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How could this be? In the past, although her father was indifferent to her, in the end, she was a child with a family and a father.

Now, did her father tell her the truth because he didn't want to acknowledge her as his daughter anymore?

After getting into the car, Tang You You laid on the steering wheel and cried loudly, venting out all of the grievances and sadness in her heart.

She took a look and saw that it was Ji Xiao Han calling.

Tang You You reached out to grab the phone, and pressed speaker down on the hands-free phone. A man asked lightly: "You're not going home to eat dinner again tonight?"

"We'll be home soon!" Tang You You replied and hung up the phone.

Ji Xiao Han stared at the phone she hung up from, his handsome face flashing with a trace of displeasure.

Had this woman gotten used to hanging up on him? This habit must be changed.

When Tang You You reached home, the road outside the living room was lit up. After driving through such a quiet and peaceful road, she was in a good mood.

Tang You You's current mood had also returned to normal. In the cold wind along the way, she had already accepted the fact that she was not Tang You Kang's daughter.

Actually, it didn't matter to her whether it was the truth or not. After all, what she cared about the most now was her child, and she wasn't alone. She had a child, so no matter where she went, she was still a person with a family.

When Tang You You parked the car in the garage, she intentionally looked at herself in the mirror. Although his eyes were still red, they were not swollen anymore, so the child shouldn't be able to see anything.

When Tang You You walked into the living room, she realized that it was very quiet. She was stunned.

By this time, they should have already finished school.

"Miss Tang, you came back. Young Master and Second Young Master are upstairs playing with toys to accompany the children. Do you want to go up to take a look?" Uncle Yuan knew that she was definitely looking for a child and quickly went forward to answer her doubts.

"Oh, got it!" Tang You You was suspicious, Ji Yue Ze had also come?

Tang You You walked up to the second floor and entered her bedroom. She was still wearing her work clothes, so coming home and putting on a set of work attire was not really appropriate. She simply picked out a set of very simple jeans and a black loose T-shirt and went out.

At the entrance of Toy Room, she heard the children's happy laughter.

Her heart warmed up slightly as she pushed open the door and entered. She saw Ji Yue Ze racing his son.

The zigzagged driveway took up a very large area. The two of them held a handheld control panel, and two flashy little sports cars were placed in front of the starting line.

The atmosphere seemed to be extremely tense, yet when Ji Xiao Han turned around and glanced at her, his gaze became slightly obscure.

"Uncle, you have to work hard. You've already lost three rounds. If you continue losing, I'll look down on you." Tang Xiao Nai who was at the side of the road, her beautiful little face was flushed with excitement, she stood around the road and shouted loudly.

Ji Yue Ze's handsome face flushed. He never thought that this little fellow who hadn't even reached the fourth wind would be so nimble in controlling electric toys. As an adult, he actually lost to him three times in a row.

What made him at a loss whether to laugh or cry was, every time Tang Xiao Nai lost, she would say it out loud.

"Mummy …" Suddenly, Tang Xiao Nai saw Tang You You standing at the side of the door, she ran over excitedly and hugged her thigh: "Mummy, when did you come back? You missed the good show, uncle is currently competing with brother, but it's fun, I'll cheer for brother at the side, brother will beat uncle down." Tang Xiao Nai happily revealed her achievements to the Mummy, and even mentioned her contributions.

Tang You You rubbed her daughter's little head, her beautiful eyes looking towards the competition road. Right at that moment, two small sportscar cars started to run quickly.

Tang Xiao Nai immediately grabbed onto the corner of Tang You You's clothes. "Mummy, come over here quickly.

Tang You You was already dragged to the front by her daughter. Looking at her son's serious and focused expression, she couldn't help but laugh.

His son had always loved to play these interesting things since he was young. At this moment, Ji Yue Ze was playing with him, he must be very happy.

"Big brother, do your best! Big brother, do your best!" The little guy was jumping and shouting at the side, as if he was even more excited than his elder brother during the competition. His two little faces were red, and he was almost sweating from shouting.

Tang You You also stared at the stage, his eyes not moving an inch.

However, what she didn't know was that the eyes of the tall man with his arms behind his back were focused on her.

This was the first time Ji Xiao Han saw her wearing such casual clothes. The simple clothes made her look like a university student who had just walked out of school, and gave his a clean temperament.

Her long hair was tied carelessly, revealing a slender, snow-white neck. Although there was nothing extravagant about her, there was an indescribable charm to her.

"Be careful …" When Tang You You saw that his son's sports car was about to jump off the runway in order to overtake the car, she immediately shouted nervously.

Just because she said that, it immediately attracted Ji Yue Ze's attention. He raised his head, and the sportscar that was running at full speed on the track immediately flew away.

"Yea, uncle lost again. How embarrassing!" Tang Xiao Nai saw the electric sports car flying and immediately cheered.

Ji Yue Ze was so frustrated that he directly sat on the floor. His handsome face was filled with depression.

Tang Xiao Rui excitedly wiped away the sweat on his forehead, and said while beaming: "Uncle, why are you always giving way to me, don't you see that when I'm so young, you're already giving way to me?"

Ji Yue Ze already felt extremely humiliated, but the little guy still wanted to sprinkle salt on his wounds.

"It's fine as long as you know it. Don't be so loud, okay?" Ji Yue Ze pinched the little fellow's face and raised his head to look at Tang You You. "It's all your fault.