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Mu Lin could tell that his mother was shocked this time. Her face was pale white.

She rolled her eyes. Why didn't her brother do this earlier? There was nothing to worry about today.

Mu Lin intentionally said in a light tone, "Mom, since he doesn't want to live anymore, then just let him jump down. If he doesn't, then his heart will not be at ease."

"You damned girl, what nonsense are you spouting? Your brother should be fine. Hurry up and call him down." Lan Re Nuo cried until she was at her last breath, she was really afraid of losing her only son.

Mu Lin therefore nodded: "Mom, if you want me to persuade him to come down, there's only one way, and that is to agree to the marriage between him and Pei An Xin!"

"No …" "I can't agree to that!" Lan Re Nuo's tone clearly wasn't as resolute as before.

Mu Lin spread out his hands: "Then I can't help you anymore, why don't you hurry up and make an emergency call, get them to get ready to come and save her!"

"Mu Lin, you are his big sister. How can you say such cold-blooded and heartless words? You hurt me so much. " Lan Re Nuo immediately roared.

However, Mu Lin remained unmoved and continued to speak with determination, "Then you'll agree to all of his conditions. I believe she'll obediently go downstairs without my persuasion!"

"Why should I agree …?" Why does he want to force me like this? " Lan Re Nuo was in extreme pain.

Mu Lin saw that her mother was crying so hard that she looked like she was about to cry. In fact, she was also feeling anxious, but she had to get her mother to agree to this matter.

"Mom, can you tell me why you just cannot accept Pei An Xin? What grudge do you have against her? " Mu Lin suddenly felt that his mother was being loyal too.

Lan Re Nuo covered her face, and shook her head while crying: "Originally, there is no enmity between her and I, but three years ago, I had already had a falling out with her, and if she were to become my daughter-in-law, our Mu Family, will forever be at peace, I don't want to live that kind of life, I don't want my daughter-in-law to hate me to the core, I don't want her to not accompany me every time I go out to chat with my sisters."

Mu Lin looked at her mother in shock. So she was actually worried about this?

"Mom, why do you think An Xin is someone who isn't easy to get along with? You've never been with her at all! " Mu Lin was at a loss whether to laugh or cry.

"That's right, I've never interacted with her before, but do you think she'll still be at peace with me after I've gotten to such a stiff point?"

"I believe she will. As long as you treat her with sincerity, she won't treat you as an enemy." Mu Lin walked over, hugged his mother, and patted her back. "She's a pretty good girl, I actually quite like her."

However, Lan Re Nuo shook her head: "Everything is too late. I have done so many things to offend her previously, she must hate me to death. Even if she truly loves your brother, she wouldn't really like me."

"Mom, you're thinking too much. If you really want everyone to like you, can you control your temper and not offend others!" Mu Lin knew that his mother's heart was not bad. It was just that she was not very good at being a human, because she had been proud since she was young, and did not know how to express herself.

"Little Lin, I know I have a bad temper. I've already been like this for half my life. " Lan Re Nuo raised her head and looked at her son who was still standing firmly on the roof. This was the first time she realized that as a person, she had failed so badly.

Seeing that her mother had finally woken up, she also felt sorry for her, so she could only take out a tissue to wipe her tears. "Go sit in the living room, I will handle this matter, and let me handle Pei An Xin's matter, you don't have to worry about it, okay?"

Lan Re Nuo looked at her daughter with a complicated expression.

"Let me handle this, let me handle this, believe me!" Mu Lin hurriedly stopped her from speaking.

It was unknown if it was because of the excessive confidence on Mu Lin's face that made him trust her, or if it was because Lan Re Nuo also realized that her reckless and selfish actions had already resulted in such a big mistake that he almost lost her son. She also started to want to change it.

Mu Lin helped her mother to sit in the living room and quickly went upstairs.

Standing upstairs, she gave her brother a look, causing Mu Shi Ye to retreat one step, and said unhappily: "Why are you so slow, I'm already drenched in cold sweat from fright!"

Mu Lin could not help but let out a laugh. "Shouldn't you be scared? Are you completely awake? "

"He woke up!" Mu Shi Ye nodded.

Mu Lin then said with a serious face: "Just now, mother mentioned Cheng Cheng's name, she said that you shouted it out when you were drunk last night, which family did she come from, do you want to tell her the truth?"

"Yes, we'll talk about it later!" Mu Shi Ye stood on top of the building and thought through everything. Since he had his daughter as a bargaining chip, why would he hide it from her?

However, the thought of a mother valuing a boy more than a girl was still very serious. What Mu Shi Ye was worried about was whether his daughter would also be ignored by his mother like how an elder sister would.

Mu Lin nodded his head, "Alright, you can go down and talk about this with her. From what I see, there's going to be a show to watch between you and Pei An Xin."

Mu Shi Ye lightly mocked: "I knew this move would work."

As the two of them went downstairs, Lan Re Nuo also sat on the sofa in a daze. Although she was dressed extravagantly, but the makeup on her face had been used up, revealing an old age.

"Son... Son, are you alright? " Seeing Mu Shi Ye, she immediately rushed over, picked up his hand, and checked it again.

However, Mu Shi Ye's handsome face was taut as he coldly asked, "Mom, did you promise me to go out with An Xin?"

Lan Re Nuo looked at Mu Lin, who quickly shot her a glance.

Lan Re Nuo could only nod her head: "Yes, I agree, but …"

"But what?" Seeing that she agreed, Mu Shi Ye's expression changed from sorrowful to happy.

"I don't want you to get married right now, so you should get together first." Lan Re Nuo only wanted to delay a little, and definitely not let Pei An Xin become her real daughter-in-law.

"No, I'll marry her as soon as I can!" Mu Shi Ye said with determination.

Mu Lin also nodded strongly in agreement, "If you love each other, then you should get married. Mom, stop insisting!"

Faced with the continuous persuasion of a pair of children, Lan Re Nuo did not know what to do for a moment.

"Mom, didn't you want to know who Cheng Cheng is? Let me tell you right now, she is my daughter, the daughter of me and Pei An Xin! " Mu Shi Ye immediately told them the wager for the end.

"What?" Lan Re Nuo was stunned, she fell down onto the sofa and said unsteadily: "You guys even have children?"

Seeing that her mother had taken it too hard, Mu Lin hurried over to comfort her. "Mom, Cheng Cheng is very cute, I really like this Niece!"

"Why is she a daughter?" After Lan Re Nuo accepted this fact, she suddenly said this.