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Ji yunning sits on the sofa alone. Ji Lin and Ji Shangqing go out. She suddenly stands up and pushes the door of Ji Lin's room open. She is suffering every day now. She has to accompany the old man every few days. She is really going to collapse. This is not the life she wants. It's better to be locked in the cell and live a life than to live a life like this The pure days of man.

So, Ji yunning really doesn't want to waste any more. She needs to help Ji Xiaohan find evidence as soon as possible, so that Ji Lin's reputation will be ruined and he will pay a heavy price for his crime. In fact, Ji yunning is really thinking about whether to poison Ji Lin directly every day. But after the thought flashed in her mind, she was inexplicably sad. Thinking that she was raised by him, her heart would be soft and hard.

Rather than let him die, Ji yunning would like to see his end, to see that his mask was torn off when his face was disdained. Ji

yunning takes a rag and wipes it back and forth on Ji Lin's desk, but her eyes are staring at the data. She thinks whether she can find something useful in it.

At last, Ji yunning started to search directly. Suddenly, she saw a map, on which she circled a place with a pen of about color. Ji yunning saw that the place circled was actually a school.

Ji yunning quickly took a cell phone to secretly take a picture of the content on this piece of paper, and then sort out the data with a guilty heart.

Ji yunning knew that Ji Lin didn't install a monitor in his study before he dared to come in so boldly to find evidence.

However, Ji yunning still has an instinctive fear of him because she was trained severely by Ji Lin since childhood. After taking the picture, she quickly turned around and went out.

In the afternoon, Ji Lin came back. Ji yunning poured him a cup of tea. He went to his study with a dark face. "

Wang Kun will call you later. Don't go out with him so actively." Ji Lin suddenly turned around and asked her with a cold face. Season

yunning's face changed a little. He sneered at the bottom of his heart, but he pretended to be surprised: "what's the matter, daddy, he made you angry?" "

this old fox dare to calculate me and make so many decisions without my knowledge." Ji Lin is extremely angry to scold. Season

yunning nodded: "OK, he will ask me again next time, I won't go out." Ji

Lin turns around and goes into his study. Ji yunning helps him put the tea on his desk, then turns around and comes out and hangs it on his throat. He doesn't know if he will know if he looks at his things.

Ji Lin took the tea and blew it away. He was about to drink it. Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes and saw a small silver needle rolling on the desk. His face suddenly changed. Who moved his desk?

Ji turns around and stares at the direction of the door. There is no one else at home except Ji yunning. How can a girl touch his things? Ji is a suspicious person, almost to the point of metamorphosis. He deliberately put a needle in his file pile to prevent someone from moving his things.

Before that needle didn't fall out, but today, it fell on the table. There was only one possibility. Ji yunning turned his things. Season

yunning sneers in his heart. Is it possible that his daughter, who was raised by himself, would betray himself? Season

turned over the information bag on his desktop warily and found that the thread of one bag was twisted reversely. He has a habit of twisting the thread anticlockwise, which is his personal habit. At this time, there was a knock outside the door. Ji yunning pushed the door and said, "Daddy, I'll go to the supermarket to buy something. Do you have anything to buy? I'll buy it together! " "

no need, be careful!" Ji Lin looks at her expression quietly. It's no different. She's surprised. As a daughter raised by himself, Ji Lin certainly knows some of Ji yunning's characters very well.

She seems delicate and soft, but her heart is definitely stronger than the general girl. Pretending to be weak is a way for him to educate her when he was young. Does she use this way to deal with him now? Ji

actually, yunning pushes the door in, and also wants to make sure that Ji Lin has found anything wrong. However, it seems that there is no difference when he sits there and drinks tea leisurely. She is a little relieved. Ji

yunning goes downstairs, and Ji Lin immediately makes a phone call.

"Look at Ji yunning and see where she's going?" Ji Lin called one of his subordinates. The first thing he did when he came back home was to raise a group of people to work for him. Among them, there were professionals who focused on him. Ji

yunning went downstairs, sat in the car, looked around, and drove out. She did go to the supermarket, but when she got there, she went to the women's bathroom first.

The man who followed her could only wait outside and not enter.

Ji yunning is in the bathroom and sends the photo he took to Ji Xiaohan directly. Xiao Han's phone call came. "

what is this picture?" The reason why Ji Xiao is so anxious is that the school his children are studying is marked on the map.

"I saw it in a file bag on Ji Lin's desk. I don't know what it is, but I believe you can understand it. Brother Xiaohan, what's the meaning of this sign is just the location of a school?" Ji yunning didn't know which school his two children were studying in, so he didn't understand the meaning of the icon.

"This is my two children's school. Why does Ji Lin mark this school? The purpose is obvious. Yunning, thank you for telling me this." Ji Xiaohan is very grateful to her. "

isn't it Is he going to fight your child? Oh, he can do everything. Brother Xiaohan, you should be careful and look after your children. Don't let him succeed again! " Ji yunning feels that Ji Lin is really hopeless. He is afraid that in order to get back the management power of the company, he will really lose his conscience and do more terrible things.

"I will strengthen my defense, and thank you for your reminding. You should be careful when living with him now. He is very cunning. If you want to move out of his place, I can find a new residence for you!" It's also a very dangerous thing for Ji yunning to help himself. "

No, he won't be on my guard!" Ji yunning shook his head and chuckled, "brother Xiaohan cares about me. I'm satisfied."