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C1415. It's obvious

LAN Yanxi didn't expect that her second uncle LAN Bai would call her to talk about the problem of finding a job after graduation. It's really embarrassing. LAN Yanxi doesn't care what work LAN Xianxian is going to do.

"Yan Xi, slim wants to work in the general office. You stayed there for a while to see if there is a suitable job for her. I don't have a high demand for her. I just want to find her a chance to experience quickly. Please pay attention to your sister." Lambert was on the phone, smiling, pleading.

LAN Yanxi really doesn't want to help. Let alone that she had a fight with blue fiber last time. Even if there was no fight, blue fiber's work won't be bothered by her.

She still remembers blue fiber's heroic words in those days. Even if she didn't work in her life, she would be rich and rich. Why did she want to find a job before she graduated from university?

Blue fiber is now a junior student. Although she has reached the stage of internship, she has to work for thousands of people. She doesn't have to go to the general office to be an ordinary employee.

"Second uncle, cousin, she is joking. She has such a high vision. How can she see the tedious and boring work of the general office?" Blue words hope light ridicule.

"Yan Xi, I just want her to go to the general office to work and take in her temperament. I think after you worked there for a while, the whole person will be different and have a lot of sense." LAN Baike praises her, which means that she must put her daughter into the general office to work.

"Er Shu, I can't make up my mind about this kind of thing. Otherwise, let your cousin send her resume first. If she can be hired by any department, it also proves that she has the strength." LAN Yanxi also showed his attitude and was unwilling to help.

"Yan Xi, the second uncle was nice to you since childhood. If you don't want to help, I'll let her go to her grandfather, and let her grandfather go to the vice president to help you." LAN Bai intentionally embarrasses her and mentions Ling Mo Feng.

LAN Yanxi is so angry. Is this second uncle threatening her?

"Second uncle, you know that Ling Mo Feng and I have a bad relationship. Don't you let him come to see our blue family joke to embarrass him?" LAN Yanxi asked directly angrily.

"Yan Xi, do you have a bad relationship with Mr. vice president? Second uncle doesn't know. He thought he got you into the general office. " Lambert put on an expression of surprise.

"I have a bad relationship with him. Isn't uncle Er very clear? You don't want to act here. At least you have to show some sincerity to chat with uncle and nephew. " LAN Yanxi is stimulated and angry.

"Well, Yan Xi, don't be angry. The second uncle didn't mean to promote your pain. It's just the matter of microfibril work. I must do it for her. You know my daughter's temper. I have to satisfy her in everything from small to large. Who makes me a good father?" LAN Bai's smile is gentle, but between words, she is still stabbing LAN Yanxi. After all, she lost her father's protection and was lonely.

"Then try your own way. I can't help you." LAN Yanxi directly hung up his mobile phone, his eyes were slightly red, and his uncle was becoming more and more excessive.

Lanyanxi didn't expect lanbai to actually go through the back door. At noon the next day, she saw LANBO standing in front of her, with her hands on her back, wearing a set of elegant work clothes. She also knocked on her desk with her hands: "cousin, I work in the news department, and then we are colleagues."

LAN Yanxi looked up at her and said, "do you want me to congratulate you?"

"No, even if you say it, it's not from the heart. I don't understand. Why don't you let me work here? Am I in your way or in your way? " LAN Xianxian is an arrogant girl. Yesterday, she heard her father say that Lan Yanxi didn't want to help her at all. She immediately remembered that Lan Yanxi seemed to be deliberately guarding against her. She came to work and came to look for LAN Yanxi to show off.

LAN Yanxi frowned and said coldly: "it's working time now. If you don't have any business to ask me, please leave quickly. I'm very busy!"

"Lan Yanxi, if you are afraid, you should quit this game as early as possible. I'm afraid that you will lose miserably when it comes." Blue fibril suddenly stooped down, close to her ear, and said this unkind words with a smile on her face.

LAN Yanxi's heart was startled, his expression was frozen, and he glared at her angrily: "Lan Xianxian, I warn you, don't mess about!"

"Oh, what is your right to warn me? Fair competition. " Blue fiber sees success to enrage her, a happy smile immediately, a pair of successful good mood.

LAN Yanxi already knew what she meant by competition. She was cold and sad. Her cousin ran to the general office to rob his fiance. What's the reason?

Knowing that this is the bottom line of morality, but still using feet to practice, blue fiber is shameless.

"Blue fiber, do you know what you're doing?" Lanyanxi stood up, pulled her arm angrily, and went to the nearby passage with few people. He asked angrily.

"I know, but who told you not to give him up to me? Just because you don't love him doesn't mean I don't love him. Such a good man can't be found with a lantern. How can you be blind? LAN Yanxi, I won't let you harm such a good man. He deserves to be accompanied by a woman who loves her more. " Blue slender expression looks more angry and resentful than blue Yanxi.

LAN Yanxi was stunned. She didn't expect that there were more reasons for blue fiber than her own.

"Let go of me!" "Lan Yanxi, I want to compete with you. I want to be happier than you. I want to prove to my grandfather that I am Lingmo Feng's real daughter. It's useless to force a marriage." Since LAN Xianxian was pointed at by LAN Yanxi last time, he has been angry and unwilling. That's why he found her father, LAN Bai, and made her stand here.

"You're crazy!" Lanyanxi did not know what words to describe his mood, and how to wake up this shameless woman.

"I'm not crazy. I'm awake. Lanyanxi, it's you who have a problem. You are blind, blind and self righteous." Blue fiber scolded after the end, the mood is comfortable, ready to turn around to leave, but saw behind a cold woman, hands around the chest looking at their bustle.

Wang Xinyi's strong woman's aura made LAN Xianxian dare not offend her. She immediately lowered her head and left quickly.

LAN Yanxi was unable to stand on his feet, and turned to lean on the wall. His expression was complicated and full of self mockery.

This is her family. She never saw their true faces clearly. Before, she didn't want to see them. She was afraid of polluting her eyes. Now, she had to see them. Only then did she find out that the so-called family is the snobbish eye that can compete for things by any means.

"Who is she?" Wang Xinyi came over and saw that her eyes were red with anger, but she could not help but bear the tears and was heartbroken.

"My cousin!" LAN Yanxi's self mocking answer.

"You don't seem to have a good relationship!" Wang Xinyi shrugs her shoulders. After all, she just saw the good play by accident.

"Sister Xinyi, I'm sorry, I'm going to work now!" LAN Yanxi is afraid that his boss will blame him for bringing his private affairs to work, so he quickly lowers his head to leave.

"Lan Yanxi, last time I asked you to chat with Mr. vice president, how was your chat?" Wang Xinyi suddenly asked her.

"We didn't talk!" LAN Yanxi replied in a low voice.

"Mr. vice president works on the fifth floor. You are so close. But why are two hearts so far away from each other? Can't you go to him on your own initiative if he can't help looking for you? Since it's destined to get married, it's better to moderate the relationship! " Wang Xinyi advised her in a low voice.

"Sister Xinyi, I know you care about me very much, but there are some things that I can't do alone. In fact, my situation is not so bad." LAN Yanxi also endured hardships in her heart. She was very sorry that she could not tell the truth to a person who really cared about herself.

"If you really can't get together well, you can make your heart stronger and live freely in the future." Wang Xinyi finds that all kinds of persuasion are futile and useless. She can only be persuaded to think more about the good direction.