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C1452 running to him

Yang He is silent when he sees LAN Yanxi. She must have nothing to say. She is even angry and has no place to complain. If she is Lan Yanxi's role, she will be safe and secure, and will not cause him any trouble. Then an excellent man and woman should not be spared. It's just hateful.

Lanyanxi's hard loyalty is clear to her. She knows that there are more and more people who have opinions on her now. Everyone knows that she can match her family background, personal quality and education, even one finger of Ling Mo Feng.

When the feeling is not deep, I don't know the taste of the feeling. When I know the taste of the feeling, I have been deeply involved.

Pain and happiness are also deep memories.

Yang he angrily opens his umbrella and directly steps into the suddenly pouring rain. After several steps, he turns around and cuts LAN Yanxi. This hatred cannot be forgiven until death.

LAN Yanxi raises her head slightly and looks at the drama Yang he added to her. She doesn't really care.

It's a sullen thunder again, rolling down. The sky seems to be torn by lightning. The cold light flashes suddenly, making people feel terrible.

LAN Yanxi quickly reached out his hand to cover his ears, turned around and walked to a public reading room nearby.

Come on, she'd better wait for the thunder to pass and then go home. Anyway, it's a person to go back. It's better to learn more here.

The joy of the heavy rain, dark at half past five, makes people feel unhappy.

Most of the people in the general office have left work, and only a few need to work overtime.

Ling Mo Feng's motorcade rushed into the rainy night and drove towards the vice president's office.

In fact, before leaving, Chu lie put forward suggestions. He said that the rain was too fast and driving was dangerous. He had to wait for the rain to stop before leaving, but Ling Mo Feng insisted on going back earlier.

It's to take advantage of the pouring rain to cover up the traces of his meeting with her and stay a little longer.

When Ling Mo Feng's motorcade arrived at the vice president's mansion, the whole building had only a light in the front corridor. The upstairs was still dark. Ling Mo Feng's eyes were slightly surprised. He immediately pushed the door and got off the car. Chu lie had come with an umbrella. When they arrived at the hall door, the door was still unlocked.

"Yan Xi didn't come back?" The man's heartbeat, inexplicably disordered for a while, turned to look at Chu lie: "contact her!"

Chu lie quickly reached out the cell phone that was specially used to talk with LAN Yanxi, and quickly dialed her phone.

Fortunately, there were only three rings, and LAN Yanxi's voice came: "adjutant Chu, what can I do for you?"

"Sir is by the side!" After Chu lie finished, he handed Ling Mo Feng his mobile phone, and Ling Mo Feng's low voice rang: "Yan Xi, where are you now? Why didn't you go home? "

"I'm still in the reading room on the first floor of my office. It's raining heavily outside. I haven't returned yet." LAN Yanxi's beautiful eyes were slightly stunned. After a circle of brain turning, he asked with some chagrin, "you are not going home, are you?"

Ling Mo Feng replied softly, "yes, I just came back."

"Then I'll go back now and wait for me!" LAN Yanxi immediately refreshed.

"It's raining so hard now, or you can come back when the rain stops. Don't worry. I live here tonight!" Ling Mo Feng chuckled.

"It's OK. It's not far. I'll drive carefully!" LAN Yanxi was just afraid of the thunder in the sky. Now when she heard someone waiting for her at home, she was fearless. She just wanted to rush out.

"Otherwise, I'll let chulie come to pick you up. Don't drive yourself!" Ling Mo Feng is still very uneasy about her.

"Don't bother. It's a waste of time to run back and forth. I'm familiar with this road. Don't worry!" Blue words Xili said with a smile that he was in a good mood.

Ling Mo Feng was in a dull mood. Hearing her soft and sweet laughter, those unhappiness disappeared instantly.

"Chu lie, take two people with you and pick her up halfway!" Lingmo Feng finally sent chulie to go there. Even if she was just following her car on the way, she told him to rest assured.

