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Ji Tingyan lies on the bed. She can't sleep. She goes to count the holes in the mosquito net next to her. She's dizzy and has to give up. She reaches for her mobile phone and looks at the time. It's almost ten o'clock. There's a text message sent by her elder brother. Let her listen to bondeng's arrangement here. Don't be capricious.

Elder brother, do you believe in tieting so soon?

Is it a brother or sister? Ji Tingyan is angry for a while. Suddenly she hears the sound of the door being pushed open. She is so scared that she quickly retracts into the quilt and pretends to be asleep.

After tie Ting came in, she took a look at the woman on the bed. She was all in the quilt. I don't know if she was really too tired to sleep or play hide and seek with him.

No matter what, tie Ting's mood is good. Even he feels that he will be in a good mood all night.

Tie Ting went directly into the bathroom to take a bath. The sound of the water made Ji Tingyan's nervous tension relax. She sat up and looked at the direction of the bathroom. Only then did she find that the glass door was equivalent to nothing, and she could see the blurred figure inside. At this moment, even the parts on tie Ting's body were obviously scratched.

"I'll go." Ji Tingyan took a breath in fright and quickly put her hand over her eyes. But next second, she put her hand down again. Why don't she look at it? When she was bathing in the bathroom, she was sitting in the chair and looking at it in a bright way.

Thinking of this, Ji Tingyan has an impulse to flatten people. Who designed the door? It's so humiliating.

After Ji Tingyan finished watching the process of feting Ting bathing in it, the man came out wearing a thin Pajama after cleaning it. Seeing that the woman was not sleeping and sitting on the bed, he couldn't help laughing: "I thought you were asleep, what were you thinking?"

Ji Tingyan reaches out and points to the bathroom door: "who designed this door? Why can I see the figure inside outside? "

Tie Ting Jun's face swells. It's over. Has she found out?

"My brother designed it. He did it all." Tie Ting really didn't want to push the responsibility, but the fact is that he just sat in the chair and watched the whole process of her bathing.

Ji Tingyan is ashamed to see others. Seeing from the perspective of her just now, isn't there no more privacy for herself?

"Don't be shy, I didn't see it." Men know what she's thinking and can only smile and comfort her.

"I don't believe it. What's your brother's hobby? Why use this kind of glass?" Ji Tingyan is still embarrassed to death. She and feting are not married. They are just in love now.

"My brother's consideration at that time may be one room for one person. Anyway, there is no risk of being watched. Who would have thought of you coming?" Tie Ting saw that she was angry and embarrassed. He was inexplicably cute. So he opened the mosquito net and lay down on the side. He explained to his brother by the way.

Ji Tingyan can only recognize the plant, a pair of beautiful eyes tightly stare at the man's eyes: "what do you see?"

"Nothing." Men are full of desire to survive.

"Is it? I see a cucumber. " Ji Tingyan gnaws her teeth angrily.

Tie Ting: "..."

This time the man blushed, and tie Ting scolded his brother in the bottom of his heart.

Ji Tingyan lay down and felt that she had not suffered any loss, so she chuckled.

"Go to sleep, stop thinking and clear your mind." Tie Ting reached over and patted her on the shoulder, coaxing her like a child.

"I didn't think about it." Ji Tingyan refuses to admit her death.

Tie Ting dotes on a sigh, gently lean over, her whole person into the arms, holding.

"I wish I could meet you later, so we don't need to be separated." Tie Ting attached to her ears, low, her hair between the fragrance, Qin into his heart, he squinted greedily enjoy.

"If I meet you later, I may be someone else's wife. You don't know. My parents are anxious to marry me out." Ji Tingyan makes fun of herself.

Tie Ting was shocked and hugged her more tightly: "you have nothing against your parents when you are with me?"

"I haven't told them yet. I shouldn't object. My father said last time, as long as I like it." Ji Tingyan chuckles.

"Just you like it. If the other party disagrees, will your father force you to marry him?" The man reached out and pinched her waist as punishment.

Ji Tingyan explained in a low voice: "the premise is that both people should like each other. What time is it? There are strong marriages and strong marriages."

"Yes, there are many people who are not as loved as you are. Some women's fate is very miserable. There are many kinds of commercial marriages, which are not uncommon." Tie Ting sighed.

Ji Tingyan immediately turned around and looked at him. "Don't you almost get married?"

"Tie Ting shook his head:" I didn't, my brother almost

"By the way, you haven't talked to me about your mother. What kind of person is your mother?" Ji Tingyan shrank in his arms and listened softly.

Tie Ting stared at the wall and thought for a moment, then replied: "my mother is a very powerful person. After my father's accident, she has a great impact on her. She is bound to revive the company. One person gritted his teeth and brought me up with my brother. Now my brother and I are hiding from her to find enemies, but she is afraid that she will be very angry."

"You came here without telling her? Why don't you tell her? " It's hard to believe that Ji Tingyan's eyes have been widened.

"I'm afraid she can't bear it, and I don't want to make her afraid." Tie Ting said in a low voice.

"But if anything happens to you, she will know it." Ji Tingyan is also in a heavy mood.

"We have a detailed plan this time, and nothing will happen. Believe me, I have been planning with my brother for many years, and I have a lot of evidence in my hand. This time, we are going to end his people and his nest." Tie Ting comforted her softly.

"Well." Ji Tingyan naturally believes him.

The atmosphere is quiet for a while, but the temperature is rising again. I don't know if it's too close. The hormone breath of men makes Ji Tingyan want to explore the structure of men.

When tieting found the sign, he immediately reached for her wrist: "don't move. Go to sleep. I'll take you out of here at noon tomorrow."

"Ah, not the day after tomorrow?" Ji Tingyan is stunned.

"I don't want to have more trouble. I'll send you away tomorrow. In order to meet you as soon as possible, will you not be angry?" The man's thin lips kissed her on the forehead.

"Well, I promise to leave tomorrow, but you have to let go now." Ji Tingyan's capricious request. When tie Ting released her hand, the woman's hand went in like a snake.

The man was shocked, the woman

Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes are also quivering. How could they be better than her wrist Big.

Scared, she quickly managed to behave herself. She could not be shy.

Tie Ting Qi laughed: "what's the matter? Scared? "

"I'm sleeping. Good night." Ji Tingyan did not dare to go around. She turned her back and closed her eyes, but her mind was full of what she had just done. That night, she was going to lose sleep.

Tie Ting thought that she was really asleep, so he also lay down and covered the quilt for her. The temperature difference here is big sooner or later, and it will be very cold at night.

Ji Tingyan is dizzy. She thinks about something she doesn't have. Unconsciously, she is really asleep.

In the middle of the night, she felt a little cold, leaning against the man, who was warm as a stove.