on the handsome face of the man. The young breath can't be covered. The eyebrows are beautiful and the facial features are profound, just like the perfect sculpture art. Don

propped up his chin, couldn't bear to wake him for a while, so he froze in his face. This is a face that can never be tired of seeing. Season

owl cold sleeping and waking are totally two styles. After sleeping, he converges his strong edge and has a little more affinity. While waking, he exudes the cold air all over his body. If he is not his closest person, he is afraid that he will be scared away by the cold frost like breath on his body.

Tang youyou thinks about it. She seems to like the way he sleeps better. She is quiet and seems to be very bullied.

Tang youyou thought like this, her fingers had climbed on his chest. Last night, she was cuddled by him and slept all night. Her heart was still warm. At this moment, she suddenly wanted to cuddle him again.

But unexpectedly, her hand just touched, the man backhand button, the next second, the posture turned.