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C789 no longer a gentleman

The girl's bright eyes look over, and Luo Jin's face turns red again.

"The next time someone asks you this in person, you should explain it to them clearly and don't let them misunderstand you." Luo Jinyu didn't answer her directly, but it was obvious that he was jealous.

Yang ChuChu covered her face with a snigger, then she nodded seriously: "don't worry, I will explain it to others clearly, but can I say your name?"

Luo Jin is very proud!

Yang ChuChu put out his hand: "you asked me to explain clearly to others. If you don't tell the truth, how can you explain clearly?"

Luo Jinyu was asked by her. He reached out and touched her lovely long hair. He deliberately touched it: "well, you can say what you want!"

"Really?" Yang ChuChu is so happy that he can fly.

Luo Jinyu looks at the corner of her mouth and feels better for no reason. He leans slightly, and his thin lips get a kiss on her forehead: "it was Sophie who purposely blacked it before that, so people will attack you. It won't be again. I won't let people hurt you easily."

Hot kiss, printed in her forehead, Yang ChuChu only feels warm and reassured in her heart.

"Well, I guess it's Miffy who's up to something!" Yang ChuChu said angrily, biting his teeth.

"She won't be!" Luo Jinyu stood up straight, unbuttoned his black vest, and walked to the bathroom: "I'll take a bath!"

"Well!" Yang ChuChu saw that he really didn't leave. He was excited and happy. He grabbed the quilt tightly with two small hands, and his mind was full of endless flowers and snow.

"Haha!" Yang ChuChu, like a sly fox, laughs badly.

Ten minutes later, Luo Jinyu came out. He was tall and strong, covered with a gray robe, and was oppressed by the concealed King's domineering spirit.

Yang ChuChu's big black and bright eyes looked over and saw that the man tied a suit of robes tightly. She knew that this man might just literally sleep with her tonight.

Luo Jinyu went to the bedside, gently lifted one side of the quilt and sat in.

Because Yang ChuChu slept, so the quilt is still warm.

Luo Jinyu reached out and touched her long hair: "lie down, go to sleep, it's late!"

Yang ChuChu had to lie down, slightly shaken, but she is not so obedient good child.

As soon as she lay down, she went into the man's arms.

Luo Jinyu knew that she would not lie down safely. However, she did not expect that a small hand would be out of order when she came here.


"Don't move! That's it! " A muffled voice came from my arms.

Luo Jinyu's brain was blank for several seconds. This little thing almost tore off his nightgown, and the whole person was sticking to it. Can you sleep well in this way?

"Well!" The man's voice is full of dullness and danger.

All of a sudden, Yang ChuChu began to laugh again. It was very mean to laugh, because she found that he didn't have such a gentleman. Even if he was rational, his body was not rational.

Luo Jinyu feels that his breath is slightly sluggish, and the heat of his body makes his eyes darker.

In winter, it will be cold, but he will sweat.

There was a helpless chuckle from the top of his head, and Yang ChuChu was more relieved.

"Last time, did it hurt?" Luo Jinyu suddenly cares about her in a hoarse voice.

"Well, it's killing me!" Yang ChuChu shouted and answered, then she laughed again: "I heard that it will hurt for the first time, and then it will not hurt, is that so?"

Luo Jin Yu said in a dull voice, "I'm not a woman. How can I know?"

"Then, let's try to see if it hurts!" Yang ChuChu immediately laughed.

"Are you sure?" At this moment, Luo Jinyu is also on the verge of collapse. He is also a normal man.

Holding his favorite woman in her arms, she has a variety of small movements, which stir his whole body's nerves, almost all of them will break, so when he can't bear it, he really doesn't want to bear it anymore.

"Sure!" Yang ChuChu nodded

"How dare you!" Luo Jinyu found that Yang ChuChu's courage in this respect was beyond his imagination.

Yang ChuChu was not happy immediately: "I'm brave, because I love you. If I want to change someone, I'll die!"

Luo Jinyu was directly laughed by her, and then, with a turn of his body, he had already pressed her down.

Thin lips no longer any hesitation, kiss her soft lips.

An hour later, someone was holding his small waist and looking tired. Who said it didn't hurt for the second time?

Luo Jinyu came out of the bathroom, and looked at her black eyes flashing with resentment. He was stunned at once, walked over quickly, and asked softly, "what's the matter?"

"Not much, next time!" Although Yang ChuChu is in pain, he is happy!

Luo Jin Yu's eyes were all spoiled. He put his hand around her and comforted her with a mute voice: "well, don't think about it. Go to sleep!"

"Well!" Yang ChuChu was so happy that he fell into his arms.

Then, she suddenly thought of something and immediately asked, "we have no measures just now. What if there is a baby?"

"Married, born!" Luo Jin didn't think about it, just answered her gently.

"I don't want to get married so early!" Yang ChuChu immediately shook his head: "I also want to have more than a few years of two people world with you!"

"Isn't it good to let it go?" Luo Jinyu frowned.

"Well, let it be!" Yang ChuChu nodded, but she thought in her heart that she would go to buy medicine in the morning tomorrow. She would never have a baby now. Marriage could be considered.


Ji Xiaohan's private plane also stops on his private apron.

In the snow, several black cars are waiting by.

The figure of a tall and crazy bully came down from the elevator. It was Ji Xiaohan, his assistant Lu Qing and several bodyguards.

"Boss!" The driver's eldest brother and several bodyguards immediately greeted them.

Season owl cold toward them with the first sign: "go home!"

Sitting in the car, the season owl leaned on the car chair, looking very cold.

This time I went abroad to see my uncle, but I didn't get nothing for nothing. He was almost sure that my father's death was not an accident. It had a great relationship with my uncle.

Just, where is he going to find the evidence?

It seems that he is going to visit his mother tomorrow. Maybe she will know something.

Back at Ji's house, it was more than 12 o'clock in the morning.

Ji Xiaohan steps up the stairs and walks to the children's room as usual.

Just push away to see, two little guys shrink in the quilt, is sleeping sweet.

He didn't want to wake them up, so he turned around and opened the bedroom door.

Lying on the bed, Tang youyou was listening to the music with earplugs just now, so she didn't hear the sound of the car downstairs. At the moment, she suddenly saw the door open and the tall figure coming in, which made her slightly stunned. Then she took off her earplug and said happily, "you are back!"