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Daddy, you have to give way to the Mummy.

"Mummy, I'm sleeping. I can't even open my eyes." Tang Xiao Nai jumped down from his father's embrace and ran in front of Tang You You to lie down, like a lazy little bug.

Ji Xiao Han had nothing to say to this woman, but just as he was about to leave, Tang You You suddenly said: "Mr. Ji, there is something that I must mention, didn't you say earlier that the beach villa is for me and my child to live in, and that you will be staying at the halfway point of the mountain? But now I find out that you've been living in this house for days. How long are you planning to stay? "

Outside the door, Tang Xiao Rui had his hands behind his back, a pair of large, astute eyes blinking. He listened to his parents' words one word at a time.

Seeing the two adults becoming more and more noisy, Tang Xiao Rui immediately coughed: "Daddy, do you want to sleep with me or not? If you don't, I won't be able to sleep by my side."

When Ji Xiao Han heard his son cough, he thought that this brat was going to speak up for his Mummy again.

"Did you hear that? My son is already used to sleeping with me. I'm afraid he won't be able to change his mind anytime soon." Ji Xiao Han laughed coldly with incomparable pride.

Tang You You was also startled, sshe did not expect her son to be such a ghost, he had actually turned on his side.

"You heartless little thing, I've loved you for nothing!" Tang You You sighed bitterly.

She lowered her head to look at her daughter who was lying on her lap. Her daughter's large eyes were half closed, and she looked like she was about to fall asleep.

"Mummy, don't argue with Daddy. Daddy is very good to Xiao Nai." Even though she couldn't resist the bugs' invasion, Tang Xiao Nai still voiced out her little wish before falling asleep.

Tang You You sighed helplessly again. This man only knew how to pamper his children. As expected, having milk is a mother, and having sugar is a father.

The two little fellows began to slowly accept the existence of this man. Their hearts felt like they had lost a piece, empty air.

He couldn't tell what it was like!

Perhaps, soon, she would learn to accept the fact that the child was not only her own treasure, but also the man's.

Hugging her daughter in her arms, the little fellow slept in Mummy's embrace. The familiar aura caused her to fall asleep with extreme ease.

Tang You You lowered her head and stared at the exquisite and cute little face in her arms. Her daughter's facial features looked a little like Ji Xiao Han's, but the parts of her eyes and mouth were similar to hers.

"Sleep, my darling!" Tang You You lowered his head, and kissed his daughter's little forehead as he muttered to her.

Next door!

Ji Xiao Han went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Her black, healthy, short hair was dripping with water, and her entire body was filled with a wild, tyrannical aura. If a woman saw this, she would definitely scream.

Ji Xiao Han would never dress up like this in front of his daughter, but there was only a tiny little man in his room right now.

"Why aren't you asleep yet?" Ji Xiao Han walked to the bedside, stretched out his hand and intentionally messed up his son's beautiful short hair. With a smile on his lips, he asked gently and enchantingly.

"Daddy, you said … Isn't it embarrassing for a man to quarrel with a woman? " Even though the little fellow was a bit sleepy, it sobered up when he thought about the quarrel between his father and Mummy.

Ji Xiao Han's actions of wiping his short hair with a dry towel froze, and his pair of gloomy eyes stared directly at his son's cunning big eyes.

"What are you trying to say?" had already seen through his son's restless little heart, and definitely would not treat him as someone from the same age as himself. This little thing was about to turn into a little person, sometimes, things look even more thorough than an adult, completely terrifying.

Tang Xiao Rui laughed, his small mouth puckering up, he spoke with an experienced tone: "I'm saying, when you are fighting with Mummy, can you make my Mummy, my Mummy, naturally have a stupid mouth? She does not have the talent to be a shrew, she cannot argue with you, but, if you are to argue, she will feel wronged, and if you hold it in for too long, she will have a heart attack."

"You think she's stupid?" Ji Xiao Han felt that this little fellow was completely spouting nonsense. Tang You You's mouth was really strong, he had been rendered speechless by her words many times.

Tang Xiao Rui said as he nodded her head seriously, "Of course, don't you see that Mummy cannot beat you every single time? Daddy, you're a man! You should have some demeanor and bearing. In the future, don't lower yourself to her level, alright? "

Ji Xiao Han was exhausted!

Just a moment ago, he was secretly delighted that his son had begun to help him. Unexpectedly, the moment the door was closed, the little guy came out to speak up for the woman again.

"Son, you better listen up. If I really wanted to bicker with her, she would have already been thrown out of space by me. Do you understand?" When Ji Xiao Han talked with his son, he did not have much to worry about.

His son was young and had a strong heart. He understood a lot of things, but he also understood them. Unlike his innocent daughter, he had to be extra careful when she spoke.

Tang Xiao Rui blinked his big eyes, and shook his head as if he did not understand what was going on, "Daddy, tell me honestly, do you not like my Mummy at all?"

Ji Xiao Han's expression became stiff, and the speed at which he was wiping his hair inexplicably increased.

"Yeah, are you disappointed?" Ji Xiao Han replied indifferently, he turned and glanced at his son.

Tang Xiao Rui imitated his master and sighed: "Then Xiao Nai the Idiot, we will never be a complete family. We are so pitiful."

Ji Xiao Han's chest was stifled. Looking at his son's small expression of disappointment, he felt an inexplicable pain in his heart.

He reached out his hand and stroked his little head, "Don't worry, Daddy will never leave you."

"But you will marry another woman in the future …"

Ji Xiao Han choked, and suddenly was speechless.