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Ling Mo Feng is not interested in blue fiber at all. He just hugs the woman in his arms. LAN Yanxi doesn't want to talk about other people's affairs any more. She is tired and shrinks in his arms, looking forward to the coming of tomorrow.

This night, LAN Yanxi was always shaking in her sleep. Ling Mo Feng knew that she was strong on the surface, but in fact, he was still scared. He was hurt and blamed himself. The only thing he could do was to hold her all the time and give her a sense of security.


Today, for Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi, it's a big event in life.

Ling Mo Feng woke up very early. It was still dark outside the window. He sat up and looked at the girl who was leaning on her side. She didn't sleep well last night. In addition, the girl came back. The whole person looked very tired. At that time, the morning was the sweetest time to sleep. The man couldn't bear to disturb her.

Anyway, today is just an engagement banquet, not a wedding. Ling Mo Feng plans to let her sleep for a while, not in a hurry.

LAN Yanxi opened her eyes in a daze and saw a bright light outside the window. She sat up in a hurry in fear.

"Ling Mo Feng." LAN Yanxi couldn't help shouting, because she had a dream just now. She dreamed that she was wearing a wedding dress and running in a forest. She seemed to be looking for the bridegroom, but no matter how she looked, she couldn't find it. She was about to cry. Fortunately, she woke up in time, but found that there was no man around, and she was in a panic.

Lanyanxi quickly got out of bed, even without shoes, and rushed out of the door.

But when I was downstairs, I met a man who came up the stairs with a glass of milk.

Ling Mo Feng is only wearing a grey turtleneck and a pair of spare trousers. The whole person looks lazy and elegant, which is very different from his usual painting style. He is young and romantic.

In contrast, lanyanxi's image fell sharply. Her long hair was in a mess, and her pajamas were askew on one side, showing her white shoulders and half of her jade arms.

Two people bumped into each other at the stairs, both of them surprised.

"Yanxi, what's the matter? Where are the shoes? " Ling Mo Feng's eyes moved down from her face in surprise, and found that she was barefoot, and her hands were still tightly held, as if meeting something afraid, you need to accumulate courage to face it.

LAN Yanxi's two lovely little feet moved twice embarrassed, and her pretty face turned red: "I I thought you were gone. "

"Sleepy? Do you know what day it is today? How could I be missing? " The man couldn't help chuckling, walked to her gently, put the milk on her hand, then bent down the body: "come up, I will carry you back to the bedroom."

"No need I'll go by myself. " LAN Yanxi is even more embarrassed. How can he be like a madman?

"It's cold on the ground." The man's voice was low, but it was insistent.

LAN Yanxi nodded and climbed to his shoulder. The man copied her two legs and carried her on his back.

When entering the bedroom, the man seems to feel something wrong. He can't help but stretch out his hand and see something red on one finger.

"Yanxi, your skirt..." The handsome man's face was momentarily dazzled. Then he looked behind the woman and found that there was a small piece of wet on her Beige nightdress.

Blue Yan Xili is about to pull the skirt over, and he sees his embarrassment.

"Ah..." LAN Yanxi slept on her side all the time yesterday, so she let out a scream when one side of her nightdress was missing. She felt that she had lost her face all her life.

Ling Mo Feng's face was embarrassed. Although it wasn't him who lost his face, he also blushed.

"Take a bath. I'll wait downstairs for you." Ling Mo Feng saw that the woman's pretty face was about to drop blood, and his head was down to his chest. He quickly smiled softly, and then he turned around and walked away.

LAN Yanxi stayed in place for a long time, and finally couldn't help but cover her cheek. Why?

The young men and women in the movie and TV series live together, which is romantic like a painting and beautiful life like a poem. But when she and Ling Mo Feng come here, they always seem to have endless faces and embarrassments.

Lanyanxi found that movie and TV plays are deceiving. In real life, how can we live like poetry and painting? There are too many things that can't be expected.

LAN Yanxi took a bath, changed a new suit and went downstairs. He saw the man sitting in front of the dinner table. "Ling Mo Feng, I'm sorry." LAN Yanxi just saw that the man's fingers were stained with her own things. She was very ashamed at the moment. It was said that the man still hated these things.

"Don't be shy. We're all going to get married. There's no privacy between husband and wife." Ling Mo Feng knew that her face was thin, and immediately smiled to comfort her.

"But I'm still ashamed. " Blue Yan Xi sighs.

"There's something to lose face with. Come and have some food. We're almost there." Ling Mo Feng came and gently took her small hand and led her to the table.

LAN Yanxi sat down, nibbling bread and drinking milk. He felt funny and angry.

