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Although Tang You You's mouth was stubborn, she did not leave his side. The little guy started to narrate her fairy tales again, and occasionally mumbled words, making her look cute.

"Daddy, can you sell me a set of princess clothes tomorrow? You want the ones with wings on the back. " After Tang Xiao Nai finished telling her fairy tales, she blinked her eyes at Ji Xiao Han and started to raise her little requests.

Ji Xiao Han naturally agreed. "Alright, you two have gifts."

"Does it still hurt?" The man's voice was deep and full of concern.

Tang You You's face froze, what happened just now was not yet settled with him, for him to suddenly show her concern, she was truly not used to it.

"Tell me, what happened?" Seeing that she did not seem to want to talk about work, Ji Xiao Han felt a little uneasy. If this woman did not tell him, it meant that she did not rely on him at all.

Tang You You shook his head: "I've already said it, there's no need for you to worry."

With that, she quickly walked towards the dining hall. It was time for dinner, so she wanted to take the two little guys to wash their hands.

Ji Xiao Han sighed, he had never taken the initiative to care for a woman before, but now, when he wanted to care for her, she would never give him the chance.

Xia Zi Yan left the company and prepared to go home. She drove a flashy red sports car and currently lived in a middle-class, high-class district.

Today's performance had been very successful, but because of the set of clothes she was wearing, it caused her image to plummet.

The difference in taste on the web made Xia Zi Yan hate her to death. After running over and giving her a slap today, she still felt that it wasn't enough to quell her hatred. She should have made her kneel down and apologize.

However, Xia Zi Yan's manager told her that while the topic of her clothes was on the rise, her popularity seemed to be increasing by quite a bit. Thus, her mood was a little better, no matter if it was a good thing or bad thing, as long as it could raise her popularity, it would be a good thing for a star.

After Xia Zi Yan walked into the elevator, she took out her phone to play. When she returned to her house, she took out the key to open the door.

However, her family's door opened the moment it was pushed open.

Xia Zi Yan was so scared that her hands trembled, her first reaction was that there was a thief in her house.

She instantly pushed open the door and rushed in, but she didn't expect that the ones waiting for her were a row of black clothed men and a young man in the lead.

He pointed at them and said, "You... Who are you people? How can you barge into my house? Do you know that this is against the law? "Believe it or not, I'll call the police right now."

"Xia Zi Yan, did you hit a woman called Tang You You today?" the leader of the group, a young man asked in a cold voice.

"Tang You You?" When Xia Zi Yan heard this name, she let out a cold ridicule: "She is a liar, so what if I hit her? "She should have. If you knew what she did to me …"

"Attack!" The young man immediately gave the order and the two men instantly went over. Under Xia Zi Yan's defenseless attack, the man's palm strongly slapped her face.

Ten continuous slaps slapped down and Xia Zi Yan's face swelled up. A large amount of blood flowed out of her nose and mouth, and she found it difficult to even speak.

"You all … Why did you hit me? " Xia Zi Yan's arrogance had completely disappeared, she looked at the tall and sturdy men in front of her with fear and unease, and felt her two faces burning in pain, and nosebleeds flowing down, she felt that she was going to die.

"Remember, no matter what Tang You You has done to you, if you dare to find trouble with her again in the future, you won't be let off so easily." The young man saw that the slap had finished, and stared coldly at Xia Zi Yan to warn him: "If you dare call the police, your corpse will appear in the Pacific Ocean tomorrow, understand?"

Xia Zi Yan was just a paper tiger, she liked to talk big in front of the people around her. At this moment, after being beaten up and even getting warned, she suddenly did not dare to speak anymore, and immediately nodded her head fiercely: "No …. If you don't call the police, my kind brothers, please forgive me, I guarantee that I will never find Tang You You again, please don't kill me, I'm afraid of death. "

The young man sneered and left with his men.

Xia Zi Yan rushed over and slammed the door shut, as her entire person fell onto the floor in pain.

"How could this be?" As she spoke, even her voice became indistinct. She immediately ran into the bedroom, and when she saw herself in the makeup mirror whose face no longer looked the same as before, she immediately began to cry bitterly.

Could it be that these people were here specifically to take revenge for Tang You You? Who exactly was Tang You You? She actually had such a terrifying power behind her.

Xia Zi Yan suddenly regretted it, regret that she was too arrogant, and wanted to bully an honest person. In fact, with her clothes being leaked, she could go through the law to seek justice for herself, but because she was too resentful, she went to find trouble with Tang You You.

If that group of people didn't stun her, she would still think about giving Tang You You a few more slaps tomorrow to vent the dissatisfaction in her heart.

However, from the looks of it now, she didn't even need to go anymore. If she continued to go, she would lose her life.

While Tang You You was eating, she received a message.

It was sent to her by Ji Yue Ze, telling her that she had found the person she was looking for, and that person reported an even fiercer information. Finally, Tang You You saw Li Fang Fang's name.

Her breath suddenly stopped. It really was her doing. This was too much.

However, she also felt that Ji Yue Ze was reliable, in a short period of time, he had investigated everything.

He said he would send her the evidence tomorrow.