"Yes, sir!" Chu lie immediately nods, beckons, a car comes, he sat directly in.

Ling opened the door and found that the living room was tidy and the tables and chairs were clean.

Ling Mo Feng took the cup, went to the side of the accumulation of a cup of water, looking up while drinking, while languidly reclining on the sofa.

In recent days, taking advantage of the work load, the man looks tired. He wants to squint for a while while while waiting for the beloved woman to come back.

LAN Yanxi drives, just turned a traffic light, she sees a familiar license plate, she is slightly Zheng, Ling Mo Feng will not really send Chu lie to pick her up, right?

In the next section of the road, the car followed her not far away, but also with a double flash. LAN Yanxi understood that there was a sweet feeling in her heart that she couldn't say.

Ling Mo Feng really cares about himself.

In fact, lanyanxi was also very timid on the way. Fortunately, the vice president's post was not far away, and he was almost home.

LAN Yanxi can't help but speed up.

When she got to the gate, she saw that the living room was full of lights. She could not help taking her umbrella. She got off the car and ran inside. The rain was pouring. Even if it was only a few steps, her long hair and clothes were mostly wet.

When lanyanxi ran into the living room, he was about to call out his name when he found that the man leaned on the sofa and fell asleep.

Lanyanxi's steps were unconsciously lightened. She reached out to wipe the water on her face and walked towards him.

The man sleeps heavily. His handsome face is still wearing a tired color. He wears a black suit with a white shirt on it. This is his most common dress. However, lanyanxi is not tired of seeing. The more he looks at it, the more he loves it, the more charming the man is. It's easy to hook people's minds.

Lanyanxi came to him. He had a rare chance to look at him in the bright light, only to find that his eyes and eyebrows were very beautiful. The thin lips, which were slightly pursed, made people want to join in and kiss each other.

LAN Yanxi doesn't make any mistakes in the way. What she thinks in her mind directly turns into practical action.

With her hands behind her back, she stooped and leaned over her body. Her lips were pink, and she gently printed a kiss on a man's thin lips.

This kiss woke up the man directly. Ling Mo Feng was too tired. He didn't even have time to have a dream for more than half an hour. He felt that there was a warm soft touch on his lips. The man woke up in an instant, lifted his eyes and saw a smiling face.

"Are you tired? If you don't, I won't disturb you! " Blue words hope to see wake him, immediately feel embarrassed, small face blush of say.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes, which had just woken up, were as deep and charming as the starry sky, and also dyed a smile. His long arm reached out to hug her directly: "I can't sleep. I want to hug you!"

LAN Yanxi is unprepared to plant in his arms, next second, stick to his warm and solid arms.

"Why are your clothes wet?" The man's fingers touched her coat, only to find it wet and cool. Blue Yan Xili reached out to the door and pointed out: "I was wet when I ran in just now!"

"Then go upstairs and have a bath. My hair is wet!" Ling then went to see her carefully and found that her hair was half wet and her face was still watery.

Lanyanxi was unwilling to move, but he closed his eyes and stuck them on his chest: "it's OK, I'll wash later!"

"No, it's not summer now. It's easy to catch cold. Go now!" The other arm of the man reached to her knee bend and directly held her up and walked towards the stairway. "Ah!" Lanyanxi didn't expect that the man should be so strong, so easy to hold her up. She was shocked. She wanted to ask him to put it down, but she couldn't bear his arms, so she had to stretch out two small hands, tightly encircle his neck strength, and the little mouth buried in his chest, grinned and was very proud.

Ling Mo Feng walked steadily and step by step to the stairs. The two arms tightly encircled by the girl made his heart burn. This feeling of being needed by her was very satisfying.

Arriving at the stairs, Ling took her directly to his bedroom.

"Where is my bedroom?" Said LAN Yanxi in a low voice.

"It's the same on either side. I have more room here!" Said the man in a low voice.

It's enough to have a bath in the bathroom. Why is it so spacious?

LAN Yanxi is covered.