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Mu Shi Ye was startled, he looked at Pei An Xin with his black eyes: "You don't want to marry me?"

"I don't want to!" Pei An Xin's answer instantly made Mu Shi Ye feel as if he had fallen into an abyss.

"I don't want to hear others say that I was daydreaming, dreaming of being a rich family's young mistress." Pei An Xin ridiculed himself.

At this very moment, Pei An Xin's heart was still very complicated. She couldn't ignore the deep feelings he had for this man, and he couldn't ignore the reality of the problem they were facing.

"An Xin, tell me, what did my mom tell you?" Mu Shi Ye's current mood was a complete mess.

He had always thought that the reason Pei An Xin ignored him and calmly brought up the topic of breaking up with him was because he had too many rumours about his girlfriend.

But that was not it. It was because his mother had interfered.

But he didn't know anything, and his mother never mentioned it to him.

"Three years ago, your mother suddenly found me and told me very straightforwardly that I'm not worthy of you. She also said that I took the initiative to pester you, that I'm still young and don't care about face, Mu Shi Ye, what she said is not wrong, that in high school, I took the initiative to confess to you. Even though you weren't warm nor cold to me, I acted like a fool, thinking that there would be an outcome.

"An Xin, what's the point of saying all this? I know you're not that kind of woman!" When Mu Shi Ye saw her tears, which she had held back, he felt his heart ache.

"Mu Shi Ye, giving birth to Cheng Cheng was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life, but the one I am apologizing to wasn't you, but my daughter, I shouldn't have let her come to this world because I don't have the ability to give her a complete family. But now, I want to mend the mistakes I have made, I want to give her all the love I have, I want to have the foundation that can give her a better material life. Pei An Xin was smiling in her tears, but it was a very bitter laugh.

"An Xin, don't force yourself. Cheng Cheng is also my daughter, and I will give her the best life, so you don't have to work so hard." When Mu Shi Ye heard her words, he only felt his heart tighten inch by inch.

"In the past, I really don't want to let you meet with Cheng Cheng anymore, but now, I have changed my mind. You are her father, and this fact cannot be changed, but I did not ask you to bring her up with me for sure, because you do not have this duty, nor would I insist on it. Take it as me being selfish, I still hope that Cheng Cheng would be able to interact with her father, but don't worry, when you get married and Cheng Cheng grows up a little, I will tell her … The reason why you can't stay by her side forever … "

As he spoke till this point, the tears that Pei An Xin had struggled to hold, still flowed down.

Mu Shi Ye was about to go crazy, his entire person becoming a string, every one of his words, pierced into his heart like needles.

"An Xin, don't say anymore, if I get married, then the one who will marry will definitely be you, I was too much of a bastard in the past, and too conceited, but now, I have already changed, and I don't feel like there's anything wrong with me taking the initiative, because I'm a man, so I should take the initiative to love my own woman. In the past, I've wronged you, but in the future, I'll always compensate you more, because Cheng Cheng is my only daughter, I hope that I'll have the chance to stay by her side and grow up together with her …"

"Mu Shi Ye, I am truly touched by your words. Honestly speaking, if your mother had not come to me to remind me of my despicable behavior, I really think that falling in love with you will be a very beautiful process. But now, it is too late for you to say all this. After Pei An Xin finished speaking, he carried Cheng Cheng and stood up to leave.

"An Xin, where are you going?" Mu Shi Ye suddenly stood up, blocking her way.

"I want to bring Cheng Cheng back to the country!" Pei An Xin said anxiously.

"It's so late, why are you bringing her back home alone? Have you considered safety? " Mu Shi Ye was simply about to collapse.

Pei An Xin was actually also full of rage, and spoke out of anger.

"Then I'll take her to find a hotel first. I'll go back tomorrow morning and thank you for your help these few days." Pei An Xin's eyes were still filled with tears, her pitiful and pitiful appearance, made Mu Shi Ye's heart ache.

"Follow me back to the hotel, all of Cheng Cheng's necessities are there." Mu Shi Ye said in a gentle voice, "Is that alright? "Don't take the child with you."

As Pei An Xin listened to his gentle tone, it instantly felt as though he had returned to the instant when they loved each other three years ago.

"Alright, then let's eat and go back!" Although Pei An Xin's heart was filled with unspeakable bitterness, she had also learned how to remain calm.

Mu Shi Ye's tensed heart finally relaxed as he reached out to take his daughter, who was so scared that her small mouth was about to cry.

He was really afraid that Pei An Xin would be emotional and take her away.

Ji Xiao Han and his family sat in the hotel's dining hall and enjoyed their dinner.

The atmosphere was very warm and Ji Xiao Han felt as if he was suddenly in a dream.

A month ago, when he was eating alone, he had always been on alert for anything wrong with his food.

However, at this moment, he felt that even if he were to drink plain water, as long as he was surrounded by these two cute little things and the gentle smile of the woman in front of him, it would be extremely tasty.

"Daddy, look over there! Someone's putting fireworks! It's so beautiful!" Tang Xiao Nai suddenly noticed that someone was releasing fireworks, which almost lit up the entire night sky.

Ji Xiao Han looked at his daughter's hand, those fireworks seemed to bloom in his heart, illuminating his entire life.