After breakfast, Ling Mo Feng's motorcade came to pick them up. Cheng Yuan was standing beside Chu lie. It's hard for them to wear casual clothes today. They are very well matched.

"Yan Xi, Congratulations, you can finally be with the vice president." Cheng Yuan sent her best wishes from her heart.

LAN Yanxi chuckled and said shyly, "thank you. You're almost there."

Cheng Yuan's face is also hot, a pair of eyes looking at the silly chulie, chulie is embarrassed to scratch his head.

Ling Mo Feng said with a smile, "OK, let's go. Don't let the guests wait long."

The team set out to book a wedding banquet. More than an hour later, Ling Mo Feng's team stopped at a very elegant restaurant, a private restaurant opened by a relative of Ling's family.

The guests Ling Mo Feng invited today are all very close to him. There are ten tables for the relatives on both sides of the blue family and Ling family.

LAN Bai and LAN Chen also came. As soon as they stepped in, they looked at a table next to them in shock. It turned out that Ji Xiaohan and Luo Jinyu were the two. They were chatting about something while drinking wine. It seemed that the atmosphere was very bad.

LAN Bai and LAN Chen look at each other. It seems that Ji Xiaohan and Luo Jinyu are indeed the supporters behind Ling Mo Feng.

In front of Ji Xiaohan and Luo Jinyu, LAN Bai and LAN Chen dare not be too presumptuous. However, they go forward to greet each other with a smile on their faces.

"Mr. Ji, Mr. Luo, nice to meet you. I didn't expect to meet you here. It's really fate." Lambert, who is now in charge of the blue family, immediately said politely.

Of course, Ji Xiaohan and Luo Jinyu know him. They not only know him, but also cooperate with each other.

"Mr. LAN is very kind." Season owl cold handsome face, hanging a very professional smile, not hot and cold.

Luo Jinyu also nodded with a smile, but he didn't have much enthusiasm.

Although lanbai still wants to make friends with others, he thinks it's too deliberate and some of the prices are falling. Although it's said that now the family of lanbai is declining in his hands, but once, the family of lanbai was also a rich family. At this moment, facing the young competitors, lanbai still wants to keep some demeanor. So, after you say hello politely, you can have your own I've been sitting in my seat talking about my day.

LAN Chen said in a low voice, "second brother, I heard that Ji Xiaohan and Luo Jinyu supported Ling Mo Feng before, but they still don't believe it. Now it seems that this is true."

"They are all sitting here. Can they still have a vacation?" Lambert snorted coldly, and his face was unhappy.

"Second brother, what do they stand for when they appear here openly? Don't you know? I feel that the old president may be really angry. You say Shall we? " LAN Chen immediately had a kind expression of persuasion, hoping that his second brother would stop his loss in time.

"Keep your voice down." Lambert glared at him: "do you want everyone to know? Shut up if you don't want to die. "

"Second brother, I'm doing this for you. Choosing the Lord is the most rational thing." LAN Chen's eyes flashed brilliant light. When LAN Bai came to him to discuss who he wanted to join, the first choice LAN Chen gave him was the old president. But now, he said this kind of cool talk, which was to make LAN Bai unhappy.

Lambert's face was really dark, and his heart was already wavering.

Although only Ji Xiaohan and Luo Jinyu came to the banquet today, the people behind them still dare not look down on them.

Luo Jinyu's younger brother married Mu's female president. Ji Yueze, Ji Xiaohan's younger brother, controls media and entertainment. All kinds of interests are complex and obvious, making people more and more confident about Ling Mo Feng's pillar.

"Xiao Han, you should have met Mr. vice president's girlfriend." Luo Jinyu holds the glass, shakes it gently and asks lazily.

Ji Xiaohan shook his head: "if I say I haven't seen it, do you believe it?"

It seems that Ji Xiaohan didn't see LAN Yanxi. He only knows what happened to Ling Mo Feng from refusing her at first to seeing her as treasure later. Ji Xiaohan is also curious.

"I don't believe it." Luo Jinyu's thin lips aroused a smile and joked.

Ji Xiaohan shrugs his shoulders and glances at his eyes: "today's two protagonists are going to show up. If you are curious about the appearance of their girlfriend, you can see it with your own eyes."

Luo Jinyu listens, turns to look, saw a line of black motorcade, stably stopped at the hall door.

This restaurant is antique. The restaurant has only one floor, surrounded by green, very artistic conception.

Lingmo Feng chose this place because it is surrounded by a circle of courtyards and better security measures. In addition, he likes the style of ancient buildings.

Lanyanxi was very nervous. When she went out just now, she changed into a red dress with a light coat over it. The tail of her long hair was curled up. The whole person looked more warm and bright than usual.

The man looked at her eyes, but also darkened.