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After hearing her last sentence, the light in Ji Xiao Han's eyes darkened in shock.

He lowered his voice and asked, "When did you see it? "Hmm?"

After Tang You You finished speaking, she turned and walked upstairs, her handsome face instantly covered with a layer of frost.

The jealousy was written all over his handsome face. He walked to the side, found his phone, opened it, found a new page, and handed it to her. "Look for yourself!"

Tang You You was a little taken aback, she reached out her hand to pick up his phone and saw a few scenes on it, which were all the pictures of them when they were shopping in the market yesterday.

"This... How did this get reported? " Tang You You was extremely shocked.

Ji Xiao Han had already taken off his blue and white sports shirt in front of her, and casually threw it on the sofa beside his.

He said flatly, "I got it!"

Tang You You was stunned, when her beautiful eyes looked at him, she saw that the man's body was extremely sturdy.

The man's body was still wet from the exercise, but it made his healthy skin even more shiny.

Ji Xiao Han didn't hesitate to turn around and face her. His chest was extremely firm and firm, and there were places where the Merfolk Fish s line under the eight pieces of abs of abdomen had extended downwards. Everywhere it went, it emitted the charisma of a man.

Tang You You suddenly felt that her eyes had no place to hide, and her breathing became hurried.

"That... You... "Why are you doing this, is there any meaning?" Tang You You's expression tensed up, and her snow-white skin was suffused with the redness of a peach flower.

What was this man doing?

Was this a challenge to her nerves?

It was really too much.

His figure is so amazing!

Ji Xiao Han looked at her flustered face before smiling in satisfaction. "Of course there's meaning, isn't this just proof that our relationship is stable? To let those who are speaking nonsense slap themselves in the face, this is the best way to retaliate. "

"But …" "I don't care at all …" Although Tang You You was trying her best to force herself to look away from his sturdy and perfect body, he was the only one who attracted the gaze of everyone in the room. As a result, she couldn't move her eyes away from the man.

"I care!" The man's voice was low and hoarse. Under Tang You You's defenses, he walked in front of her.

The male body that was a head taller than her, had such an absolute advantage that it made Tang You You's heart stop.

The male body was emitting a strong male hormone aura, making Tang You You feel like she was suffocating. She immediately turned around to leave.

The man held her wrist gently and said, "I don't want to see any negative news."

"Then... Should I say thank you? " Tang You You mustered the courage to raise his head, and looked into the pair of eyes that were as deep as the night.

Ji Xiao Han's thin, good-looking lips slightly rose: "If you want to say it, I won't stop you!"

Tang You You was really driven mad by this man. How could she have the mood to thank him now?

"The children are eating breakfast, I have to go down …"

"Children should learn to be independent as soon as possible, even when it comes to eating …" The man's voice was already so quiet that it was unspeakable. His handsome face slightly tilted down as he probed, trying to find her soft lips.

Tang You You's entire body became stiff like a statue, and even her breathing had stopped.

Suddenly, the man grabbed her hand and pressed it against his tenacious skin …

Tang You You was so scared that she quickly retracted her hand, as if she didn't have the guts to do so.

It was also at this moment that her thin lips took away her breath and she greedily kissed it.

"Ji Xiao Han, don't do this!" It was only a slight kiss on the surface, but it was quickly pushed away by Tang You You.

"Hurry up and change your clothes. The children seem to be looking forward to this trip." Tang You You hurriedly took a few steps back, lowered her head, and said this in a hurry.

"What about you?" Ji Xiao Han was not angry that she had pushed him away. Instead, he just stood there calmly, and asked her with a low voice.

Tang You You was stunned for a moment, and did her best to calm his breathing: "I'm not looking forward to it, but is it important to you?"

"Of course it's important. Although I'm taking the children out to play, you are their mother. Your opinion is equally important to me." Ji Xiao Han was sincere and his voice was filled with gentleness.

Tang You You could only blush and say, "If we're going to play, who doesn't like it? Of course I like it. "

"Then we'll have to play well!" When Ji Xiao Han heard her answer, he was instantly satisfied.

Tang You You didn't want to continue talking to him anymore. He just felt that this man was too evil, and too dangerous.

This feeling was not because he would rush towards him like a beast and bite him.

Rather, it was the fear and unease deep within his heart because of his existence. It was as if in the next second, he would sink into his abyss, beyond redemption.

That was a trembling that came from the deepest part of his soul. Tang You You had never felt such a feeling before.

Therefore, she was afraid!

However, she knew that one of her feet had long since stepped into the cave.

Tang You You went down the stairs while blushing, she did not expect to see Mu Shi Ye pushing a baby carriage into the living room.

"Yo, Wandering, what happened to your face?" Did Ji Xiao Han tease you again? " Thinking about that day on the balcony, when he accidentally caught Tang You You red-handed, Tang You You escaped. From what Mu Shi Ye saw, it was probably Ji Xiao Han who did this again.

Tang You You glared at him snappily. "Can't you be more serious?

"Me? Of course I'm going. How can my precious daughter and I miss such a fun thing? Isn't that so, Cheng Cheng? " Mu Shi Ye now treated his daughter as a treasure and took her with great care.

"Daddy, I want to play!" The little guy vaguely spat out words.