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C1459 soliciting sympathy

Blue fiber still works in the general office. Although LAN Bai has asked her to leave her job many times, she also pretends that she can't hear her. Once she has greed, she will get worse. Blue fiber also wants to control her heart. But now, she is like a runaway wild horse. She only wants to see Ling Mo Feng. If she can say a word to him, it's a big thing The surprise.

Blue is so thin that she doesn't give up. That's because she doesn't like blue Yanxi. As long as she doesn't like it, she will have a chance.

Finally, blue fiber has found an opportunity. Ling Mo Feng is going to hold a forum for grass-roots workers every day, to care about the work and life of the workers, and to listen to some suggestions and good ideas.

Blue fiber was lucky to be named, and she got the quota to attend the symposium. She was very excited. She took the admission ticket, kissed and kissed, her eyes narrowed into a line.

Since the last quarrel with lanyanxi, lanxianxian has become a victim. Now when we see her, we all feel that lanyanxi bullied her and took a little sympathy for her. Naturally, we care more about her.

LAN Xianxian is a smooth person. Although she has a short working time, she has a good ability to establish relationships. Therefore, when she travels, she is surrounded by many colleagues.

At the end of the afternoon, blue microfiber hid the ticket in his bag and drove home.

On the way, her mobile phone suddenly rings. She takes a look. It turns out that she is a good colleague. She invites her out for dinner. Blue cilia is worried about going home to be scolded, so she agrees.

When blue microfiber hurried by, he found that his colleague was not alone in the box, but also sitting in a woman. The woman saw her and smiled at her: "Hello, Miss blue!"

Blue cilia saw that the other party knew her. She blinked in surprise. Her colleague immediately smiled and said, "cilia, this is the former chief financial officer. You can call her sister Mei."

"Oh, I'm a little impressed. I've seen it on the news!" Blue fiber immediately said with a surprised face.

Sister Mei smiled and nodded at her: "is that right? Miss LAN is really beautiful, but she looks better than your cousin! "

Hearing blue Yanxi, blue slender face suddenly covered with a layer of resentment: "don't mention her, I don't agree with her, she is my disaster star!"

"Why does Miss LAN seem to have a bad relationship with your cousin?" Sister Mei asked.

The colleague nearby immediately said: "sister Mei has been on vacation recently. Maybe she didn't know that Lan Yanxi, because she is the fiancee of the vice president, has been fighting in the general office."

"Really? That's too much. " Sister Mei showed her sympathy.

Blue fibril immediately felt very aggrieved: "yes, she used my grandfather to pet her every day at home and often bullied our two sisters. She had this bad habit at home."

"Miss LAN, in fact, I'm ling Mo Feng's cousin from afar. If the other side is really so domineering, I'll talk to Ling's elders when I visit Ling's house another day." Sister Mei has a look of indignation for her.

"Really? You are Are you a relative of Mr. vice president? " Originally, blue microfiber didn't pay attention to Mei Jie, but when she got married with Ling Mo Feng, she immediately became very excited and sat beside Mei Jie: "I didn't expect that, didn't you know Mr. vice president since you were a child? Can you tell me something about his childhood? I'm a little curious? "

The female colleague next to me, looking at the blue fiber with a puzzled face, did not know how she could be so curious about the vice president.

Sister mei just tested it. Unexpectedly, the performance of blue fiber is so exaggerated. So she really likes Ling Mo Feng.

"If you want to know, of course, I can tell you. In fact, Ling Mo Feng is a very excellent person from childhood. When he was a child, other boys like to play. He is different. He likes to learn. He also learns a lot. He is the most obedient child I have ever met." Sister Mei, of course, praised her very much, because she wanted to let blue microfibril love Ling Mo Feng to die or die.

Meijie came to see Lanxian as a relative of Ling Mo Feng because she was afraid that lanbai would cancel the cooperation with the president when she knew about it.

Although Lambert is snobbish and wants to take advantage of the president's wave, but Lambert is his beloved daughter. Once she hurts her daughter, she is afraid that Lambert will be angry, and the cooperation will not succeed.

"Really? Do you know what he likes in particular? For example What is his hobby? " It's not easy to find a person who can inquire about the details of blue fiber, so it's natural to let it go.

Sister Mei sneers at the bottom of her heart. Blue fiber is really delusional. She doesn't really think Ling Mo Feng will like her kind of woman, does she?

"I don't know what he likes. After all, when he grows up, we don't have many contacts!" Sister Mei shook her head.

"Oh!" "Mei Jie, do you know where he would go if he didn't work?"

The female colleague immediately opened her eyes and asked her curiously: "slim, you care so much about Mr. vice president, you can't be Like him? "

Blue fiber look a surprise, this just found that their performance is too obvious, her pretty face some blush.

Later, she suddenly made up a lie to cover it up: "actually, to tell you the truth, last time LAN Yanxi wanted to hit me because I also like Mr. vice president. Although I say this, you may laugh at me, but some reasons may not be clear to you. At the beginning, my grandfather was going to let me get engaged to Mr. vice president, but LAN Yanxi, as you know, loves to rob me of everything. Seeing that Mr. vice president is so excellent, she went to ask my grandfather. Finally, my grandfather asked her to get engaged to Ling's family "!"

Blue fiber side said, while red eyes, a real grievance did not open voice Zhang look.

"What? No, isn't it you who will marry Mr. vice president at the beginning? Not lanyanxi? " The next colleague's face was startled.

Mei also pretends to be surprised, but in fact, she actually knows some more credible news. It's true that Lan Yanxi is favored by the old man of the blue family, but it's also because she wants to protect LAN Yanxi's identity in the blue family, which gives her a reliable marriage. LAN Xianxian pretends to be pitiful here, just because she wants to give herself a good reason to like Ling Mo Feng 。

Indeed, she has a plan. It seems that she is looking for the right person this time.

"It's too much. LAN Yanxi doesn't look at his virtue. He even dares to rob your fiance?" Her colleagues immediately defended her against injustice.

"Forget it. It's tears when we talk too much. Who makes her the big miss of the blue family? We sisters dare not to be angry!" Blue microfiber wiped his tears with a paper towel.

"What's the matter? Slim. Who does the vice president like? He doesn't really like that woman, does he The female colleague asked with a face full of gossip.

"I don't like it!" LAN Xianxian immediately said: "I heard that Mr. vice president said that he didn't like her. Even if they got married, they would not be happy. But LAN Yanxi is shameless. She just wants to find a strong support to succeed in inheriting her father's equity. Even if she doesn't love Mr. vice president, she also wants to dominate him not to let go."

Mei Jie's expression changed a little. At present, the evidence she held in her hand can't prove how much Ling Mo Feng likes LAN Yanxi. His feelings are introverted. He likes and dislikes a person, even though it's not obvious. Now, with the testimony of blue fiber, it shows that Ling Mo Feng really doesn't like LAN Yanxi.

"You are so pitiful, you must like Mr. vice president." Her female colleagues sympathized with her very much.

"Of course I like it. Otherwise, what am I doing in the general office? I just want to be closer to him. I'm satisfied to see him more every day! " Blue ciliate a face sad say.

"Then you should show a lot. If the vice president likes you, LAN Yanxi will not be able to sing!" Female colleagues encouraged her.