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Only then did Yang Chu Chu realize that she wasn't wearing his seat belt, so she pulled it over and buckled it up.

"Where do you live?" Luo Jin Yu asked.

"I live with my mother!" Yang Chu Chu replied softly.


"I don't want my mom to know, I have a boyfriend now!" Yang Chu Chu seemed to be worried.

"It seems that you are not an obedient child!" Luo Jin Yu laughed softly.

"I really am not one!" Yang Chu Chu self-deprecated, "Since I was young, my mother sent me to train me in all sorts of ways. When I was sixteen, I insisted on going to art school, and was scolded by my mother. She didn't pay attention to me for half a year.

"Do you need money?" Luo Jin Yu did not understand Yang Chu Chu at all.

Yang Chu Chu shook her head, "I don't need it. My mom is rich and the environment in which I grew up isn't bad.

"Have you ever encountered an unwritten rule?" When Luo Jin Yu asked this question, the expression in his eyes instantly darkened.

When he had kissed her earlier, she had looked nervous, not at all like an experienced girl.

Yang Chu Chu laughed out loud: "I have never met one before, do you believe me?"

"But I feel that a large portion of Female Celebrity would sell their souls for fame and fortune." Luo Jin Yu seemed to be prejudiced against the word Female Celebrity.

Yang Chu Chu did not deny it and nodded instead, "That's right, in this circle, I have seen far too many negative news. However, my mother gave me three rules: one doesn't accept passionate play, the other doesn't accept revealing play, and there is still more … I can't betray myself just for the sake of fame and fortune. Of course, I was also very lucky to have met Ji Yue Ze, who was my Bo Le, and was also a rare good owner. He gave me a lot of opportunities to display his talent in acting, but he also didn't have any special requests towards me. "

"If you need anything in the future, come find me. Do you remember? You are not allowed to trouble Ji Yue Ze anymore. " Luo Jin Yu Tu Ran became tyrannical.

He had some understanding of Ji Yue Ze, and knew that he was a person with a lot of personality. He himself was born into a wealthy family, but he liked to wait for the in the entertainment world to develop.

Yang Chu Chu was an actor under him, and Luo Jin Yu believed that she was a very pure girl.

Yang Chu Chu's beautiful eyes slightly widened in disbelief. "Really? Can I ask for your help? "

"Yes, if you have any potential customers, that person must be me!" Luo Jin Yu's gaze swept over them, and looked at her in a very intimidating manner: "Of course, I'm not your financial backer, I'm your boyfriend!"

The two words "boyfriend" instantly made Yang Chu Chu smile happily. She liked these three words.

Thank you for giving me the chance. Luo Jin Yu, can I ask you something? Yang Chu Chu asked with both gratitude and curiosity.

Luo Jin Yu pursed his lips and thought for two seconds before replying, "If I don't like you, I would never waste a second on you."

Even though this reply was a little cold, it made Yang Chu Chu realize even more that she already had a place in his heart.

"I thought you liked that kind of outstanding and charming woman …" Yang Chu Chu lamented.

Luo Jin Yu laughed charmingly, "No, I like young girls like you!"

Yang Chu Chu was so amused by his words that her face turned red, she pouted and asked: "Everyone has an old day, I'm still very young, but what if one day I get old? Do you not like me? "

"You must remember, I am ten years older than you. In my eyes, you will always be young!" Luo Jin Yu's answer instantly solved the doubt in her heart, and she once again laughed like a little fool.

"You're really not going home?" Luo Jin Yu saw that she had not told him his home address for so long, so he furrowed his brows.

Yang Chu Chu sighed: "In the past, when I wasn't going home, I lied to Wo Ma Shuo that I was filming in a movie. Actually, I went to the hotel by myself, I originally wanted to buy myself a suite outside, but when my mother found out, she confiscated my key."

"Your mom is a strong woman?" Luo Jin Yu asked curiously.

"Actually, my mom …" He's also a businessman, and you've probably heard of him. " Yang Chu Chu looked at him anxiously. "Her name is Cheng Ying!"

Luo Jin Yu's driving suddenly froze, and in the next second, he turned his head towards Yang Chu Chu in disbelief: "You're playing with me?"

Yang Chu Chu's small face instantly wrinkled as she laughed dryly, "We're not close relatives of the third generation, we're already far distant relatives!"

Luo Jin Yu fiercely turned the steering wheel to the side, and stopped the car by the side, his handsome eyes staring straight at Yang Chu Chu: "You are my third cousin's daughter?"

Under his furious stare, Yang Chu Chu's tiny body shrunk into a ball. She blinked her eyes in embarrassment: "Yes … Actually, I have known you for a long time. When I was very young, at that time, I … I will call you Uncle Cousin! "

"Yang Chu Chu..." Luo Jin Yu Tu Ran felt like he was being played around with by her. He was annoyed that this little thing was actually his own relative.

Yang Chu Chu's loud roar shook her ears. She bitterly smiled and said helplessly: "We haven't seen each other for over a decade, and furthermore, our two families don't interact often either. My mother is not her mother's sister, so theoretically speaking, we aren't related by blood either …"

"We are not related by blood, but that does not mean we still have the chance to be together!" Luo Jin Yu puffed his chest out. It was so heavy that he had the urge to pull this little thing over and give her a harsh punishment.

When Yang Chu Chu heard his painful words again, she instantly became excited: "Actually, I didn't know in the beginning that you were that cousin uncle I saw when I was young. I also heard my mother mention your family not too long ago, and then, I found out.

"I'll take you home!" The heart that had been moved by Luo Jin Yu just now, at this moment, was as though it had encountered an ice rain, washing away all its emotions in an instant.

He did not expect Yang Chu Chu to be Cheng Hongying's daughter, the woman who had risked her life for Third Mother in the mall, and he still had to call her Cousin Sister when he saw her. It was no wonder that Yang Chu Chu didn't need any financial backers to be able to have a firm foothold in the in the entertainment world.

Luo Jin Yu regretted that he did not investigate this woman's background before he fell for her.

At this moment, he felt extremely tired!