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Tang youyou goes downstairs, and Bai Yiyan gets up quickly. She says hello to her embarrassed.

Tang youyou said with a smile, "when you are free in the future, you can sit at home more often."

The old lady watched the two granddaughters get along so well, and her face was full of laughter.

"Sister youyou..."

"What's her name? Just call her sister-in-law." The old lady corrected her immediately and asked her to change her tongue.

Bai Yiyan is ashamed of her big red face. She calls her sister-in-law in a low voice. Tang youyou is also very happy to answer. "You may as well go out and play with Xiao Han. Relax, and the children will give it to me!" Now the old lady is taking these two children with her heart. She used to call friends and have afternoon tea parties. But now, she doesn't want to go anywhere. She just wants to see these two little ones. Growing up day by day, they are healthy and happy.

Tang youyou is really grateful for the help of the old lady. It's exactly the truth that there is an old man in the family and a treasure in the family.

When Tang youyou came to the door, he saw two brothers walking towards the hall.

"Sister in law!" Ji Yueze had a more outgoing personality. At the moment, he didn't feel embarrassed and called her directly.

Tang youyou didn't mind, nodded and smiled.

Ji Xiaohan said to Ji Yueze, "eat at home, let's go first!"

Tang youyou sits in the car of Ji Xiaohan and drives towards the villa of Ji's manor.

In the car, Tang youyou is silent. Ji Xiaohan answers several phone calls. There are business affairs and concerns from Lu Qing.

This is a seven-star hotel. In the luxurious big box, there are two tables for banquet. All of them are senior members of Jishi group. Most of them are old men. Of course, there are several young female senior managers. They are in charge of all departments. They don't have many opportunities to get along with Ji Xiaohan in private. So, taking advantage of this dinner party, they are all dressed up to show their most charming side.

Several female senior executives are still single, young, 26-17 years old, secretly competing, not only in the work of a higher momentum, at the moment, but also thinking about how to attract the attention of their big boss, Ji Xiaohan.

In the eyes of outsiders, Ji Xiaohan is still single. Didn't Tang youyou kick him off?

Since I am single, it means that everyone has a chance to be the wife of last season.

Several young women, with their glasses in their hands, were mocking each other in their eyes. When season owl cold arrived, several women hurriedly arranged their appearance, hoping to give the big boss a stunning picture. They were dressed in plain and elegant professional clothes, which could not show their charm at all. At this moment, there was such a private party, what they chose were all very elegant dresses, and their makeup was also the most exquisite.

When Lu Qing and several senior officials went out to meet each other, several women were looking forward to it.

Ji Xiaohan's position in the company, except that he is a big boss, he still exists like a God.

Young, handsome, tough, excellent, mature and steady, it's most suitable to be a husband. It's valuable and talented. Besides, there are almost no women around him. If he falls in love with him later, he will spoil the rhythm of heaven.


These women think a lot.

When Ji Xiaohan led Tang youyou's little hand and walked in from the entrance of the hall, the whole hall was silent. Everyone's eyes were unbelievably on the graceful woman beside Ji Xiaohan's body.

This woman, no one else, is rumored to have been kicked far away by Ji Xiaohan.

How could this happen?

What's the situation?

Holding the wine glass, the elegant and calm several young female high-level, immediately had a kind of dark feeling. Ji Xiaohan saw that everyone was looking over quietly. He immediately gently hugged Tang youyou to his arms and claimed his sovereignty. At the same time, his low magnetic voice also announced: "this is my fiancee, Tang youyou. I believe you are not new to him. I hope you can take a lot of care of her in the future." "Hello everyone! Nice to meet you! " Tang youyou is no longer the little woman who was a little bit restrained before. Since she worked only for a while, she has developed a calm and calm temperament. Besides, the big palm with the man around her at her waist is the source of her confidence.

"Congratulations to Mr. Ji, Miss Tang. Do not forget to invite us for your wedding?"

"Miss Tang, you are very lucky. You will be very happy if you marry our president Ji."

Some stunned people nearby were immediately back to their senses, eager to brush their presence.

Tang youyou nods with a smile and occasionally responds, but Ji Xiaohan looks at her tenderly. The doting meaning in his eyes is high-profile written on his handsome face.

If anyone dares to be disrespectful to his woman, he will definitely be unable to get along with his season owl. As a woman, Tang youyou suddenly felt a few unfriendly eyes. Looking up, she saw several young women standing not far away. They were dressed up one by one, very bright, tall and full of mature women's feelings. Looking back on themselves, they were just a beige Nizi big

dress, very ordinary.

Although those women would like to come to congratulate Tang youyou very much, they really can't open their mouth, because their envious eyes are almost hidden.

Tang youyou doesn't mind anything, but she hasn't really touched the internal situation of Ji Xiaohan's company. At this moment, Tang youyou suddenly sees several beautiful and charming women. Tang youyou is also stunned.

She remembered that she had asked Ji Xiaohan if there were many beautiful women in his company. Ji Xiaohan's answer was light, not as beautiful as her.

But now, it's obvious that Ji Xiaohan is lying. These young women are not inferior to her at present. Moreover, being able to come to this dinner party shows that they are absolutely capable.

After a chat, the dinner began. Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou sat on the main table, surrounded by the company's heavyweight old ministers, while the women sat on the side table. Although they also had a smile on their faces, the smile was very strong.

Tang youYou can feel that Ji Xiaohan is very attentive to her. Even if she eats any food, the man has brought it to her by himself. Moreover, someone wants to toast her, and the man is also lightly blocked, drinking for her. Meet such a gentle and doting on her man, Tang youyou really feel that this life is worth it.