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C644 baby growing up

After Ji's family, Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan leave, Tang youyou also plans to go upstairs to take a bath for the two children, but is blocked by Ji Xiaohan on the way up the stairs. The man's deep eyes freeze on her, and his low voice concerns: "the injuries on your hands are not yet complete. The doctor told you not to touch the water. Let me take a bath for the children!"

"Good!" Tang youyou is not immune.

The two kids are nearly four and a half years old. After six months of life education in school, they are more sensible.

Because of her great progress, Tang xiaonai used to have some timid character and like to rely on others. But now, she has become more independent and more considerate of her father and mother. She is not so charming.

Tang Xiaorui's progress is invisible. Unless necessary, he will not let people see through his careful thinking. He is more and more like his father. He is calm and introverted. He is afraid that he will grow up and be a handsome man who will harm the country and the people.

Hearing that daddy was going to take a bath for them, the two little guys were also very happy. They jumped upstairs.

Now the family atmosphere has always been the desire of the two little guys. The old lady and the old man are now more and more accepting of Don youyou. In the spacious bathroom, the lights are bright. Ji Xiaohan takes off his suit coat, puts it on the sofa, pulls up the white shirt sleeve, and shows his strong arms. After filling the bathtub with warm water, he undresses the two small things and prepares them to sit in the bathtub.

"Daddy, I can't wash with my brother now. I've grown up. I'll wash separately from him, or I'll be ashamed!" Tang xiaonai did not know where to hear this sentence. Seeing that Ji Xiaohan took Tang Xiaorui off his clothes and carried him into the bathtub, she said earnestly. Ji Xiao Han Jun's face is slightly stunned. He turns to look at his lovely daughter. The little guy has grown up a little recently. The two little faces are full of egg powder. They are a little fatter than they were with Tang youyou before. They have a little girl's breath. They are not like a baby when they first came to Ji's house.

Seeing his daughter's change, Ji Xiaohan is both happy and sad. His little princess has grown up and is becoming more and more sensible and less clinging to people. As a father, Ji Xiaohan still feels a little lost in heart.

He also recalled that when his daughter first came to Ji's house, she liked to cling to him every day, but now she likes to do her own things, grow up and become independent.

With a sigh in his heart, Ji Xiaohan reached out and touched his daughter's little head: "OK, daddy first wash it for his brother, then wash it for you, then go out and play for a while!"

"Yes, Daddy!" Tang Xiaorui made a face in Tang xiaonai's Dynasty, then jumped into Ji Xiaohan's arms, kissed his handsome face with a little pink mouth, and then turned to run out.

"I don't even dislike her. She dislikes me!" Tang Xiaorui expressed dissatisfaction with Tang xiaonai's small request.

"My sister has her own idea. We can't help but strengthen her!" Ji Xiaohan dotes on his daughter very much. Since her daughter knows the difference between men and women, it's certainly a good thing. Considering that there are still many things to educate her two children in the future, Ji Xiaohan feels the task is arduous.

In fact, Tang Xiaorui spent most of his time taking a bath, while Ji Xiaohan sat by and watched.

Maybe it's really too idle. He can't help thinking about other things.

The matter that bothered him for a few days has finally come to a satisfactory conclusion.

"Daddy, what are you thinking?" Tang Xiaorui raised his small head and looked at him with big black eyes.

"Nothing!" Ji Xiaohan doesn't dare to tell his son about it, otherwise, the little guy will be confused again.

"Daddy, I asked you something. Do you dislike my grandfather very much?" Tang Xiaorui asked solemnly, holding his chin in one hand.

Ji Xiao's face froze, then nodded, without concealing: "yes, I don't like him!" "Before, I thought my grandfather was a terrible person, so Daddy didn't like him. But I just talked to him and found that he was actually a very gentle person. Why didn't Daddy like him?" Tang Xiaorui didn't know about the marriage between Xia Weiwen and LAN Yue, and he couldn't understand the complex grievances of the previous generation, so he asked curiously.

"I don't like him, not because he's bad, but because he did something that disappointed me." Season owl cold light said, then with the finger on the son's body rub move: "you still don't ask, in a word, this matter, we don't talk again later!"

"Well then!" Tang Xiaorui can see that his father doesn't seem to like this topic. He nods very wisely.

Ji Xiaohan picked up his son, took a clean towel to dry him, put on his pajamas, led his little hand out, took a hair dryer to blow dry his short hair, cleaned up his son, and Ji Xiaohan went to find his daughter.

In the toy room, find Tang xiaonai who is playing with dolls. Ji xiaonai holds her gently and comes to the bathroom.

Tang xiaonai's hands, still holding two cute little toys, intended to play when bathing.

"Daddy, wash my head. I'm sweating today." Tang xiaonai, like a little adult, asked.

Ji Xiaohan had to nod, hold her daughter gently, and wash her hair gently.

Tang xiaonai's long hair is almost waist length. The hair is soft and delicate. When she has a long hair, she is lovely and beautiful just like the most delicate doll.

Tang xiaonai is also a person of the moment in the school. She loves singing and dancing, and her family background is precious. She is highly valued by teachers. Compared with Tang Xiaorui, Tang xiaonai has the temperament of a little star.

Therefore, she will understand more and more how important it is for girls to love beauty.

"Daddy, you are so handsome!" Tang xiaonai reaches out his hand, touches Ji Xiaoxiao's cold face, and chuckles.

"Is it? Do you like Daddy? " At the moment, Ji Xiaohan is in a relaxed mood. The feeling of being with his daughter is different from that of his son. As expected, he is the little lover of his last life. This is true at all. What he has done for his daughter, Ji Xiaohan is very gentle and careful.

"It's no use if I like it. I want mommy to like it too!" Tang xiaonai sighs like an adult. His hands reach out to Ji Xiaohan's ears dishonestly, playing with daddy's beautiful and stylish earlobes and pinching them.

Ji Xiaohan has no way to take this daughter. However, he carefully washed the long hair for her, dried it with a towel, and then carried her to blow her hair. "Your mommy should like me, too!" Ji Xiaohan said with less confidence.