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C1968 begins to approach

Ji Tingyan has no choice but to fall into bondeng's arms. Feeling his strong physique, she looks ashamed and stands still again with the strength of his chest.

"Tie Ting, this joke is not funny." Embarrassed and annoyed, Ji Tingyan frowned.

Yesterday, he was still in the hotel where she came from and where she went. Now, he even said such ambiguous words.

"I'm not kidding. I'll be thirty soon. I really need to think about life." Tie Ting looked at her with sincerity, deep and quiet at the bottom of her eyes, with a light smile.

Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes look at him in amazement. Is this man really here?

"I'm sorry, I'm not in the mood to talk about feelings right now. I I'm hungry. I'm going to eat. " Ji Tingyan carefully bypasses him and walks quickly towards the house.

Left a face depressed tie ting.

When Ji Tingyan was about to enter the door, a shadow flashed quickly. Before she could see it clearly, the man disappeared.

She shook her head, thinking that she had just fainted and was dazed.

When she returned to her seat, she did not see Li Jingwen and asked Cheng Yue curiously, "where is Jingwen?"

"Didn't she go to the bathroom?" Cheng Yue found that Li Jingwen had been there for a long time.

Next to Wang orange smilingly said: "won't it be eating bad belly?"

"I'll see." Cheng Yue immediately gets up, just at this time, Li Jingwen's face is a little ugly and walks back.

"What's the matter? The expression is not right. " Cheng Yue immediately asked.

Li Jingwen vomited: "I met a mouse with a thick skin."

Ji Tingyan didn't like her words for some reason. When she first met them, she actually liked both bodyguards. But on the way, she obviously felt that Li Jingwen's professionalism was not as good as Cheng Yuehao.

Of course, it's normal, no matter what career, there are excellent points.

"No, you're afraid of mice?" Wang Cheng immediately asked in surprise.

Li Jingwen gave him a bad look: "I'm not afraid. I almost want to kick it to death."

Cheng Yue sees Li Jingwen's mood is a little fierce. She's afraid that Ji Tingyan won't like her. She quickly pacifies her: "OK, don't be angry. We are still on a mission."

Li Jingwen just sat back in her seat, but her heart was broken. Just now, she saw Ji Tingyan throwing her arms to tie ting in the corridor. Her heart was really sad. Unexpectedly, the eldest daughter of Ji family was still a scheming girl. She seduced tie ting in such an indecent way. Even if tie Ting followed her one day.

The tall figure of feting comes in from the gate. Seeing him, Lu Mengmeng immediately sticks to him: "brother feting, all the dishes have been served. Come and have a meal."

Tie Ting looks at Ji Tingyan. Ji Tingyan's heart beats faster, pretends not to find out, and starts eating with chopsticks.

After eating, a group of people started to set out again. This time, feting directly let Lu Mengmeng sit in the vice he to drive away. Lu Mengmeng had a proud look at Ji Tingyan, opened the door and sat in, thinking that brother feting had taken care of her at last.

Ji Tingyan doesn't care about the change of position at all. She sits in the back seat. When she wants to close the door, her tall body comes in strongly, and the arranged driver gets on the car.

"You..." Lu Meng stared at the driver angrily.

The driver's eldest brother looked at her with a face covered in circles, and heard a deep male voice from behind: "let's go, slow down."

Lu Mengmeng found out that she had been tricked. Moreover, the person who played her was still her sweetheart. She had no place to breathe and her eyes were red.

Ji Tingyan also finds that tie Ting deliberately plays a trick on Lu Mengmeng. She thinks that this man is really bad. She knows the other's mind, but she uses her as a shield.

Ji Tingyan sits on the other side and gives a low sigh. He's not a man who likes to talk too much. It seems that Ji Tingyan has a problem with herself. Although he's depressed, he has no choice.

Ji Tingyan takes out her mobile phone and takes many photos. When she looks back at the scenery of bonding, she sees a poem temple on the top of the high mountain. In the white world, it's so ethereal and far away. She quickly leans towards the man.

Tie Ting was suddenly squeezed by her. Her mind was in a state of confusion. She thought she was going to do something. She saw her press the camera outside.

After Ji Tingyan finished shooting, she bowed her head to check the effect. She was not satisfied with the shooting. She wanted to take more pictures.

"Change your position." The man whispered.

Ji Tingyan nodded and bent to move to the other side of the man.

Unfortunately, just as she got up and moved, the car suddenly hit the top, like a stone, Ji Tingyan sat on the man without any precaution.

"Well!" She heard a groan from the man. Ji Tingyan was also embarrassed. She pretended that she was OK and moved quickly.

Tie Ting only felt that thousands of descendants were in tears, and he pinched his big palm into a fist.

Lu Mengmeng hears that they have changed their positions, and turns to look at them angrily.

Ji Tingyan secretly takes a look at the man's expression. Tie Ting has to pretend that nothing happens.

"Sorry, are you ok?" Ji Tingyan still feels that she needs to care about him. As an adult, if she is like an ignorant girl again, she will be a little ignorant.

"Don't worry, it's not broken." Tie Ting has a deep voice, just like a magnet.

Ji Tingyan: "..." Hot face.

Lu Mengmeng turned around curiously and asked, "brother tieting, what hasn't broken?"

"Nothing." Tie Ting immediately answered her lightly.

Ji Tingyan is so ashamed, she lowers her head, as if she really has a secret to tie ting.

Lu Meng snorted angrily: "brother Jieting, don't you like being with me? Why don't you tell me what I ask you. "

"I promise your grandfather to show you the scenery. I will do it." Tie Ting has no other feelings for Lu Mengmeng. She only thinks that she is a foreign sister. There are some things that naturally don't need to be explained to her too much.

"I'm not here to see the scenery." Lu Meng's mouth is muffled, and his voice drops.

Ji Tingyan holds up her camera again and finds that she has missed the scenery. She is a little frustrated.

"If you like the scenery, I'll send it to you." Tie Ting guessed her mind and soothed her in a low voice.

Ji Tingyan is stupefied for a moment, then nods: "thank you, I really like it."

"When can you send me a picture?" Tie Ting had the cheek to open his mouth.

Ji Tingyan looks at him in amazement, and the man looks sincere.

"If it's difficult, forget it." Tie Ting wants to, but she can't help but be strong.

Ji Tingyan thought of his help in the last two days and gave him a picture. She nodded and agreed, "when I have time, I will draw one for you."

"Good!" Tie Ting suddenly smiled. The whole person seemed to be melting away the ice and snow for thousands of years, which made people feel like spring breeze.

Ji Tingyan is in a trance. Unexpectedly, the man looks good when he smiles.