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C657 old scandal

In the morning of the next day, Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou came down from the upstairs, and the elder brother was already having breakfast with his two children. The atmosphere is very good. The old man looks at the lovely little great grandson, and his eyes are full of pampering atmosphere. Tang Xiaorui is the small version of Ji Xiaohan, which makes the old man place great hopes on him at a young age. He believes that the future of this little child is the successor of Ji family, so he wants to

tell his grandson to cultivate him well. Tang xiaonai's naivety and loveliness also brought the two elders infinite joy. Looking at the two clear and bright eyes of xiaonai, the two elders once sighed. Twenty years ago, a little angel appeared in Ji's family. Although it was not Ji's blood, the sensible and obedient little girl

still brought the two elders full memories. That person is Ji yunning. Maybe it's because Ji Jiaxiang has always had a boy relationship. Ji yunning's arrival has satisfied the ER Lao's regret that there is no granddaughter. Therefore, the ER Lao dotes on Ji yunning wholeheartedly and regards her as a granddaughter. At her very young age, the old master and son transferred 5% of the company's equity to her name, which shows the love, How deep.

It's a pity that when she was a child, she was like an angel girl. When she grew up, she was used by others and even wanted to frame their proudest grandson. Therefore, the elder two suddenly changed their attitude towards Ji yunning. Even five percent of the equity they gave her was furious and all of them were taken back. Now, Tang xiaonai's disappointment to his parents and granddaughters has once again been mended. They all believe that Tang xiaonai will never be the second Ji yunning. She is so lovely and simple, bringing them so much joy. They only hope that they can continue to enjoy life carefree in the future, not hurt.

"Daddy, Mommy!" The two little guys looked at the two people who came to the stairway with the same eyes, and their faces were full of happiness.

The old lady gave the old man a look. The old man immediately said to Ji Xiaohan, "come and sit down. I have something to ask you!"

It seems that grandpa also knows what happened in the company.

Ji Xiaohan sat down, took a cup of warm water from the housekeeper, and looked at Grandpa.

Although the old man is nearly eighty years old, he has no less keen on the market.

"Is there something wrong with the company?" he asked with a solemn face "There's something wrong, but don't worry, Grandpa. I can handle it!" Ji Xiaohan knows that Grandpa's health is not very good recently. The doctor comes to check him every other day in person. He doesn't want to increase grandpa's psychological burden. When he knew about his uncle's affairs, he was angry and admitted to the hospital. This time, if he was stimulated again, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Tang youyou sits quietly on one side, listening to the old man's question, her heart is also tight.

Last night, she forgot to ask. She thought that Ji Xiaohan's uncle would be afraid of the ER Lao. Why didn't Ji Xiaohan take the initiative to ask for their help?

But now, Tang youyou seems to understand what Ji Xiaohan said. Maybe Ji Xiaohan doesn't want his elder brother to know that he and his uncle are fighting for each other. After all, it's the saddest thing for him to have family members to kill each other.

The old man's majestic and sharp eyes, through the golden mirror, fixed on his grandson's calm expression.

"What happened? Tell me! " The old man is still worried about him.

"It's just a customer who has been poached. It's very normal in the mall. Grandpa, don't worry," said Ji Xiaohan in a low voice "Don't hide anything from me!" The old man listened to him in such a calm voice, which made him feel a little relieved. In fact, he could also directly call several old ministers of his company, but the old man didn't want to interfere in the management of the company any more. He hoped that

Sun Tzu would take the initiative to tell him the truth of the matter, and he also believed that Sun Tzu would never cheat him.

"Grandpa, you can rest at ease. I can handle the company's affairs." Season owl cold gentle care way.

"Well, handle it carefully. If you really need my help, don't be polite to grandpa!" Don't worry.

The conversation between the master and the grandson ended the breakfast. The old lady and the housekeeper uncle yuan took the children to school as usual. Ji Xiaohan also tells Tang youyou to take good care of herself. Tang youyou is bored at home, so she wants to have a meal with her Aunt Liu Xi at noon. Ji Xiaohan agrees, but when she goes out, she must go with four bodyguards. Tang youyou is also afraid of the last accident. Xin agrees.

After Ji Xiaohan arrived at the company, there were several very important meetings to be held, and the atmosphere was tense and busy.

When he came back to the office after his first meeting, the assistant knocked on the door and came in: "Mr. Ji, you have a courier!"

Season owl cold Mou color tiny narrowed, cold calm voice asked: "what express delivery?"

"I don't know. It's like documents!" The assistant didn't dare to breathe for a moment and replied nervously.

"Take it!" Ji Xiaohan seldom receives express delivery and so on. Most of the express delivery will not be directly sent to him, but will go to his assistant's side and then be conveyed to him by his assistant, Lu Qing.

Assistant quickly put the express delivery on his desk. Ji Xiao stared at his eyes for two seconds, took it and tore the outer package.

All of a sudden, there are some pictures falling down.

Ji Xiaohan's expression is stiff. He quickly picks up the picture to see the people in the picture. One is his biological father, and the other is a woman It's the woman Bai Liuyin that grandma asked him to investigate.

Ji Xiaohan was shocked. When he saw the time for taking photos, his eyes were more stiff and his handsome face was gloomy. It turns out that seven years after his father and mother got married, Ji Xiaohan looks blue and blue. He quickly looked at the photos. The time of each year is different. He wants to check whether the time was handled by others, but there is no trace of handling. Is there any direct contact with this woman after his father and mother got married?

How could this happen?

Does Dad always have an affair?

Ji Xiaohan's nerves are already tense. Now after seeing these photos, he is even more messy.

He always thought that even if his father didn't love his mother, he was definitely a responsible and moral person. But now, these photos make him have serious doubts.

The two people in the picture seem to have been secretly photographed. It's just because they are secretly photographed that they are very close when they get along. Ji Xiaohan clenches his fist tightly and smashes it on the table without doubt. This must be what Ji Lin showed him on purpose to distract his mind.